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Title: John S. Sinclair, California to Margaret Graham, Co Londonderry
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSinclair, John Stevenson/35
SenderSinclair, John Stevenson
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginHealdsburg, California, USA
DestinationDraperstown, Co. Derry, N. Ireland
RecipientGraham, Margaret
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1497/I: Presented by Mrs W. Patterson, Magherafelt Road, Draperstown, Co. Londonderry
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9410320
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count548
17 August 1889

Dear Margaret
I was glad to hear
of your farther [father?] & mother
having a good health I trust
that the [they?] will live long and
Die Happy, All I sea [say?] is that
the [they?] have my Blisson [blessing?] I never
want to hear of thear [their?] Death
no no I does [do?] not and Margaret
I sea [say?] what I said in Sixtown's
that you were the best in the
House and I sea [say?] it still I
never will forget you you always
said I was better than Robinson
and I sea [say?] so my self I wish
you all well I have but 3
Houses to visit in Sixtowns
and a few graves in Draperstown
but as the winter is so near
I will let it pass I kood [could?] not
stand the cold of Ireland
any more I may have Miss
Margaret Sinclair a long with
me she says she will stop
with her Aunt Margaret and
I will stop in Coockstown [Cookstown?] Hotel
Cal [California?] John is goying [going?] to be verry [very?]
Toney [lonely?] in Ireland or I wood [would?] not
go I will go by Tolybrick,
I will not let Marey [Mary?] know in
Sixtowns unto [until?] I drive town [down?] the
Tolybrick Hill I will leave Margaret
at your House but I will not stop
I will Drive around by the old
Church and back to Cookstown
I don't Intend to sleep a night
in Sixtowns I will visit 3 Houses
in Sixtowns regular but I will
make my home in Cookstown Hotel
you mea [may?] know the reason I have
for not stopping in Sixtown Margaret
I gesss [guess?] you doe [do?] but I tell you
before I go I will not stop
in Sixtowns I wish you all well
every 1 of my cousins [P?] Heron
and your House but I will not
stop that is all right Cal [California?]
John is not what he was and
I will act like a Whiteman
and you will see if I do not
I am not goying [going?] to Sixtowns to
afrount [affront?] my Dear Dear Mary
that I am leaving behing [behind?] me
in the grave in Cal [California?] no no I am not
I will mind my self all the time
that I will stop in old Ireland
John will let Tilden Combs
see me and she will not
know me smart as Tilden is
I will stop to see my old friend
David John and I will be glad to
see Him I have to spend a day
in Tubbermore I expect to have a
big day in Tubbermore I will stop
that night in my cousins Lili
remember me to P Heron David John
I will give them 2 all the Drink
and all the [they?] can smoke of Cal [Californian?] tobbacco [tobacco?]
and Cal [Californian?] Brandy the [they?] are the boys
of Ballinscreen them 2 [two?] P and D
please tell me what is the trubble [trouble?]
about that farm your farther [father?] boat [bought?]
from us I got a letter from Dublin
Ireland I can not read it all and
I will not show it to any 1 [one?] two [until?] I hear from
you I bid you good night
John Stevenson Sinclair