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Title: Jonathan W Smith to Mr James Smith, Moycraig, Co Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Jonathan W/16
SenderSmith, Jonathan W
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationdistillery business, tavern keeping
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientSmith, James and Jane
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourcePresented by James Steele, The Whins, Mosside, Ballymoney, Country Antrim.
ArchiveD1828/43 Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.710001
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by J Mullan
Word Count1071
TranscriptTo Mr James Smith Moycraig
County of Antrim
Ireland Mosside [Moss-side?] Post office

Philadelphia May 29th 1847

Dear parents brothers & sisters
with a sorrowful
heart and eyes full of tears I sit down to write
to you once more praying the Lord to be merciful
to you all and preserve you though all your
troubles, I received the letter that you sent with
R Fullerton on the 9 of may and I received 4
from Miss McLehose [McElhose] on the 19th May and had
the pleasure of spending the eavening [evening?] with
hir [her?] and the Miss Craightens in my own house
they are all well, and I think that I will be after
making love to one of them viz if she be so inclined
I mean Miss Isabella, Dear parents I am verrey [very?]
sorrey [sorry?] that I am not able to send you something
at this time, I had $40 dollars made up to send
home to you and just as I was gowing [going?] to
the office to forward it to you I was seized &
taken prisoner for selling licker [liquor?] by less measure
nor a quart my liscense [license?] was not granted and
it cost me about $50 dollers [dollars?] to get red [rid?] of the
scrape, John Mclonnan went my security
$3000 dollers [dollars?], for my appearence [appearance?] at court but I
had it settled before the triel [trail?] came on, it is an old saying
that all trouble comes at once for the next day
I was noticed for to leave the house my unkle [uncle?] having
sold the property we have not come to anney [any?] settlement
as yet but before I give it up I will make them pay
well for it, it seems as if fortune frowned on me in
all way undertakings, but as long as the Lord spares me
and keeps me in good health I can make a living
I expect except something comes that I do not know of
that I will have to gow [go?] to hard work again I could
be married at this time to be respectfull [respectful?] girl
who owns more property nor anney [any?] farmer in Moycraig
but I cannot think on Marreying hir becaus [Marrying her because?] she
is not a beauty and that is the onley [only?] objections I have
Dear Parents I will now let you know something of
other affairs, I think it verrey straing [very strange?] that the pour
[power?] Of Attorney has not reached you yet along with
this letter I post the third power for my Father
and one for may brother William for them to sign
and should anney [any?] of them be neglected and not
reach me before the 14 of July we are undone for
they will then have it in their own hands and
they can do as they like, should none of them reach
you along with this letter I wish you to have one
drawn by a Irish Attorney and sent on to me
as quick as possible, the reason that I sent the 3 was
that surely some one of them would reach you and
and [sic] if you have received anney [any?] one of them and sent
it in sutch [such?] a way as you can think it will reach me
you need not trouble your self about the rest; but
Wm [William?] must be verrey perticuler [very particular?] about the one
I sent him for the Alderman refuses to give hir [her?] up eaven [even?]
on security unto I show my athority [authority] and John White
is making his braggs [brags?] that you will neyer [never] send
anney [any?] of them to me for you would depend more
upon him nor me and that his father had sent
word in a letter to that effect, if you depend
on him you may, he has robed [robbed?] my uncle of
$100 dollers [dollars?] since the death of my brother by keeping
the rent that he collected for him, and he stole
the money out of the draw [drawer?] whitch [which?] was the reason
that they turned him out of the barroom but
they are as intimate as ever & stated one of these
large Groceries stores like what Jane Bonnington
used to kep [keep?] in Ballingarrey [Ballingarry?] and John is
hollowing Potatoes through the streets, and the
old woman is still confined in a state of insenity [ insanity?]
this security has offerd $100 each to be freed of their
security but I willl make them pay for their folley [folly?]
of securing anney [any?] person in a roguish schemes -
Since I commenced to rite [write?] my uncle paid me a visit
and says that he is willing for to leave it to two
men sow [so?] I will have to leave and try my
fortune at something else, I was verrey [very?] glad to
hear of my cousin Wm Montgumrey [William Montgomery ?] paying
you a visit
Please send me his
adress sow [address so?] as I could rite [write?] to him for I intend to
gow [go?] back to that part in fall if I have all
the buisness [business?] settled for you, for you can hardly
earn a living here our Alms houses is filled with
Irish and hundreds is coming in dailey [daily?] who has to
depend upon our Citizens for their support, Archey Mccay [McKay?]
has bound him self to a wholesale grocery & Licker [Liquor?]
stor [store?] he has no promise of anney [any?] wages for the first
year I think I will get in an assistant salesman
Youneg [Young?] stayed 2 o [or?] 3 days and then returned to
new york, I saw Thomas Lindsey a fiew [few?] days agow [ago?]
he is [torn]11, I have not space to mention all my p[stained]
but as far as I know they are all well, I will answer
all the letters that I got after some time, if James
names his son for me I will make him a hanson [handsome?]
preasent [present?] but I will not forget my little favourite
on account of him, I return my most sincere thanks
to Marey [Mary?] Jane for hir [her?] acknowledgement of kindness
& respect to me, I must conclude with hoping that this will
find you and all friends in as good health as I am
in at preasent [present?], may the Lord bless you and all the
family is the sincere prayer of your affectionate son
Jonathan W Smith