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Title: Mrs E. Robinson, Liverpool to Mrs S. Weir, Stewartstown.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRobinson, Eleanor/74
SenderRobinson, Eleanor
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationshop assistant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLiverpool, England
DestinationDungannon, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientWeir, Sarah
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1140/17: Presented by J. B. & R. H. Twigg, Solicitors, Cookstown, County Tyrone.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9011045
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Doc. TypeLET
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TranscriptTo: Mrs Sarah Wire [Weir?]
care of Jno Wire [John Weir?]
Mercht [Merchant?]

Febry [February?] 18 1800 LiPool [Liverpool?]
My Dear Mother

I Recd [Received?] your Kind letter this Morning and
am happy to hear you are well as I was very uneasy from
hearing your Stomack [Stomach?] Complaint had Return'd and
from Drames [Dreams?] that I had of you, but my Drames
[Dreams?] is not much worth as I am Constantly draming
[dreaming?] of some of the family. I am glad to hear Peggey
[Peggy?] is fixed on Coming Over as you were So Kind as to
propose Sending any Little Necessary that I Stood in need of
in Case She is not left Home before this letter Reaches you I
would be glad you would Send my Cradle with a little [Meal?]
& Grotts if a Crock of good butter Could Conveniently be
purchased we wish to get it as we do not use fresh butter being
from 18d to 20d [per pound] this is all I Stand in need of at
present, the Bank Notes that Willy sent Came Safe to hand.
Johns letter from Dublin Respecting the 2 Boxes of Linens has
not made its Appearance yet Jas [James?] is very Anxious to hear
from him, as there is a good Maney [Many?] Vessells [Vessels?]
now loading for Philadelphia... we had a long and
friendly letter from Mr Smith Allso [Also?] one from Jemey
Gibson and one fron Silas, in Consequence of the Swanwick being
put into Belfast, the Captn [Captain?] was So uncival [uncivil?] as
to put the package of letters from Silas in the post office, the
postage of which Cost 16 Shilings [shillings?], James had a letter
from his Uncle on Sunday last, he mentioned the Rect [Receipt?] of a letter from his Father on the 3rd Inst:
I shall give you his words, he must pay by degrees he Says to
Mrs Darkness. the Debt he pledged the Leace [Lease?] of his
Fathers House for, as he Says he never bestowed it to him,
and the Cursed politiks [politics?] of the United Irish with
whom you Connected your Self with, has Drove you out of the
Country, that you were one one of that fretarnity
[fraternity?], I have been Asured [Assured?] lately by a
person who acknowledged himself one allso [also?] we think
this business was Seteled [Settled?] in Stewartstown, before
H. McR and J McG left it, as there was none Others we Can
suspect for it, not with Standing all this he Still writes
freindly [friendly?]... John was only 3 Weeks at the Country.
he is Still ill and no Sign of his getting better. He Cant put a
foot under him - the Rest of the Children are all well. I have
had but poor Health this Winter. My Stomach is far from being
right as there is nothing I Can take but works me with heart
Sickness untill [until?] I get it thrown of [off?] tho [though?]
Seldom ever Confined, if there is Any thing you Could advise me
to take would be glad you would write me by Peggy, I think About
the Middle of May I will Expect Mary Ann. I am Afraid Hugh will
not Consent to her Coming as for Saley [Sally?] to I see her I
will never believe She will venter [venture?] on Sea. James
has let his Bake House for £15 per Year to a Mr Woods, he Can
have it on Giving a Months notice at any time you heard by My
letter to Mary Ann of the great fine James had to pay for other
Raskels [Rascals?] He had to pay Another Since of £4..18 which
has Come very hard on us, it will be Some time before he [w--?]
all this be Stoped [Stopped?] £1..9.. out of Robert Wiley
Accompt [Account?] which is all he would be Alowed [Allowed?]
to Do he is Run of in upwards of £200 this in one Year was pretty
well. ther was 2 other Men that Suplied [Supplied?] us with Bread
at Same Time, but one of them is in Goal [Gaol?] for near double
the Sun and the other
#PAGE 3 is Gone to Sea so that we will Leoss [Lose?] all the Rest...
Our Old Lodgers is still with us, but James Says he will
Notice 2 familiys [families?] out this night, as we suspect
them not to be what the [they?] ought that is Mr & Mrs Pool Mrs
Owan & Miss Lancelet the [they?] Dont bear good Carickter
[Character?] this we have heard of late I told Betty the Servant
this day of Peggey [Peggy?] Coming and that She might be on the
look out for a place. She Seemed to be greatly disappointed tho
[though?] she never was Hired but Still on triall
[trial?] Im Sure She will not be So good I have Rued telling
her very much but James Insisted on my doing it for there was
no Ocation [Occasion?] for my doing So. Mrs Carson is but poorly
She is Still friendly Nancy Peters Denied Ever Writing or
Receiving a letter from Peggy but was all Afronted [Affronted?]
the like Should be
Said [send?] My Best Love to
Grand Hugh & Mary Ann with all the Rest of the family &
believe me to be
Ever Dear Mother
Ever affectionately Whilst E. Robinson