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Title: E. Robinson, Liverpool to S. Weir, Dungannon.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRobinson, Eleanor/17
SenderRobinson, Eleanor
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationshop assistant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLiverpool, England
DestinationDungannon, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientWeir, Sarah
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1140/18: Presented by J. B. & R. H. Twigg, Solicitors, Cookstown, County Tyrone
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9011046
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptTo: Mrs Sally Wier [Weir?]

From: Liverpool October th [the?] 27 1797

My Dear Mother
I did not intend writeing [writing?] you until I
had Recd [Received?] the Box But as Peggey [Peggy?] is going
home takes the opportunity of Writeing [Writing?] you a fiew
[few?] lines. I Recd [Received?] Mary Anns letter of 20th
Inst observed its Contents will answer it in Some future time.
am sorry to hear of my Grandfather being but poorly hopes by
this time he is Recovered I spoke to Capt [Captain?]
Alcorn my Self he is to bring the box positively with him he
will be here in the Course of 8 days so dont Give your Selves
any more trouble about it ... Mr Birnea promised to my Self
that any artickel [article?] what Ever sent to his Care
Either going or Coming Should be forwarded Imeaditly
[Immediately?]. It Grieves Jas [James?] & me very much with
Respect to the Linens not being Sold and John lying out of
So much money he thinks he Could Sell them here provideing
[providing?] he would give Credit on them but will not do
aney [any?] thing till he hears from John. In Consequence
of So maney [many?] failures.- Jas [James?] Expects to get
the 2 Small Boxes Shiped [Shipped?] on Tuesday for Silas I
think it was good luck the [they?] were not in the Stockport
as She was only out 8 days till She was taken I lost my good
Check Apron and Market basket and bandbox by her which I had
lent to the Capten [Captain?] he was not So kind as to Return
them to me allso [also?] our package of letters. I hope you
Rec [Received?] Silas letter I inclosed [enclosed?] you
mentioning the Safe Arrival of Mr Smith and family at NewCastle
I think it was Joifull [Joyful?] News to you all. There is
know [no?] doubt of his getting a good place.
Mr Richards Called here last Friday he dined with us he is a
Sweet Man he desired me when I would Write to give his love
to you all he Said he would write to John as Soon as he would
get home Miss Braden told him all about the pillow and that
you took it with your Self home it was with her he lodged in
our Old Room he was detained on a Vessel and a fair Wind 3 Weeks.
Jas. [James?] got a letter from Mr Forbes this Morning he
mentions that Robin will pay us a visit this Winter, I have
got a Girl home this Week She knows very litle [little?] but
appears to be Civil and good temper'd it was Mrs Waker
Recomended [Recommended?] her and I Hired her for 3 Months
and is to give her 16 Shillings I will miss peggey [Peggy?]
very much in a deall [deal?] of respects as it went to her
heart to see me doing anything you no [know?] a Strange girl
will not be that way her and I is parting on the best terms
that is best dont [don't?] Speak About the Spoon to her She had
her faults but She had a great many propertys [properties?]
and then John is very fond of her he is more trouble now then
[than?] Ever he was for he is a great Strong Restless Child
as Ever you Seen he would be Work Enough for any girl him Self
but then it is So Expensive feeding them here for
that is the worst of it as there is litle [little?] Lumps of
girls that has but litle [little?] wagges [wages?]. I hope
you and Mary Ann is well fixed by this time I am affraid
[afraid?] Jeney is two [too?] drpey [sic] for her
She has that property She does not Come over any thing She
hears and She is Remarkable well behaved if I had knew that
peggey [Peggy?] was going home So Soon I would have been very
Sorry to have parted with her for you no [know?] it is
nothing for them that has not a Child to Change but it is So
hard to part with a girl that knowes [knows?] there [their?]
ways and the Child fond of them. I am Sure Peggey [Peggy?]
would have Staid [Stayed?] if I had asked her but from they
[the?] way I was constantly lossing [losing?]things I was
determied [determined?] to part with her. I am Sory [Sorry?]
to inform you there was a firkin of butter Stolen out of the
Hall which is 3 guineas lost but it is the very plague to have
So many Diferent [Different?] people in the House as that is
the Excuse for ones Servants. -
I think if you would purchase us 6 Nice hinging [hanging?]
pieces of Beef & 6 tongues and Send them to Mr Birnea and
Write him it was for me that he would suirly [surely?] Send
it the first opportunity and write me What it Comes two
[to?] I Could Send the Money to Mr Birnea Aney [Any?]
time. Dont let Mary Ann be putting her Self to Her Expece
[Expense?] or trowble [trouble?] of Spiceing [Spicing?] a
round for me as it would be both
I was in Mr Dodgsons Shop About the Check [Cheque?] he asked
very Kindly Abowt [About?] Willey [Willy?] & hoped you were
recovered. Mrs Love Sends her love to Hugh Smith & Willey
[Willy?] tell him Capten [Captain?] Sims is home
he was enquiring very kindly for him She has not got to bed
yet. Mr Carson is of [off?] to London without any person
knowing he took all the money She had in the House and Said
he was going out to get a bill a Gentleman was due him in
town So she has not Seen him Since it is a great pitty
[pity?] of her indeed he is a Sad Man this must be a Secret
for fear Mrs McGau as She Writes Mrs C all the news that She Can
Collect Peggey [Peggy?] must not know any thing of me writeing
[writing?] for All I no [know?] She will Strive to find out as
She Still Suspected her for Comeing [Coming?] Over. our business is as
usial [usual?] in the Shop [St--?] good Jas [James?] passes
one or more Enteris [Enteries?] in
the Custom Ho---? [House?] Every day this Some time past [...?]
the Children are [--?] well. I am a good deal better of the
Cough James Joins me [--?]
Love to you my Grand Father
and all the family I Remain Dear
Mother your affectionate Child Eleanor
Saley [Sally?] may Expect her Bonnet
as Soon as the fashions Comes Down
but Cant make out the Colour of the
peeling Willey [Willy?] mentioned farewell
Saragh [Sarah?] Jane Sais [Says?] Mother Dear Give
my Love to my Uncle Willey [Willy?]