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Title: Mrs C. Scott, Bristol, England, to Ann Scott,Londonderry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileScott, Mrs C/166
SenderMrs C. Scott
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBristol, England
DestinationDerry, N.Ireland
RecipientScott, Anne
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 2609/1: Copied by Permission of Mrs J. F. Hodges, Glenravel House,Glenravel, County Antrim. #TYPE LET Mrs C. Scott, 13 Lower Crescent, Clifton, [Bristol?], [England?], to Ann Scott, Willsborough, Londonderry, Ireland, 16 October 1830.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007083
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Doc. TypeLET
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Word Count754
TranscriptLower Crescent Clifton October 16th 1830
My Dear Anne
Many thanks for your kind letter which
gave me the greatest pleasure from the favourable statement
it gave, of the health of all the Dear Circle there assembled at
Batteagh, and also of Ja[n?]e's family - You are already apprized
of the safe arrival of George and his fellow travellers. Mrs Charles
took the journey remarkably well - and I think looks better than
she did in Dublin - You may believe how rejoiced we were to see
them - and particularly to have an opportunity of introducing them
to the Ogilbys - but I am sorry to say that the opportunity of getting
acquainted was but short - as Mr Ogilby had come for them the
Thursday before and they left us the Tuesday following
however even that short meeting gave mutual pleasure, and laid
the foundation for a future friendship. They are truly affectionate
unaffected, lively young men - and have promised to return
to us, at Christmas, when I hope my Dear Thomas will meet
them here - and occupy the attic apartment which George
says he now finds very comfortable - and Richard thought
so on a former occasion ---- Mr O seemed to excell [excel?] himself
and the visit passed off agreeably ---- I hope to all parties!
we have got a lodging for Mrs Charles very near us, which
she seems to like - and she is so good with Charlotte as
to join our circle in the Day time, yesterday we had the addition
of Miss Angel Heath and her Cousin Miss Laurence and the
Conversation kept up between the former and George was very
interesting and amusing. She is a talented agreeable Person
though a little peculiar - her Cousin is also Conversable, but
not so lively ---- They were rather favourites of Alexander
and James and sometimes joined our parties - indeed
the young men had such fine spirits, they seemed to enjoy
every thing they met with -- our Dear invalid continues
much the same way - She and Maria are busily employed
showing our friends the Leons of the place -- George is
much pleased with the Beauty of the Country but I fear
means to leave us the week after next - and much grieved
shall we be to part with him - when he determined on
his Route, He will write to your sister, and if she fixes
on returning with him - I shall request that she may give
me the pleasure of her Company here. George went to a
Lecture given by a Mr Elwood at Bristol, and was greatly pleased
with his style of Preaching - Mr Hensmar is our Minister, and
gives Excellent Sermons and is from every account a good
and Pious Clergyman - they are now going with Mrs
Charles to visit the blind asylum at Bristol which
is considered an Establishment well taken care of and
we have proposed their going to wait on Mrs Hannah More
who is now living here - and admits any company of
a respectable description that wish to go - but George's
mind is too delicate to indulge curiosity at the Expense of
so highly gifted a fellow Creature whose faculties must be
now impaired by advanced age, Consequently more a picture
of human Infirmity and regret - than a gratifying object
(therefore he declines going to her house.) This air
continues to agree with our health and I trust that our
amiable Mr's Charles, may also find it salutory. She gives
me a favourable account of yours, which I rejoice at, and say
there were reasons of late for your former delicacy - and
says that she never saw Bessy look so well I hope you will
both take care of yourselves, George is now writing to her
tell her with my love that he is in perfect health and
remember us all most affectionately to Thomas, and all
your Circle - My blessing to the Children, who I am delighted
to hear such a good account of - we last Saturday-
accompanied Mr O and the young men to Bath and called
on old Mrs Maxwell formerly of Birdstown, who seems
very comfortably settled there - She gave us a very kind
hospitable reception - I think Mrs Maxwell is rather improved
we afterwards called on our old acquaintances Mrs [Ansty?]
and returned to a late Dinner - and now my Dear Anne
I must conclude, Ever your truly affectionate Mother
C Scott
Mrs Scott
Willsborough, Londonderry
From my Grandmother