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Title: Rutledge & Young, South Carolina, to R Redmond, Ballymena.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileRutledge & Young/9
SenderRutledge & Young
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationattorneys
Sender Religionunknown
OriginS. Carolina, USA
DestinationBallymena, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientRedmond, Roland
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1364/1/30: Presented by W.L. Young Esq., The Old Rectory, Drewsteignton, Exeter, Devon.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9012003
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TranscriptTo: Rowland Redmond Esq
care Jas [James?] & Robt [Robert?] Young
Ballymena Ireland

From: Rutledge & Young,
Councellors at Law
26 Broad Street,
Charleston, S.C. [South Carolina?] 14th Feb 1872

Benjamin Huger Rutledge.
Henry Edward Young.

Redmond V Pillot

Dear Sir -
I am now going to write what
I fear will be a long letter - This case is
about at its close - & therefore I give an
account of it.
I sent it, as I told you I would
to Gov [Governor?] Walker with instructions to bring
suit to foreclose the mortgage in the United
States court. As I also told you, that
there should be no increase of expense
& that the commission would be 5%
The defendant always pays the costs, tho [though?]
when the property fails to bring enough to
cover debt & costs & the defendant is insolvent
these always come out of the fund first -
Gov [Governor?] Walker was instructed also to endeavour
to get a private purchase at
such a price as would not only pay
you, but if practicable leave a surplus
for Mr. Pillot - I have no doubt but that
he endeavoured to do this latter: but he
no doubt thinking that he was acting for
the best directed Messrs Whitman & Pope local
lawyers in Madison to bring the Suit in the State Court
I knew nothing of this, till these gentlemen
contrary to all legal etiquette, as understood
here, passed by both Gov [Governor?] Walker &
our firm and sent the bill to [?]
Wm [William?] Redmond & Son for their part of the
work for some $450 - This besides costs
of course we declined - not only paying
this - but even presenting it to you
unless at their special request & then

only write a letter from us advising
you that you were not responsible
for the amount. This led to a
correspondence - not very pleasant - between
ourselves & Gov [Governor?] Walker on the one part
& Messrs Whitman & Pope on the other - Gov [Governor?]
Walker submitted the correspondence between
himself & these latter gentlemen
when he sent the case - I don't see, after
the perusal of the correspondence, how they
would have misunderstood the arrangement
or made the change they did - Still they
maintain that they are [?] - they are
entitled to this statement - neither Gov [Governor?] Walker
nor we would admit the claim in any way
& finally after ["endless grumbling" crossed out] a most
disagreeable letter in tone, they
reduced their claim to $150 [?] with
$50 referee's costs, we wrote to Messrs
Wm [William?] Redmond & Son for & suppose will
get shortly, as he really sent it to us only
omitted to sign the cheque - we have written
to Gov [Governor?] Walker for an exact statement
of the costs-
There was another disagreeable
occurrence in this matter - The limit fixed
to the plantation was $5000 & Gov [Governor?] Walker
desired to bid up to this amount. Mr Whitman
bid in the place at $2730 & refused to go higher -
Mr. Pope apparently changed this & ordered
the extreme bid of $5000 to be entered - This we
have had of course corrected. Mr. Wm [William?]
Redmond has doubtless sent you a copy
of Mr. Cowlings letter & of Mr. Hunter Pope's
comments - These seem to me extraordinary
to the last degree - But as the matter
has been corrected & as you will no doubt
judge of it as I do, it is useless to make
any remarks about it -
I should mention here
that having an intimation ag'st [against?]
Gov [Governor?] Walker's character, I wrote to Mr. E Mc
L'Engle confidentially - What L'Engle says
can certainly be trusted, if there is an
honest man of any kind in Florida -
& the newspapers of this morning say
that there is at least one there – He

says "I believe that you have been misinformed
as to Gov [Governor?] Walker's Character
I think that he is an honest man & would
give his recommendation of any one
respectful consideration - as much so
as I would that of any man who
makes or has made politics a profession"
we have always found him extremely
correct & the position he has assumed
in this correspondence with Messrs Whitman
& Pope, has been all that we could
desire, he certainly has been disappointed
with the course of Messrs Whitman & Pope -
The a/c [account?] against you well stated
5% com [commission?] on $2730 $136.50
Referee's costs 50 -
Other court costs (not exceeding I suppose) 150 - to $200
$336.50 $386.50

The plan is now in the hands of
Mr. Cowling to rent - Mr. L'Engle recommends
Mr. A. Livingston or Mr. Chandler Smith -
The old gentleman joins me
in best rememberance to you - Bitters of
wormwood & tansy are now an institution
with us - & they are liked better than
ever. This, you remember, is your
introduction - Shall we see you here next
winter -
Very truly Yrs [Yours?]
W. S. Young

Rowland & Redmond Esq
care Jas [James?] & Robt [Robert?] Young
Ballymena Ireland