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Title: Edward Shaw, [U.S.A.?] to Aunt Sarah Shaw, U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileShaw, Edward/28
SenderShaw, Edward
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlocal politician
Sender Religionunknown
RecipientShaw, Sarah
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceDonated by Mr W. Shaw, 4 Coolreaghs Road, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone. Transcribed by Dr. Ruth-Ann Harris, U.S.A.
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park.
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Transcript[Enclosed in a letter sent from his aunt Sarah Shaw to
her nephew in Moat Park, Dunmurry, Belfast, Ireland in
January 1852?]

[November 23, 1851?]

My Dear Aunt
I rec'd [received?] your letter postmarked
21st Oct. which gave me much gratification to hear
that you & all my friends were well & also to hear
of Matilda going to be married & has my best wishes
for her future happiness but where we have reason
to rejoice we will have the same to grieve & mourn.
Poor George is no more. he died on the 20th Oct.
of a nervous fever after labouring under the disease
nearly 3 Weeks, but bore it with patience & died
reconciled. He has left a helpless little family.
Caroline remains on the place with the children,
It is a new place he had went on this summer about
12 mile from me but had made little improvement.
She appears determined to do her best to get along.
I perceive by your letter Matilda & you has
arranged to come over & see us, but Mr. Bell had
interfered with Matilda's coming. If I cannot see
her as Miss Shaw I sh'd [should?] be truly happy to
see her as Mrs. Bell & mr. Bell too. In case it
shd [should?] be so you can have no company from
there we must arrange it so there will be no
disappointment in your coming. Wm [William?]
or me will meet you at whatever point you may
see fit, say Vixburg [Vicksburg?] & it is there
only about 12 days run of a boat to Providence,
& Boats running every day. You will find the
trip a very easy one to make. You can be to
Providence the day after you leaves [leave?]
Lexington. Now you must not make any arrangements
to prevent you coming. I wrote Mr. Stigler some
time since enclosing a Deed to some land from Martha.
Probably my letter did not reach him. I wd [would?]
be glad [if?] you wd [would?] ask him & be
pleased to write respecting it. I intended
writing Sarah before now but my mind has been
called off this summer a good deal. I was
a candidate for office and has to spend all my time
Electioneering but shall write ere long. My family
are enjoying good health. I have got some interesting
little Children who I know you wd [would?] like to see,
those who are old enough looks forward with delight
in the idea of seeing you this writer ""know more so
than myself". Try and get some of them to come with
you. If one cant [can't?] come maybe another can. I shd
[should?] be mighty glad to see all. Caroline and her
Children are all well. My wife and family give the
best wishes to you and all friends & believe me dear
Your affectionate
Edw [Edward?] Shaw
23 rd Nov 1851
'be sure & write soon'