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Title: W. Russell, Co. Donegal, to R. Russell, Ontario, Canada.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRussel, William/26
SenderRussell, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Donegal, Ireland
DestinationOntario, Canada
RecipientRussell, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3281/4/a-b: Presented by Mrs Reta Lancaster.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9602039
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My Dear Cousin Robert
I am in receipt of your kind and welcome letter dated 17 Dec.
[December?] and I assure you I felt great pleasure in the
contents of it I am happy to hear from you and all my dearly
beloved friends I acknowledge that I have been verry [very?]
negligent with regard to writing you many a letter I write for
strangers & I dare say had I to employ strangers to write for me
that my friends would be likely to hear from me a great deal
oftener however I hope you will excuse me for this time and I
will try and not be so long of writing you again I am sorry to
hear of my dear uncle James been poorly but I hope he will soon
recover the Lords will must be done and we must be reconciled
with it we would all be sorry to hear of any distress being in
any of the family but more especially when the head of the
family is afflicted matters are not all in their right place
it matters not how little the [he?] can do with regard to work
if the [he?] can only walk about and see that all of us are
minding our duty a good advice is as good from a perant
[parent?] as a present from a stranger dear Cousen [Cousin?] I
be verry [very?] seldom in or about [mangrehane?] I cannot
endure a sight of it when I think on days gone by your fathers
house is still there as yet and I believe Carson has some
tenants in it and the [---- --------- -----------?] I think the
barren is down the Clarks are all there as yet fighting away
as usual it is not long since young John was in Jail for
striking his uncle Robts [Robert's?] wife with a Spaid [spade?]
John Clark and Bell Eaton and family are still there as for
the old Boyles the [they?] are all dead Marry [Mary?] Callen
is living with Mrs. Galey [Gailey?] I may let you know that old John
Mackey died about 2 years ago and young John held the farm on to
Summer last and sold it at May to James Carson of Derry and is
gone to Queensland he is married and took the wife and one
child with him and I think poor Alexander Lindsay is all but out
of his land he is verry [very?] poor at present but he surely
may blame no one but himself he drank to great excess for
sometime but is quit it now I suppose when he has nothing to
drink there is a good deal of changes here since you left
ireland and not for the better dear Cousin I am sorry to say
that it was our dear friend John Cathers that was killed at the
time you mention his wife Elenor donaughey [Donaghy?] and family
are in the same place where he was killed I may now let you know that
I have another little son born to me on the 13th of November
last and I have called him for your father he is as like him
as if he was his own son I have now three sons and one
daughter William and Robert and Marry [Mary?] and James you
see their names here as the [they?] were born if my Sister
marry [Mary?] was convenient I would give her name sake
[namesake?] to her and she would air [heir?] her property
I must say she knows nothing of trouble when she has no
children I would think I was happy if we had none they are a
trouble handling and it belongs to expenses to keep them as the
[they?] ought to be kept your friends about Raphoe all join in
sending their love to your wife and family and to uncle and aunt
and family and to Sister Marry [Mary?] I Remain your
affectionate cousin to death
William Russell