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Title: James Sloan, Illinois, to Andrew McReynolds, Michigan.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSloane, James/2
SenderSloane, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationbusinessman
Sender ReligionLatter Day Saints Church
OriginNauvoo, Illinois, USA
DestinationMichigan, USA
RecipientMcReynolds, Andrew
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.2304/2: Presented by Illinois State Historical Society
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9409331
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count881
TranscriptNouwoo, Ills [Illinois?] Jany. 2nd 1843.

Dear Cousin
I received your welcome letter of 23rd
feby. [February?] last,in due course, & wrote to you some time
after, but have not since heard from you, & as it is now over
10 Mo's [months?] since the date of yours, & as life is uncertain,
I feel a great desire to write to you again, not that I have much
to say, but in order to draw a reply from you, neither have I much
time to devote to myself, in this or any other manner, but
this I commenced on New years day, although dated as it is,
& I am now about to finish it at Bedhour [bed hour?] on old
years night. When I think of our near relationship, I must
suppose that your and & Mothers natural affection is as great
for my welfare, both here & hereafter, as mine can be for you, I am
anxious that we should hear from each other occasionally,
also that our offspring should have knowledge of their predecessors
& family connexions [connections?] so far as we can, I never before
knew the real necessity of having a perfect knowledge of the
Genealogy of my forefathers & kinsfolks so much as I now do,
but shall not say more on this point at present,in hope of
hearing from you soon,for I wish to know whether you profess
& practice any & what religion, or if you have any desire to
hear of my experience & practice in that respect, if so,or that
you have not any particular objection, I will give you some
account of it in my next. I wish you to enquire of your mother &
& let me know her mothers (your grandmother Sloans) first name
also her (& my) grandmother Sloans first name, I have seen a
good many new years,with much feasting, but as my pay is
little more than a labourers or common Mechanick's [Mechanic's?]
& that I got into Debt through sickness, I have to do with common
fare these times, & although these Circumstances have been brought
upon me by the Gospel of Jesus Christ which I have hearkened
unto, yet I am content, & hope to be enabled to abide
so, therein,through this vale of Tears, that in the end I may
reap the reward of my labours. I hear there is a Person
of the name of John C.Bennett in Detroit, or has lately been, if
there now & he makes statements such as he has done
about Joseph Smith & others of this Church, they are false, and
unfounded I am knowing to several of his falsehoods while
here. I copy you some of my Brother Geo's letter to me of the
1st of Oct. last, he says "our family are all well at present,
the children all had the measles this summer, & are quite
recovered, Jesse & I are in health, with occasional rashes Mary jane
returned yesterday Evening from Steubenville female Seminary
next summer 6 mo's [month's?]) session will finish her, as far as we
think necessary, she had an excellent dismissal. George is
studying Latin, & is about beginning Caesar. Eliza Sinclair, T.
Burns, & H. Bartholomew & families are well. Business has
become over done. I have purchased out Mr Stanton's interest
in the store, & he has connected himself with John Robertson.
My other Partner Atwell leaves on Monday for Philadelphia, & we are
opening a Cash & produce Store only, as we have a great deal due us
us in the country. As soon as our new goods come on I intend
to pack you a few presents,& as E. Woolley has promised to
call on me on his return from the East, I will send it by
him. I had a letter from uncle George last Week, they are
all in health there,but times hard and oppressive. Thos's
[Thomas's?] son John, expected to come out, this fall, but has
put it of for some time. Mr. MacKenzie is still alive, Old Thos
[Thomas?] has moved to Dungannon, in New Town. I have purchased
out my Partner in the Mill & Lots, & $500 a year until the year
1850. It is not good property these difficult times, Wheat
here is only 50 cts [cents?] a lb. I am in hopes in this course to get
in wheat for my Debts in Winter. If I am successful in getting
in trade this Winter, & that the new ready pay
business succeeds, I might be enabled to
visit your City, with some means in Spring.
at present I am considerably cramped, as we never experienced
so much difficulty to collect & pay our debts"
It is a cold night, & I don't feel that I have anything to add,
but that we have had a severe Snow & freezing Winter so
far, & about 4 to 6 inches Snow in addition last night. We
are on the River here, & it answers well to get firewood off
the Islands, it was difficult to get milling done until of late,
we have now two good Steam Mills in operation in the City.
I wish to know of your Brother John & Sisters, also of Robt
Bolton & John Brown. & conclude in haste.
your ever Affect' [Affectionate?] Cousin
James Sloan