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Title: Thomas Shipboy, Albany, to Robert Shipboy, Merchant, Coleraine
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileShipboy, Thomas/17
SenderShipboy, Thomas
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationclerk?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAlbany, New York, USA
DestinationColeraine, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientShipboy, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD530/22/3: Obtained from Arthur Deane, Esq., Whitehead
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9503019
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count623
TranscriptAlbany Novbr [November?] 9 1774
Dear Brother and Sisters
I wrote you By the way of London
Auainting [Acquainting?] you of my passage to this Contry
[Country?] I live at present with my Cusion [cousin?] Shipboy but
does Not Intend to Stay Longer than spring as he has a Clark
[Clerk?] already By the year; he had to give up his Books and mony
[money?] to the value of Nine Thousand pounds upon the Account of
his Brother But how Now in as Good tread [trade?] as Ever; I
intended to joyn [join?] the Traveling [Travelling?] with Goods;
But as this None importation has taking [place?] it has
halved the goods to such a Rate that there is nothing to be
made by that [Business?] here now; there is no goods to be imported
from England or Irland [Ireland?] after the first day of December
Next not otherwise Exported from this Kingdom to these parts untill
[until?] thy open the docks of boston that they have blockt
[blocked?] up; it is not known how these matters will be settld
[settled?] But I hope it is the Beginning of a ware [war?]; what
the Contry [Country?] has been I know not; But him that Comes
here to make a fortune Now must alow [allow?] themselves to be
Slaves to the [Dutch?] which is two [too?] hard for any young man
of Sprit [Spirit?] to do But for my part if things does Not offer
to my mind again the spring I intend to try some other part of the
worald [world?] as for Clarks [Clerks?] you may shingle the houses
with them they are so plenty here mathew steel is about seventy
miles up the Mohawk River and is [-----ing?] a [large?] Dutchman
[Cheeder?] for the winter at ten pounds Robart [Robert?] [kare?]
is in the same employment twenty miles from this town; I left the
stockings I had for [---?] [Mr?] Robert Dodd with his friend
John [lalorin?] Philedelpha [Philadelphia?] now would forward
them from the first oppertunity [opportunity?] I seen James
Thompso [Thompson?] when he Came form Detroyt [Detroit?] [how?]
told one that John McNyer Lives there But by what I [understand?]
you may Credit him on the Back of the Book for what he owes you
Give my Compliements [Compliments?] to Samuel Larance [Lawrence?]
and let him know that he will have as much pleasure with his
bage [bag?] and Gun as would have in seeing America.
I have Nothing more meteriel [material?] to aquaint [acquaint?] you
of but my kind Love to you and your agreeable wife and Children
and Mr. Dodd and famely [family?] Remember me to All my old Neabers
[Neighbours?] and in particular the yong [young?] Ladys [Ladies?]
of my aquaintence [acquaintence?] you may let Mr. Colman know that I
called for him at the halfway hous [house?] but he was not so kind
as to hear me to one [---?] of Beer tho [though?] I was very Dry
at the same time and for that Reason I will Not Drink one half
[kenn?] in his house this year his Brother is well But Did not
see him hugh haveltin and hugh hamellin was well when I left
them in philedelpha [philadelphia?] and Intends going home I seen
samu [samuel?] [Watson?] last satturday [saturday?] and he
taches [teaches?] schull [school?] in [Schenaildy?] you may Let
John Renkin of Ballywilonn [Ballywillin?] know that has son is well
and heads with the Indians at Detroyt [Detroit?]
I seen James Boys which Concluds [Concludes?] the Episel [Epistle?]

Dear Brother and Sister I remain Your
Ever loving Brother while I am
Thos [Thomas?] Shipboy
When you write; write me suner [sooner?] and to the Care of
Campbell & Gott N. York [New York?]

[Addressed to]

[Mrs?] Robert Shipboy
Merct [Merchant?] in
Colerain [Coleraine?]
Irland [Ireland?]