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Title: Matilda Shaw Bell, U.S.A. to "My Dear Richard."
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileShaw Bell, Matilda/5
SenderShaw Bell, Matilda
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLexington, Mississippi, USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Mr. W. Shaw, 4 Coolreaghs Road, Cookstown, Co.Tyrone. Transcribed by Dr. Ruth-Ann Harris, Brookline, U.S.A.
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park
Doc. No.9702264
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count579
TranscriptOak Land Cottage, Fabu [February?] 22, 1852

My Dear Richard.
It is a long time since I have herd [heard?]
from you, dear Richard, do write. Why should distance
make us forget each other. Alicia roat [wrote?] to you
some 6 or 7 weeks ago. She mentioned of me ben [being?]
Marriad [married?] to A Mr. Bell. Now I will tell you
something of him, in the firs [first?] place he is verry
[very?] good, but he is not verry [very?] rich. He is A
planter and A man that attends to buisness [business?],
and [S-ill?] more I am happyer [happier?] now than I
have been for years. He has A cousin who is A hairess [heiress?]
Her Father is very rich and has only too [two?] children.
I think She would just suit James, but he will not
come to see us, So he will not have an oppertunity
[opportunity?] to see her.
Dear Brother, in the midst of our [rejoicing?] we had
cause for Sorrow. Herd [heard?] of the death of dear
Brother George. He died on the 25 of October, after a
sickness of 3 week [weeks?] which he bore with great patience.
Edw [Edward?] did not mention what family he left. You
see in the midst of life we ar [are?] in death and
Oh how important it is to prepare for that change.
Dear R [Richard?] let us have our lamps trimed [trimmed?]
and our oil burning when we ar [are?] called, and if we
ar [are?] to meet no more on earth we can meet in
heaven. How is Anna Bellas [Bella's?] Childern
[children?] getting along. I think A great deal about
them. Let me konw all about them. Also John and family,
Mary and family. Tell Mr. Moat I should like to hear
from him. I never got Sally's book marks. I enclose one
to her, and hope She will let me have one from her or
Matilda. Do the [they?] hear often from William [Moat?].
I hardly know whare [where?] to direct this but I
supose [suppose?] Moat park. youre [your?] friends ar [are?]
all well. Mr. Stiglers oldest son has returned from
California but was [rather?] unfortunate thear [there?].
He got shot when going out which ingured [injured?] his
health very much and reandered [rendered?] him unable to
work except for the last six months, however on his return
he was fortunate enough to get the office of deputy Sherif
[sheriff?] for holms [Holmes County, Mississipi?].
Margaret and family are well. Alicia jogs on the old way.
Aunt S [Sarah?] is well and is going to [----?] next month
and [had?] I not been Married [I?] [----?] of gon
[have gone?] to [too?].
We have had A very sevear [severe?] winter hear [here?].
The ice in Some of the creeks was one foot thick, and
snow fell in New Orleans several inches deep but now
we have very mild weather. The peach, quince, and plum
trees ar [are?] putting out. The Ladys [ladies?] hear
[here?] ar [are?] great Gardners. And the [they?] all
try to excell [excel?]. The [they?] have up in the gardens now
Such as peas, beats, redished [radishes?], lantice
[lettuce?] and a great many other things to [too?] many
to enumerate. I wish you could hare [have?] some of the
vegetables we have got hear [here?] I must now
conclude with love to all our dear friends. I am joined by
Mr. Bell and all. I remain dear Richard, your
affectionate Sister
Matilda Bell