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Title: Robert [?], Toronto, Canada to his sister, Annie.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 1639/7: Copied by Permission of S. N. Kyle Esq., Solicitor, Limavady, Co. Londonderry.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8903131
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May 22nd 1888
5 Carr st
Dear Annie
yours came to hand
to-day I have got to go back
to Long Branch for a few days
to finish up another mans job &
as to-morrow is the day that the
English post leaves I thought
it better to write at once
Your mention of my remarks
of a chance of better times in
Canada this summer I am much
afraid are premature, coupled
as they are with your next
namely the enormous emigration
from Ireland (you might have
included England & scotland) I
think I told you before that we
are overcrowded as it is and
any persons coming to the cities
are only adding to the pauper
population, what is wanted is
good handy men and women
with a little money to go
back to the North West where
there is plenty for all
Last week there was about 1000
dumped into this place and nothing
to do for them, and when they were
interviewed the largest sum any of
them had was 2/- I told you
before that any body who can
[equal?] wont get dying
of hunger but it came very
near it this time for all the
"combined charities" had their
hand full owng [owing?] to former batches
of the same class of usless [useless?] immigrants
but thanks to the "salvation
army" and some other well disposed
person, they are all housed
some place, God only knows
what will become of some of them
this is not spoken with any
irreverence as some of them were
mothers with 6 or 7 children

one of them at the breast
Emigration agents have a lot
to make answer for
You make a remark about
Mothers will stating that if I
am in need you will arrange to
send the amount at once
In the strict meaning of the word
I am not in need, nor do I think
that I ever said anything since I
came here that could reasonably
be constructed into a hint that I ever
have been in that position nor so
far as human eye can see will I be
in so miserable a state
But at the same I think
from the following reasons, if
you have enough left to live on
you may as well send it
I am at the present time paying
on $2000 insurance on my life so
that in the event of my wife
living after me she will not
be at the necessity of asking
any body either in Ireland or
scotland to help to bury me, and
if the other comes I will invest
it in part payment of a house
& lot for to live in so long as
I live and for her beneffit [benefit?] if
she lives after me, perhaps this
requires a little explanation which
is easily given (every one of my young
ones can do for his or herself as far
as James is now! and if I have
my health for a few years each in
his or her turn must be on the same
position) so you see it narrows down
to a very fine point. Ellen & I
In looking back I remember I
did send for a loan of 50 pounds from
Uncle Wm [William?] but I would not
have done so only I thought that
he was in reasonably fair circumstances
but is [it?] seems we were all mistaken
It seems queer to me if cousin
Robt [Robert?] after living so long on this
side of the ocean settles down on the
half of Glasgow (unless you mean the
Townland) but every one to his taste
Your aff [affectionate?] Brother
Robt [Robert?]