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Title: Robert Robinson Chulahoma, to Sarah Jane Dill, Cork, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRobinson, Robert/5
SenderRobinson, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationplantation owner
Sender ReligionMethodist Episcopalian
OriginChulahoma, Mississippi, USA
DestinationCork, Ireland
RecipientDill, Sarah Jane
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD.1441/1: Presented by Mrs. R.J.Spence, The Lodge, Stewartstown.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Belfast.
Doc. No.9410499
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT/JW, 24:10:1994.
Word Count954
TranscriptChulahoma February 24 1841

My Dear Sarah Jane
Your affectionate and welcome
letter October last I [received?] and according to your
desire would have [replied?] immediately but concluded to
wait a few weeks [until?] I could obtain an answer
from that [ad____?] [_______?] our father who resided [__?] [____?]
being, not having recd [received] any intelligence from them I concluded
to wait no longer. my principal object for writing to them
was to procure a [copy?] of the late Catherine Robinsons
will which I would have enclosed as I am of opinion
there is other sums besides the one you make mention of
that by attending to may be obtained - My dear sister
you appear to censure me for not writing more frequent
perhaps not without a cause but I think when I explain
the uncertainty of the conveyance you will be satisfyed
that it is not owing to want of love for you it is only
when I can meet with a friend going to an Eastern
seaport on whom I can rely upon to have my letter put
in the letter bag of a ship bound to England or Ireland
that they ever chance to reach you. I am confident that
I have written you several letters that you never had.
I was very much surprised to hear of your marriage.
Your letter was the first information I had of it I can
assure you it was a great satisfaction to me to hear
you have been so fortunate to obtain so pious an agreeable
companion and that Sister Ellen you are so comfortably
situated - well Sarah I am quite at a
loss what to write I have so many things to say
to you which my paper will not admit of that I
must select what I suppose will be the most interesting
to you and that will be my little family affairs
how many children I have and their names I have six
healthy children and threatened with a seventh - Sarah
Jane my oldest will be thirteen next August
and I think I can say [___?] [____?] that you
would not be ashamed of her if you could see
her She is considered very handsome and talented
she has nearly completed her education and is now
studying Chemistry I say more about her than the
rest as I know it will be pleasing to you as she
is called for you - my second child Lucy I think equal
in every respect to Sarah - the rest of my children are
Boys the oldest I call Wm. [William] second Robert Locke
third Templeton Weir fourth Joseph Francis called
for a celebrated Methodist Minister to whom Wife
and self are much attached to. Joseph is just two
years of age I will only add that the Lord has blessed
us with handsome healthy children - I have been
a resident of this place nearly four years and I am
much pleased with this part of the world I consider
it the most delightful country I have ever lived in
quite healthy cotton & fruits of all kinds arrive at
great perfection if my paper would admit I would
give you a glowing description we have three
Churches in Town an excellent Society My family
residence is a [short?] distance from town and
I have what is called here a neat plantation of which
I raise plenty to support my family being close to town
I can attend to my [______?] without much inconvenience.
There is one fact I will communicate which I am
confident will rejoice your heart and that is - Eliza
& self have been Members of the Methodist Episcopal Church
for a considerable time. [_____?] I can assure you my dear
Sarah that I no [______?] [______?] [_____?] [______?] was
until I experienced a change of heart I can now bear with
Christian fortitude the trials and changes of this unfriendly
world and look forward with pleasing [anticipation?] that
the day is not far [_____?] when I will [______?] heavens
never more to part my dear Mother and sainted [U____?]
[William] [_____?] Imagine myself that the spirit of
William is near me and acting towards me as a guardian
Angel you are well aware Sarah how much I loved
him, I was to add more on a subject I have much at
heart my paper admonishes me. I must conclude
Respecting the Legacy that we will be entitled to at cousin
Peggys death it will be necessary for me to gain a
power of attorney I will have to get the signature of the
judge & also of the governor of the state I will have
to attend to as speedily as possible & forward
to you by first safe conveyance I would be much
pleased if Cousin Silas Weir would act for me he would
be a very suitable person I would be glad you would write
him on this subject I will write him and enclose a [ copy?]
of fathers will from the purport of the will there is
Should this ever reach you write me soon as I
shall be uneasy until I hear from you direct Chulaho
ma Marshall County North [ Miss?] and believe me my
dear sister to remain your affectionate Brother
Robert Robinson

there is considerable sums that we are entitled
to and which ought to be seen into - Elisa joins me
with kindest love to [all?]. when you write to Cookstown
remember me to all friends as if named I am rejoiced
to hear that Sister Margaret and family are doing so
well - I would like to know James address in
New york I will write to him.