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Title: T. Bouchier, Drury Creek, Illinois, to Vere Foster, Dublin
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBouchier, Thomas/26
SenderBouchier, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarm owner
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDrury Creek, Illinois, USA
DestinationDublin, Ireland
RecipientFoster, Vere
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 3618/D/8/6: Deposited by The Late Mrs A C May. #TYPE EMG AThomas Bouchier, Drury Creek, Illinois, U.S.A., to Vere Foster, The Post Office, Dublin, [Ireland?], 24 Oct [October?] 1852.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9102046
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count638
TranscriptTo: Vere Foster Esq [Esquire?]
Post Office Dublin
Drury Creek Oct [October?] 24th 1852

Dear Sir
I beg to thank you Sincerely for
thinking of me So long, and must Say it affords me much
pleasure in giving you the recquired [required?] Information to the
best of my Knowledge and from Experience,
1st Query, we cannot afford to Employ female servants in the
back wood farms, nor can we afford to Employ labourers more
then [than?] the three Summer Months, for which we pay $10 per
month half in Cash the other half in Cattle or produce
but as the Central railroad which was in Contemplation
when you visited this part of the Country is now in active
operation. Steady labourers Can Get $26 per month & bord [board?]
this work will not be Completed before three Years.
2nd Query for bord [board?] washing & lodging $1 1/2 per week
3rd Query unless black Smiths or tin Manufacturers we need no other
4th Query the above mentioned trades or on the railroad is the
only way I know of [stained]ds being wanted.
5th Query, half in Cash the other half in produce on farms,
but trades men according to Contract.
6th Query for Six miles along the Centeral [Central?] Railroad on Either
Sides the land is $2 1/2 per acre but the remaining Vacant
land is only Congress price $1 1/4, the land is taking up by
Capitalists Very fast
7th Query. Indian Corn which is the principal Crop in
this Country is 35 bushels per acre and two bits per bushel
wheat on average is 15[stained] at 4 Cents per bushel
Oats twenty bushel per acre at 25 Cent per bushel
Caster beins [beans?] twelve bushel per acre at 75 Cents per bushel
flax & tobaco [tobacco?] will do as well as in any other State
Sweet poteatoes [potatoes?] & cotton is Raised only for domestic purposes
Irish poteatoes [potatoes?] when properly Cultivated will
produce 300 bushell [bushel?] per acre 40 Cents per bushill [bushel?]
8th Query The Centeral [Central?] railroad from Cairo to Chicago
which will afford Employment at least for three Years
9th Query, to N.Orleans [New Orleans?] and thence to Cairo where the
line Terminates Deck passage on Steam boat $2
10th Query. all Strong Men that Keep their health & Keep
from liquor can in a few Months. Save Enough to make them
a comfortable home.
Dear Sir
The above Querys [Queries?] I have answered as Correctly
as possible but as you Honoured the Southeren End of our State
in your Visit, I think your Notebook will guide you in
anny [any?] Error I may have made, but this mouch [much?] I will
Say that as the railroad will afford us a market at all
times I think a man can make [stained] Good a living here as
in any part that I am acquainted with,
Dear Sir for any Information that I can Ever give you
or any Service that I can render to my Country men I beg
to Say that I will be at all times ready and willing
I and my family are getting Excellent health for the last
Year. So that I am able to Save [stained] the Emprovement
[Improvement?] I held when you Visited us, my Crop this Season is,26
acres corn 12 of wheat 18 of oats 2 1/2 of Poteatoes [Potatoes?]
[stained] orchard and Every thing Else that a farm can [stained]
Dear Sir Sence [Since?] you visited Illinois My Father came
here, So has my Sister Ellen left Charleston and returned
to Liverpool with the family of Mr Henholm. I have written
[written?] a few times to my Sister without being able to hear
personally from her, So that I take the liberty of [Encumbering?] Your
letter with a note directed to her, which I know your kindness
will forward to her, and you will Ever oblige your
Very obedt [obedient?] Servt [Servant?]
Thos [Thomas?] Bouchier