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Title: P Collenson, London, to Arthur Dobbs, Carrickfergus.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRowan, M/1
SenderRowan, M
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman
Sender Religionunknown
OriginN.Carolina, USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 162/57: Presented by Major F Dobbs, Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim. #TYPE EMG [Rowan Dobbs?], North Carolina, to S[amuel?] S[mith?]: Draft Letter Describing Conditions in North Carolina, September 19 [1751?].
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8911053
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Transcript(Probably Rowan to Sam Smith who seems to have been the family end of
business in London.)
North Carolina Septr [September?] 19th 1751?
I have not the honr [honour?] of receiving any letter from you
since one dated from Liverpool, nor has anything material fallen out in this
country of yr [your?] concern, to trouble you with a letter from me Mr Dobbs
was pleased to write me in April last, and mentions him sending our [same?]
Families for his Lands on [Padar?], I have advice from Cape Fear the
ship was arrived there I wish their method may answer his expense (if he's
at the charge of their Freight, but I would not recommend it to any friend,
to attempt transporting and settling People or Lands in this country
People who came from Europe have extraordinary competition formed of any new
enterprize, [enterprise?] comming [coming?] far beyond whatever can succeed, if they engage on conditions to settle Lands; when they came Last and see
the eff[orts?] of the country, that they can take up lands on easyer
[easier?] terms than perhaps they contracted for they grow out of Humour
with all that has been done for them, and seek all means to be disangagd
[disengaged?], and seldom do anything for themselves or benefactors; I
hinted this much to Mr Dobbs when [in?] England [&?] told him that
[ta?]le of the people who were sent over by Mr McCulloh [McCulloch?] and
others to make
settlements all miscarryd [miscarried?] The character of our Lands induce
great numbers of people from [?], Maryland, Pennsylvania and other
Provinces; the Europeans who land there find Purchases very high and glad
to come where they hear Lands are good & cheap, after long tiresome journey
they sitt [sit?] down with great contentment and hea[p?] resolution to
[impress?], and can put up with many [inconveniences?] at their own expense,
while others would not undergo. - The grants lately made to [newcomers?] from
the northern Provinces are very considerable, and believe me there is little
vacant Land good in 250 miles westward from the sea coast. I am credibly
informed that the [Outermost?] Branches of Padar [Padre?] are better settled
than on [navigable?] River in these Lower Parts, and people [f?]alling on
the linnen [linen?] manufacture and rising [raising?] Hemp, both which thrive there to admiration and is now brought down in waggon [wagon?] loads
to Virginia for sale several saw and [gr?]ist mills are built and on a Bloomary
for Iron which they say have a fine mint of (sic) oar [ore?] to work on -
Stills for Rye and Potatoes of which they make spirits, and tell us they want
nothing but salt and a[mmun?]ition to supply themselves in living comfortably
in a Healthy pure air - The Irregularitys [irregularities?] of our
[government?] in the any discouragement [?] that d[?] men of considerable
fortune [to?] [the?] northward from coming to our country. They who can fully
impact into our proceedings fear Impositions in taking my Lands as our
gentlemen stickle where the Lands are, so that they get the [Fear?], and
Mr Dobbs and Mr McCulloch will find now many familiar [Improv?]ing their
Lands, under grants from our governm [government?], some have found their
mistake, and moved off - the lands on Black River will sell, four people
settled thereon have been with me, to know how they can purchase and will
give [?] [tracts?] of 640 acres at the rate of 5 1/2 p 100 (or 4pds sterling)
Virgy [Virginian?] currency; has not Mr Alexandr [Alexander?] Stewart a
tract, are the [?] [?] yours, then Lands will be exhausted for [Q?]uit
Rents, if not paid soon; The Receiver govt [government?] having order for
this purpose
I was in Virginia some time past and made enquiry what was doing
in the Ohio concern, I could get no Information; Mr Lee, the late
President, who was very hearty in promoting the undertaking dyd [died?]
soon after; my acquaintance Mr Hugh Parker his [Factor?] with the Indians
and [greatly?] belovd [beloved?] among the people on the Ohio & Lake Erie
dyed [died?] and I believe the Indian Trade Mr Lee carryd [carried?] on
became extinct with these, as I don't hear anything further done. - I am very
much concerned that all things have turned out to discourage so national a
Benefit, as a proper Trade to the Remote parts must have yielded, and will
fall into the hands of our Industrious [Rivals?] the French who are
Ind[efatigable?] to gain Influence among our savage neighbours, knowing from
there they can derive Riches and Power to destroy us - six chiefs of the
southern Indians Embarked at South Carolina for new york and is [?] men with
some Deputie [deputy?] of the six nations of the [Inquest?] ? at
Albany to settle [Peace?], what has been done I have not heard on the
principal bushyness [business?] of the Treaty, b[ut?] [?] from a friend at
York some account. - As for one governmt [government?] we dont trouble
ourselves with any foreign affairs, as suffici[ent?] matters to get money
(p for our ne[?]) and let every Individual look out for themselves _ every
true Briton is sensibly affected with the death of his R [Royal?] Highness
or we hoped the plantation would meet the due consideration how he
succeeded to the c.n. certainly this poor province in [enticing?]
[forgot?] and neglected of your [m--y?] or the [f?]ull [?]ill gr[?] proved
complaints of an [injured?] People would have been adressd [addressed?]
long before now and not left at mercy of a [nefarious?] [?] who have
trampled on all our Laws [Justice?] as regularity, that no man may say he
knows what is property nor how to act.
Pardon me dear sir for di[gressing?] into our private affairs which cant
entertain you in any agreeable manner or I could wish I had subject matters
t[?] of for yr [your?] interest and Prosperity, which no man alive wishes
you quite happiness than & yr [your?]