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Title: J.W. Smith, Philadelphia to James Smith, Co. Antrim.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Jonathan W/3
SenderSmith, Jonathan W
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientSmith, James and Jane
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceD 1828/38: Presented by James Steele, The Whins, Mosside, Ballymoney, County Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9506112
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TranscriptTo [James Smith?]
Friends Asylum, February 28th 1847

Dear Parents
Once more imploring your blessing on
your youngest Sun [Son?] now destined on a distant land
beraved [bereaved?] of earthly friends except those whitch
[which?] I have formed out of strangers, and they have
proved a better friend to me nor anney [any?] of my
relations ever did, I have not a relation in this country
that would give me a nights lodging were I to ly [lie?]
without, but rest Assured I am not
without friends for when I gow [go?] to town there is as
manney [many?] to welcom [welcome?] me as if I was to gow
[go?] to Mosside, I have two particular
friends viz James Carrick and Samuel Scott I mak [make?]
their houses my home when I gow [go?] to town they are both
from the County Tyrone, my friends
perhaps may think by my letters that I will not
stay long in this Country but you may let them
to know that I would not change the situation that
I now hold to anney [any?] of the dandey [dandy?] farmers sons
with their dashing horses and jaunting cars, for believe me
when I think on the pride and poverty of Ireland
it makes me shudder to think how some of the faups [fops?]
will flourish about when perhaps they have forgot
to pay the coat they weare [wear?] or rather is not able to
do it I wrote to you on 12 of January concerning the death of
your Daughter in law I mentioned of my unkle [uncle?] Roberts
ilness [illness?] and he died on the 16 Jan [January?] he
never had a days health since I saw him he was like all the
rest of his friends he thought he knew more
than anney [any?] green irish man and would not take advice
and you may guess what was the result, his childer [children?]
is both free Wm [William?] is living in the city in a grocery
store Anney is at my brothers old place she has been living
there since May last I hear that my unkel [uncle?]
Wm [William?] has noticed them for to leave the house and
I wrote to him requesting him to let the house to
me and assist me in starting for my self but has not
received a answer yet, if I was started there I would
make a fortune with Gods healp [help?] for anney [any?]
yonge [young?] man with a small capital who would
conduct himself right has no need to work for it is a
bad way of making a fortune to work in summer and spend
your earning in winter when you canot [cannot?] get
work, I know hundreds of able yongue [young?] men that
would be glad to work for their board and cannot get
employ during the winter season, but this is expected
to be a pretty brisk summer for labouring men, and if
my brother James has not got a farm I would advise him
to come out heare [here?] viz if he intends to gow [go?]
to hard work and take the the [sic] bad luck with the
good as I have to do, if brother John would settel
[settle?] to his work he would well in this Countery
[Country?] if him or James comes out if my Mother
would part with anney [any?] of my Sisters and let
them come along I would forward the money as quick
as possible Mary Jane would suit but for she would
make a livelyhood [livelihood?] with the needdlie
[needle?] but they may remember they have no home
to come to except I get one before that time I do
not advise anney [any?] of them to come but as I
understand Ireland is in a tremendious [tremendous?] stat
[state?] of starvation I do not know
how you will get along I would have sent you some
of my earning before this time but I thought that
you might thought worth your while to send me word
whether you were all living or not. I was determined
never to write to you again for this is the 5th or
6th letter and never received a answer to anney
[any?] of them, if you think worth your while to own
me as your son write immediately on receipt of this
and if you are in the least needcesity [necessity?]
should you borrow money do not want and I will send
it on by the return of post so soon as the news comes
to hand, should I leave myself without a single
cent to your part of my brothers property becomes
due, I have spent the most part of my Summers
earning at the law for to see justice done to you
and it is not all settled yet for there is a good
deal of the property that they have given no
account of yet, but I can do no more about it unto
the year be expired, and if God spares me to that
time I will stir them up to their duty.
you will please let D S Mcay [MacKay?] esq
[Esquire?] know that his brother Archy and I is
living to gether he is in a verrey [very?] poor
state of health since he heard of his father's death he is
in bad spirits but I assure him that Danl [Daniel?] is more of
a gentleman not to see him ronged [wronged?], but he thinks
that he has forgot him for he never answered one of his
letters his friends would be surprised if they knew the change
that is on him his strictness to guard against bad company and
intoxicating drink.
he is a sober a wise well conducted young man since he came
to this Countery [Country?], NB if anney [any?] of my friends
comes to this Countrey [Country?] they need not fetch so mutch
[much?] clothing as is commonly done nor yet so mutch [much?]
provision for the one half would do when they get ships allow
ance, no more at preasant [present?] but remains your loving
and affectionate son Jonathan W Smith
I now adress [address?] my beloved Mother earnestly hoping that
this will find hir [her?] and all the family enjoying the
same blessing whitch [which?] I am now enjoying that is good
health whitch [which?] is above all other blessings, Dear Mother
if you want for anney [any?] of the comforts
of this life or anney [any?] thing that money will purchase
to make you happey [happy?] send me word and I will send you
of my own earning enough to make you comfortable be not delitory
[dilatory] in letting me know your sircumstance [circumstance?]
for my onley [only?] study is for your welefare [welfare?], you
spoke of me getting married too soon but you need not be the least
alarmed about that for I am none of the boys that is easy caught,
O [I?] could have married to great advantage since I came to
this country if I had been so
inclined, she is of a respectable family and the presentage
[percentage?] of hir [her?] money would be a hansom [handsome?]
fortune to some of the girls in Ireland who would
denied me if I had been in their offer I intend to pay you a
visit before I change my life to a married state, if the Lord
spears [spares?] us al [all?] I intend to gow
[go?] to see you in the course of a fiew [few?] years unless
something comes that I am not aware of, A Mcay and
I is in some notion to leave this place and gow [go?] to the
City in spring we think that so close confinement is injurious
to our health we are from 5 oclock [o'clock?] in the morning
to 9 at night every day without the least intermission,
although our work is easy it is very confining and we never
know a sabbath by another day my friends is all well as far
as I know give my love in the kindest manner to all my brothers
and Sisters and to my little favourite R S and his Mother and
to all enquiring friends and neighbours. Please write
immediately on receipt of this, may the Lord bless you and all the
family and prosper your doings is the earnest prayer of your
loving and affectionate son
Jonathan W Smith
direct to the care of Samuel Scott South St [Street?] 2 dor
[doors?] above 12th JWS.