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Title: Thomas [Sample?], California to [Ellen McIntyre, Co. Tyrone?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSample, Thomas/9
SenderSample, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationshop owner or assistant
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginGalt, California, USA
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientMcIntyre, Ellen
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 2722/11: Copied by Permission of Miss E. Throne, Bready, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007189
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by JM 09:02:1994
Word Count611
TranscriptGalt - Sacramento Co [County?] Cal [California?]
May 3rd 1887

Dear Sister
I suppose by this time
You have made up Your mind that
I have forgotten you all I assure You
such is not the case but for some
time past have been thinking of leaving
this part of the country consequently
felt unsettled at last made up my
mind that perhaps there was time
to hear from You before we left here
So I will say here if You write immediately
which I trust You will do
address Your letter to this place if
You do not when You write address
Your letter to 77 Nassaw [Nassau?] St [Street?]
Brooklyn New York that is Sam
[McIntyres?] address and it will
find me if living
I expect to be here about two months
I hope by this time you have the
photographs we spoke of if so
please do not fail to send them
I think you have no idea of how
much we want to see them
Altho [Although?] it is so long since I last
wrote I have very little news having
no friends or acquaintance here to
speak of and our own lives are very
quiet and uneventful Since I last
wrote to you I am glad to be able
to say that our health has been
generally pretty good so much so
that I find I have not been
out of the store in working time
one hour since the 4th of May a
year ago no holidays for me how
would people in Ireland like that
kind of life it is very tiresome but
such it is here and I trust I feel
grateful to God who has given health
sufficient to enable me to do so
I suppose at this distance it app [appears?]
worse than it is but it looks as if
You had very unsettled times in Ireland
I wish William would write me a
letter giving account of the land
troubles there with his views on the
subject and whether Your part of
the country is much affected by
the agitation also the prices of
produce and how he and the
neighbours generally are getting along
news about any of the old residents
that I am acquainted with would
be very interesting to me I think
of them all more than you would
imagine I did after more than
thirty years absence indeed more
than I did twenty years ago
We have never heard from the folks
You spoke of I mean [-?] Moore
and are not anxious to do so
if You have heard anything you might
let us know
[I find that this?] is going to be
[a very?] uninteresting letter but hope
You will excuse it as I have really
[nothing?] to say my [excuse?] must be
[faded] to hear from you all
to all the folks if Uncle Lenny and
Aunt Molly are still alive tell them I often
think of them and would like O so much
[faded] them but that [?] [not be let us?]
[faded] shall meet
[in that?] better world where friends do not
[part?] Lister [Lester?] Eliza and family are not
forgotten please remember us to them
and say that we would like to hear
from them all this is a beautiful
country hardly any winter nothing
colder than You usually have in October
at present are shipping from here a train
[?] of some ten or fifteen railroad carloads
of oranges every day to the eastern
States daily but I do not feel at home no
friends but such as You make please write at once
[Wife?] joins in sending kind love to all
Your affectionate brother Thomas