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Title: Jonathan Smith, Philadelphia, USA to James Smith, Moycraig, Ireland
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Jonathan W/35(2)
SenderSmith, Jonathan W
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationdistillery business, tavern keeping
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientSmith, James and Jane
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceD. 1828/46: Presented by James Steele, The Whins, Mosside, Ballymoney, County Antrim
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9504097
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1089
TranscriptTo: Mr James Smith
Moycraig Co [County?] Antrim
Mosside PO [Moss-side Post Office?]

Philadelphia April 30 1848

Dear Parents I once more send you a fiew [few?]
lines to let you know that if I should be
married I have not forgotten you not yet
has my love in the slightest manner ceased
towards you, but it seems to me as your
object was money you do not think that
I have to consider on the welefare [welfare?] of my own
house, every one of the family is as able to
do for them selves as I am and they have the same
chance if they had the same courage, but
I assure you that they will have to pluck
up their spirits some day for I am afraid
that the Sandy banks of Moycraig cannot
afford a fortune for them all, and if their
lives be so precious, I will have them insured
before they leave home and if they happen
to fall overboard I will make something by
that speck. ha ha ha do you think will that
encourage aney [any?] of them, now to come to the
conclusion if anney [any?] of them comes out here
they will find a home with me as long as
I have one, but I assure them that they will have
to work sore by ever the [they?] done in, Ireland
they would think it strange to have to change
their shirt 3 times a day as I have done, and
I felt more happy than ever I done in Ireland
I am your son with respect Jonathan Smith
to his Father James Smith

Dear Mother
I now adress [address?] you with a fiew [few?] lines
from the hand of a loving son, the text
of scripture whitch [which?] you coated [quoted?] to me comes
fresh to my mind but although I cleave
to the wife and leave father & Mother yet I
am not to forget them, no I shall never
forget you, for the care and affections of a
parent is never thought of untill [until?] you are
a parent and I do not now [know?] the day I shall
be one myself, I would have sent you some
loss of $300 dollers [dollars?] that remained in the hands
of hir [her?] old employer he took the benefit &
paid hir [her?] with a blank note & that left me
verrey [very?] lean, but I hope that I will get over the
loss of it, I received the gold watch I had
to take to thre [three?] coarts [courts?] whitch [which?] cost me $50
dollers [dollars?] and between one expence [expense?] & another she cost me
her value, whitch [which?] I will allow Wm [William?] to pay
a part of to you as soon as he receives hir [her?]
or sonner [sooner?] if he hinks [thinks?] that he can defend
to me sending hir [her?] whitch [which?] I will do as soon
as I can find one that I can trust her with,
I received 2 letters the day after my uncle Wm [William?]
Smith Dies whitch [which?] gave me no news what ever
all the cry was money had they not spoke
so shamfuley [shamefully?] to me the [they?] might have had the better
chance but I will send a list of my expences [expenses?] and that
will suffice them tho [though?] I am nothing in their debt
Dear Mother you mist [must?] excuse me for speaking so free
for I assure you that it is not meant to you
in anney [any?] respect, you wil excuse my scrall [scrawl?]
as I am Just returned from the wedding of Wm [William?]
Neil at my Cousin An [Ann?] Smith and my eyes
is [are?] rather dim for want of sleep, my uncle
children is one here and the other there Wm [William?] lives
with me, it was the last words of his father
that I would be a father to him, he died worth
about 20 thousand dollers [dollars?] whitch [which?] is to be divided
share and share alike amongst the Childer [children?],
I cannot say mutch [much?] about my own
buisness [business?] as times is dull I cannot take in
the from 30 to 40 dollers [dollars?] per day and that is vary [very?]
little according to the demands I have to answer
I received your letter from John White a fiew [few?]
days ago, I sent a letter to brother James
and Sister Mary Jane about 2 weeks ago
encourageing [encouraging?] hir [her?] to come out , but James
nows [knows?] what is best for him self in both
Countries, Mrs Neil is always in a State
of insenity [insanity?], I never got anney [any?] of my [----?]
Clothes except what [-----?] of themselves [-----?]
could not ware [wear?] and that was the worst
of them, if Mary Jane Comes out write
immediately and let me now [know?], for all sakes
try to advise John against using that life destroying
drink, Mrs Smith sends hir [her?] love to her new
father mother brothers and Sisters Jo [Jonathan?] & M W Smith

Remember me to my nephews
and tell them that I will
soon have a Cousin for
them that will be the
first in the
do you

[seperate sheet:]
When you rite [write?] Direct to
Jonathan Smith Green
Corner of Shippen land
and Bedford sts [streets?], let this
suffise [suffice?] you all at this the
as I think it is better for
to save you all the expences [expenses?]
that I can when money
is so scarce with you,
Miss McIllen has arrived
heare [here?] an [and?] we received a letr [letter?]
by telegraph from John
White and he is on his journey
to this City we expect
him in every hour we
will have a wedding
as soon as he arrives
or I expect so
tell John to rite [write?] to me
as son [soon?] as possible and
let me now [know?] how he is
getting along iff [if?] he wants
a receipt for [------?]
his Licquor [Liquor?] I will send
him one, I wish anney [any?] of
my sisters would come out
as I will shortly want a girl
if the [they?] come should you borrow
money send them immediately and I will
send it on as soon as ever
word reaches me, I never
was in better health in all my
life I weigh 187 lbs [pounds?] I only
weighed 170 before I was now
may the Lord bless you all
is the sincere prayer of your
son & brother Jonath [Jonathan?] Smith