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Title: John S Sinclair, California, to Margaret Graham, Draperstown
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSinclair, John Stevenson/11
SenderSinclair, John Stevenson
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginHealdsburg, California, USA
DestinationDraperstown, Co. Derry, N. Ireland
RecipientGraham, Margaret
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD1497/1/11: Presented by Mrs W. Patterson, Magherafelt Rd, Draperstown
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9408085
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count615
5 March 1889

Margaret I thing [think?]
long to hear from you I sent
you [My?] letters and this one I expect
a nanser [answer?] from you I will be in
old Ireland in Summer and I
will tell you all about Cal [California?] tell
[P?] Heron David John that I will
let them teast [taste?] a little Cal [Californian?] Brandy
and I will have plenty of tobbacco [tobacco?]
I will stop one night with each of
them the are two I will be glad
to see I will only stop 1 sunday
in Sixtowns I want to Hear
[for?] Hugh Forde in Sixtowns and
Draperstown you can tell Hugh
Forde that I will her [hear?] Him in
the two Churchs I expect that
the will not be many that
will know me in Draperstown in the
Sixtowns I will no [know?] plenty that
will not no [know?] me the will not be
expecting me to I slept in the
Church that may be the first
place I will go to Draperstown
Church I will meat [meet?] the Sixtowns
peopal [people?] goying [going?] to prayers I will
drive up to David John and turn back
I want to see as many as I can
John Stevenson Sinclair dos [does?] not
belong to great Britten [Britain?] anny [any?]
more I belong to the United
States of America and the united
states will see me all right
as long as i will stop in old
Ireland or England I dont care
one cent what goying [going?] on in great
Britten [Britain?] I belong to the best country
in under the Sun Cal [California?]
Margaret I want to tell you
the leanth [length?] I have to go 7626 miles
to liverpool the rest of the roads
I can not tell you I trust your
farther [father?] and morther [mother?] is well and all
the family I will be glad to see your
Farther [Father?] and Morther [Mother?] you no [know?] that
I Have but few friends in Sixtowns
and I no [know?] them and I will call and
and see every one of them I never
see them again it the first and
last visite [visit?] evere [ever?] I will make
in old Ireland I like to live in
a free country I am got used to it
now I wood [would?] not live in a cold country
I kood [could?] not stand the cold any more
no snow this winter Heas [he is?] just like
summer in Ireland only not so much [----?]
the ground dry and very dry we
wood [would?] head [had?] sean [seem?] very bead [bad?] just
now it was a dry winter
and I trust that I will get
a dry mounth [month?] when I land in
old Ireland I will drop in un [on?]
some of my cousins before the Know
that lives in Tyrone I will not
stop long in Sixtowns on week
I only can stop 4 weeks I will
Have return ticket I have to see
Robert [like?] I will spend 1 week thear [there?]
I Have my cawlings [callings?] places all lead [laid?]
of I trust my friends will all
be well I wood [would?] not like to see
them cick [sick?] I have but few I will
be in Sixtowns in 1889 I left in
1879 and you Will not no [know?] me
and you will see if you do I will
look out for tilda Combs she will
not see me passing by I will beat
tilda if I can I will bid you goods
by I will rite [write?] 1 letter that all to I start
good by Margret rite [write?] soon
John Stevenson Sinclair
all well