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Title: Jonathan Smith, New York, to Jas [James?] Smith, Moycraig.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Jonathan W/1
SenderSmith, Jonathan W
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientSmith, James and Jane
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceD 1829/59: Presented by James Steele, The Whins, Mosside,Ballymoney, County Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.9808329
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Word Count1064
TranscriptTo: Mr Jas [James?] Smith
Co [County?] Antrim Ireland
Via New York Mosside P.O [Moss-side Post Office?]

Friends Asylum January 12th 1847

Dear parents once more I address you by way of letter
praying the Lord to have mercey [mercy?] upon us all,
it has pleased our Heavenley [Heavenly?] father to
visit me with the rod of his Chastisement for the
manney [many?] sins whitch [which?] I have
committed upon the 27 of Nov [November?] I was seized
with violent sickness and from that time until the
20 of December I was confined to my bed, without a
single soul for to lift my head except the blackest
of strangers however I had the best of attendance
there was one Doctor with me every day and one from
the City 3 times every week it is about 7 miles
distant from this place, you may easier imagine
than I can describe the sufering [suffering?]
I had during that time, from cupping blistering
& bleeding nevertheless through all my pains
and sickness I was fulley [fully?] resigned
to the will of that great being who orders all
things according to his will he is the onley
[only?] true life giving and life preserving
God, Dear Parents I would say more onley [only?]
those of my friends & acquaintances who has never
seen nor nown anney [known any?] thing of the
troubles of this world nor of sickness nor to be
beraved [bereaved?] of the parental care of
tender Parents to comfort them in the time of
affliction, they will be ready to say as I
have often heard, god damn him he is to [too?]
full of religeon [religion?], but be assured
that when sickness comes & Death is appearently
[apparently?] drawing near then is the time they
will call upon their god, but they should remember
that it is then to [too?] late
To my beloved Brothers and Sisters & all who may
be or are connected with the family, espessialley
[especially?] to my brother James who has the
appearance of A rising family whitch [which?]
ought to be guided by the precepts of [sic]
A father, I as A youth whoes [whose?] lot it
was to be cast upon A distant land will give you
my advice perhaps you may not regard it as anney
[any?] thing of consequence in the first place
I would advise you to remember the Sabbath day
to avoid the sinful way of whitch [which?] you
have hitherto been in the habit of spending
that day I would have you attend Gods worship
in stead of the Devils, remember that some
day or other you have to meet your God.
next I would that you should honour and obey
your parents for if you onley [only?] knew
the want of them you would love them more
than ever you have done, think upon your
beloved Brother who was snatched from off
the earth like A flower from its stem,
his earthley [earthly?] partner I followed
to the tomb two days ago she departed this
life on the 8 Jany [January?] and was
interred on the 10 after the manner of him
who had lately gone before hir [her?], it
was A Mahogeny [Mahogany?] Coffin covered
with black cloth and Silver mounted, with
a red pine coffin laid in the grave into
whitch [which?] the other was put, the
funeral was verrey [very?] largely attended
both with Carriages and men on foot there was
A lecture and prayer delivered at the grave,
praying that their souls may be united in
Heaven where they shall be for ever happey
I neglected to stat [state?] that during my
sickness, that Archey Mckay [MacKay?] was
confined to bed at the same time with
something like the same disease he was not
so bad as I was it was some kind of fever,
you will please let his Brother Denl [Daniel?]
St Mc [MacKay?] esq know that he is
got able to attend to his buisness [business?]
and is in good health, as for my self I am in
as good health as ever I was since I came to
this Country although my strength is not so
great for I have lost all the irish flesh
as the old saying is, as for the law suit
if I should not gain in one way I gained in
another I made them file $500.90 dollars more
than what they were willing to do that is so
mutch [much?] in your pocket, I post along
with this the power of an Attorney for you to
[stained] and send on to me to act as your
ajent [agent?] be particular in sending it
on in time for if you be as long of sending
it as you are of answering my letters it will
be of no use this is the 5th letter and never
received A single scrape of A pen to know
whether you were dead or living if you have
got no paper or ink I will send you A sheet.
I expect the next occassion [occasion?]
I will have to write will be the death of my
unkle [uncle?] Robert he is so near his
last that he did know me he has been lingering
for some time, I saw John Scott when I was in
the City he had received A letter from his
father whitch [which?] gave me all the news
that I had heard since the death of my Brother
him and brother Hugh and Wife is visited me
during my sickness, the Mcfaddens is all well,
Js [James?] & Wm [William?] Crawford is wel
[well?] I have not sen [seen?] Thomas Lindsey
[Lindsay?] for 6 or 7 months, James Fullerton
is sending to me some money them & sisters and
cousins is well, I must conclude hoping that
the Lord will enable and support my beloved Mother
through all the trials that comes Across her,
hoping & praying that she an [and?]
father brothers & sisters are enjoying the
blessing of health whitch [which?] is the
greatest blessing can be enjoyed upon the
earth, may the Lord Almighty bless and guide
you in the right path is the sincere prayer
of your ever dutiful sun [son?] & brother
Jonathan Smith give my love to my little
nephew and his Mother and to all my friends
and acquaintances espessially [especially?]
to the Revd R Mconaghie [Reverend R MacConaghy?]
and to D St Mcay [MacKay?] esq [Esquire?],
your respectfulley [respectfully?]
Jonathan W Smith