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Title: Mary [?], Detroit, to "Miss Weir"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSavage, Mary/45
SenderSavage, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDetroit, Michigan, USA
Destinationprob. Pontiac, Michigan, USA
RecipientWeir, Annie
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mrs. Linda Weir, Tirmacspird, Lack, Co. Fermanagh, BT93 0SA
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park
Doc. No.9904211
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT, 23:04:99.
Word Count355
Transcript Detroit Feb 14th 1892

Miss Weir

Dear friend you will think
I have forgotten you Well
I have had a very bad
spell with neuralgia I
can hardly write just
now. But I cannot wait
any longer to write to you
This is a wet day it makes
my head feel worse Two
weeks today I thought
I would die I was all
alone Lizzie and Maggie
were up to Johns & Lizzie
dont go out hardly ever
But as I was alone I felt
so sick to my stomach &
weak my hands looked
death-like my nails black
the blood stopped circulating
when [Gelian?] came
home he was scared at
my looks he said I looked
like a corps [corpse?] I
got a hot foot
bath & some brandy and
a good hard rubbing
the blood started to circulate
I have been so miserable
ever since with neuralgia
The Dr said I didnt want any
medicine but drink porter
to build my system up I
was pretty well only the
neuralgia The rest are all
pretty well How are you all
is there much sickness I saw
about one man died with La
grippe there, Are there many
of the patients have it, It seams
[seems?] this year it runs into
something that takes so many old
people off I see by the papers
that there is another disease
starting from La grippe Typhus
fever Thats what my grand-father
died with in Scotland
Well how are the California
folks all How about the old
country how is Miss Harrison
since she lost the widdower
[widower?] But she has another
better one Isnt it good Miss
[G adams?] gone you'll have a
[rest?] is Miss Tate still there
yet, I am at James to have his
picture taken I want to get you
yours i have not got any word from
that lady I get Baddy Mc[Tuillan?]
from When are you's coming in
How are they progressing with
the building love to all
hoping you are all well
I remain as ever Mary
write soon
Maggie says did you or Miss
Harrison get any Valentines
she got several And sent several