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Title: Eleanor Robinson, Liverpool to Sarah Weir, Dungannon.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRobinson, Eleanor/62
SenderRobinson, Eleanor
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationshop assistant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLiverpool, England
DestinationDungannon, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientWeir, Sarah
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1140/19: Presented by J.B. & R.H. Twigg, Solicitors, Cookstown, County Tyrone.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9011055
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TranscriptTo: Mrs Saragh [Sarah?] Wier [Weir?]

Liverpool Dec. 5th 1798

My Dear Mother
Doubtless you will Charge me with Ingratitude for not
writeing [writing?] to you before this. but you may be well
as_ured [assured?] it did not proceed from any want of
Affection for you, as James had Occasion to write so Often.
and my Answering Mary Anns Letter, Knowing that a letter Sent
to any of the Family. is Equally the Same as you. I therefore
Defferes [Deferred?] it to the present opportunity. by
Captain Montgomery of Bellfast [Belfast?]. who was a
passenger with us. he paid Every Attenston [Attention?] in
his power to me. and Called to See me the next day. he has
been particularly friendly to James. such as Ordering
Biscuit, and Recom_ending [Recommending?] him to Eminent
Merchants in this Town - I am very uneasy at not Getting a
Letter before his. but hopes you will not be all so long
silent Again. as you may Know the Expense is trifeling
[trifling?] in Comparison of hearing from you, you must Know
a letter from Stewartstown Occasions great Joy in this
family, Willey [Willy?] had a good deal of Anxiety about the
Bills. but has Got them, accepted to his Satisfaction, he
left this on Thursday last. for Manchester & Leeds. you never
see him look so well. as he did that Morning he left this, he
was very fine. with his new Coat. and new Boots - I hope you
will not want him this Winter as he is tolerably fixed in
Respect of a good Shop, James had a letter this day from
Manchester from him. he has purchased 82£ worth of Goods.
the[y?] are Rather higher than he Expected, he left that on
Sunday for Leeds. we dont Expect him before Saturday Next, I
have thought more long Since he went Away. than I have done
since I Came here, Mr Dodgson gives him leave to sleep here
so he Comes down Every Night at 9 Oclock, we sitt [sit?] from
that to Eleven. our Convers_tion [Conversation?] is Chiefly
about our freands [friends?] in Stewartstown, very Often Mr
Frankling Comes up to Chatt [Chat?] with us. he is very fond
of Willey [Willy?]. and is very friendly. if we had a room
furnished he would Come here as a boarder, Willey [Willy?]
and Tempelton Sleeps in a press Bed in the parlour. as it and
our own Room is all we Got furniture for. we have the Drawing
Room Let by the Month to a Captain Love. and his Wife.
the[y?] had only one Child. which died this day in the Small
pox. I am very much Alarmed for John. and What is far woarse
[worse?] he is greatly Brokeout you never Seen a Child
thriveing [thriving?] better. and is allways [always?] very
quiet - Jenny takes great Care of him. and Appears to do very
well. Peggey [Peggy?] has a great deall [deal?] to do. with
washing and Keeping the House Clean. She behaves very Well.
we wash Every Week. and has to by [buy?] the Watter [Water?].
so you may guess. it is very hard to keep us all Clean, James
is very much Afronted [Affronted?] with Doctr [Doctor?]
Alen [Allen?]. for not Calling before he left Town, as we had
a Great many things to tell him. and the little matters I
mentioned in my letter to Mary Ann had them Just Ready to
Send with him, but when we Enquired for him he was gone, I
now Send them by Captain Montgomery. allso [also?] a Small
Cheese. which you may Divide it with Mary Ann. is a very
Small present we had not a larger one in the Chop [Shop?] of
that Sort. James wanted to Send one of the large Cheshire
Cheeseses [Cheeses?]. but I would not Let him. as there will
be other Oppettuntys [Opportunities?] there are directed to
the Care of James Trail Kennedy, we have Got a Neat little
As_ortment [Assortment?] of Crocireas [Crockeries?] in the
Shop. and Appears to have great buisness [business?]. it
keeps one of us Constantly buisey [busy?], James Spends the
most of his time in the Bakehouse. he works Stoutly in it him
Self. and keeps 2 men with Paddey [Paddy?] every day buisay
[busy?]. if he had Money Enough to Carry on the Biscuit
Baking Extensively. he would Soon make a fortune, the [there?]
are so great profits from it, for it would allways [always?]
take so great a quantity of it by him to have it Ready. When
the Captain Calls for it. both our bakers is from Lisburn.
they are Civil. and I bleive [believe?] Honest men, I
mentioned to Mary Ann that I could Write to Mr Robinson but I
thought it was Best for James to Write to him. and let him
know on what terms he would get the fixtures. which he did.
but has not Got Any Answer - I wish very much I had brought
the Shop Draw_rs [Drawers?] with me for we had to pay 1/8 [1s.8d.?]
for ones Not half the size. or near so good,. Every thing
is very High hear [here?]. if one had Money the[y?] Could get
Every thing the[y?] wanted we are Expecting John Alen
[Allen?] here Every day from London. and is very uneasy he
Stays So Long. as he will have Mary Anns Coat with him,
Tempelton has sent you as a present Some peperment
[peppermint?] Cake, I will suerly [surely?] Expect you Over
Here Again Summer. as I think it would be a Means of [R--?]
[that?] Complaint in your Stomach. I intend Going Over for
you [m--?] if I be speared [spared?] Health. it will Save you
the trouble of Going to [p-sh?] there is so fine a bathing
place here, there wd [would?] be know [no?] Manner of
Doubt of Hugh & Mary Anns doing well here. as they have a
handsome Capital to begin with. and a Small family. there is
plenty of business for Every one. and it as all they Study
here. I am Afraid of flattering my Self to [too?] much with
the thoughts of their Comeing [Coming?] here. a fear of being
Disapointed [Disappointed?], I think Salley [Sally?] may
Write to me often, as it will improve her in Writeing
[Writing?]. if She wants Any Check, let her Write how much
She wants. and I Can Send it to her, I have no more news to
Write. Give my Kind love to my Grand Father. and to Hugh &
Mary Ann and all the Rest of the family. James & the Children
Joins me in love to you I Remain
Dear Mother of our Ever Affectionate Daughter
Eleanor Robinson

Remember me to Mrs Campbell and
Matey Veill