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Title: Hannah J. Smith, Dillon, Montana, to "Cousin Richard".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Hannah J/5
SenderSmith, Hannah J.
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionMethodist
OriginDillon, Montana, USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1441/11: Copied by Permission of W.J. Rourke, Esq. Ringawaddy, Co Down. #TYPE EMG Hannah J. Smith, Dillon, Montana, U.S.A. to "Cousin Richard", 3 February 1889.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8912012
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Doc. TypeEMG
Log02:01:1990 LT created 12:06:1990 IH input 14:06:19
Word Count615
TranscriptDillon, Feb, [february?] 3, 1889.

Dear Cousin Richard

I will drop you a few lines to let you know we are Still in the land of the
liveing [living?]. I have long thougt [thought?] of writing to you but
have neglected it Father has requested me to write to you so often he
would be so glad to heare [hear?] from you all to know how your Mother is
he has pretty good health for one so old he is keeping House now one of
his Grand-daughters came out here from ohio she is a daughter of sister
Pheby her Mother is dead so Father thought he would go house keeping it
would give her a home and he is better satisfied in his own home he seems
better Contented then [than?] he ever has since he came to Montana he is
growing Childish sister Mary is still Sick she is liveing [living?] longer
then [than?] we thought it posable [possible?] for her to live She cough
and spits dreadfuly [dreadfully?] She had two bad spells this winter we
thought her dieing [dying?] but she ralleyd [rallied?] and is feeling
better again we are having [having?] a splendid winter it is warm and nice
weather a Good deal of sickness in town my Children have been sick for
several weeks are better now. You would not know Dillon it has Improved
so much since you wer [were?] here we have large brick stores and dwelling
Houses and lodges of all kinds we have a nice town now Still improveing
[improving?] every year will put up a fine Court House this summer we have
a nice brick jail put up last year.have four churches a Catholic Church near
our home I was there at church today the second time I ever was at Catholic
Church it is very funey [funny?] to me the priest live in the back part of
church they say he drinks plenty of be[e?]r he looks like his subject
today [was?] infalability [infallibility?] of the Pope it was pretty Good.
we have no preacher in the Methodist Church this year we had one but his
Wife acted very improdent [imprudent?] and we sent them off we could not
keep them under the sircumstances [circumstances?] well Richard we have had
a trip back to old Ohio we spent last winter there was gone seven months
that was longer then [than?] you stayed with us Mr Smith our youngest
Daughter and one of our little Grandaughter went we went there to put Emma
in Collage [College?] she was in school four Months but lost her helth
[health?] so we had to bring her home again she soon regained her helth
[health?] when she got back to this healthy Climate Father and sister
Mary are talking of going back to Ohio in May on a visit dear Cousin I do
wish you had stayd [stayed?] longer with us we hardly got aquainted
[acquainted?] I often regret it and think if you onely [only?] had stay
a year eney [any?] way now please write and tell us if you are Married and
how your health is and your dear Mother I hope she is well Father send love
to you all please write to him you know your fameley [family?] is all he
has out side of his Children he talk about you often and says it is too bad
you went back so soon after Comeing [coming?] so far Give my love to your
Mother and Brother & sisters a large share to your self from your loving
cousin Hannah
Please excuse this poor letter I hardly ever write a letter am out of
practice write soon love to all
Hannah J. Smith, Dillon Feb 3 1889.