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Title: O Bouligny, Mississippi, to Mrs. A.W. Smyth, Louisiana
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBouligny, Octavie/28
SenderBouligny, Octavie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMississippi, USA
DestinationLouisiana, USA
RecipientSmyth, Nato
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Brendan O'Reilly, O'Reilly's Bar & Restaurant, Main St. Dromara
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Transcript Pass Christian,
28 juin 1889
Chere Nato,
Je pense que c'est la derniere lettre que tu recevras de moi,
comme je t'attend Lundi et qu'on ne distribue pas les lettres
le Dimanche, il est inultile de t'ecrire demain. Je pense, que
tu es tres tracasse des nouvelles de Washington, main j'espere
que le D. sortira gagnant. Sep [Jess?] desire savoir si tu as
paye Beynoir, elle te prie de garder le recu car elle est
oublieuse et envoie quelquefois, le compte double. Je n'ai plus
entendu parler des Marris [Harris?] comme je te l'ai ecrit, je
crois que c'est un fausse rumeur. L'examen a eu lieu, la Comite
a ete jaure, tout est rentre dans le silence. La monde arrive
tous les jours, il y a une procession de voitures tous les apres
diner. Arthe m'a offert sa voiture pour me promener le matin,
mais je ne me sens pas encore assez bien; je suis mieux, et
j'espere bientot accepter son offre. J'espere que Kate est
revenu. A que rien ne passera te retenir et t'empecher
d'arriver le 1er Juillet. Mde. Thorp [?] a ouvert la chambre
ce matin, nous l'avons vu l'epaussitoir en main, elle meme.
Je crois qu'elle est tres anxieuse de te voir a la Passe.
Le temps est frais, et les bains magnifiques. Je n'ai rien
a plus a te dire, si ce n'est de ne pas te tracasser, je
ne dois que deux comptes, apres cela, je pourrai t'aider.
Adieu, ma cherie, embrasse Arthe pour moi. Je t'embrasse
comme je t'aime.
Ta mere,
O. [Olivier?] Bouligny

English Translation
Pass Christian,
28th June 1889
Dear Nato,
I think this will be the last letter you will get
from me, as I'm expecting you on Monday and there is
no post on Sundays it would be useless to write to you
tomorrow. I think that you are bothered by the news
from Washington, but I hope that D will come out the
winner. Sep [Jess?] would like to know if you have
paid Beynoir, she asks that you keep the bill as
sometimes she is forgetful and will sometimes
send the same bill twice. I have heard nothing about
the Marries [Harris?], as I wrote to you I believe it
is a false rumour. The exam has taken place, the
committee were sworn in, and all entered into silence.
Everybody arrives each day and there is a procession of
carriages after dinner. Arthe has offered me her
carriage for a ride one morning, but I am not yet well
enough to accept., I do hope that soon I will be able to.
I hope that Kate has returned so that nothing will stop
or delay you from arriving on the 1st of July. Mrs.
Thorp [?] herself opened the room this morning, we saw
her with an ---------- [cleaning object?] in her hand.
She is very anxious to see you. The weather is
fresh, but the baths are wonderful. I have nothing
more to say, other than do not worry yourself, I only
owe on two bills and after that I will be able to help
Good-by my darling, kiss Arthe for me, I send as many
kisses as love for you,
Your mother,
O. [Olivier?] Bouligny.