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Title: O. Bouligny, New Orleans, to Mrs. A .W. Smyth, Massachusetts.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBouligny, Octavie/67
SenderBouligny, Octavie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
DestinationMassachusetts, USA
RecipientSmyth, Nato
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Brendan O'Reilly, O'Reilly's Bar and Restaurant, Main St. Dromara.
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TranscriptMrs A.W. Smyth
c/o Mrs Chas A. Goodrich
Berkshire Hills

N. O. [New Orleans?] 16 Sep. 91

Ma fille cherie,
J'ai recu ta lettre
du 12, je suis si contente, que tu te [sous?]
decidee, a ne pas te deranger ; avant ton
depart; tu t'es tant fatiguee ; que tu dois
avoir besoin de repos car, sans cela ; tu
pourrais tomber malade ; a ton retour a
la N. O. Le Dr Smyth a bien presume,
que la conduite de Mde Warmath te
[plesderait?]; car il a dit, quand il a ete
a Biloxi; qu'il etait bien sur ; que tu n'ecrirais
pas si souvent, a Mde Warmath ; que tu
le ferais ; avant cela ; elle a manque de
savoir vivre; tout le monde la blame!
Dieu merci que tu peux vivre sans
elle ; et sans les domestiques, qu'elle ta
[Sauteries?]. Alice et [etrthe'vnt ete [un?]
au mariage de Laurence [Lanaun?],
hier; a la Cathe'drale ; on dit qu'elle a
fait, une tres belle mariee ; elle va rester
a Alexandria avec son mari, qui
travaille la. Valsy a passe la matinee
avec moi ; hier elle a marque pour
Alice, des [serviettes?] de figur et des [draps?];
avec des initiales au points de Monets ;
aussi grandes que ma main ; c'est un
ouvrage admirable ; elle m'a charge
d'embrasser, sa chere Nato; et de lui dire
qu'il lui tarde, qu'elle soit de retour.
Albert a envoye a chacun de les enfants,
une boite de bonbons; de N.Y. [New York?] je
les aigoutes, mais, je ne les trouve pas
superieurs, au bonbons francais.
La ville se remplit ; chacun [retourne?]
a son [home.?] Dieu Merci! le temps
d'oeil, est bientot passe. Au revoir, ma
fille cherie ; j'ai ecrit a Arthe un Postal
en reponse a sa petite lettre, qui m'a
fait, tant de plaisir ; embrasse la
bien pour moi. Ta mere qui
t'aime et t'embrasse tendrement.
O. [Olivier?] Bouligny

P.S je n'ai pas eu de nouvelles
de Biloxi hier ; je pense que tout
est bien; j'ai vu Helene hier, qui
s'est enformee de toi avec amities ;
elle dit, qu'il a fait assez froid, a
la Passe; pour faire du feu ; il me
tarde, de voir [Alicia?] a la N.O.
[New Orleans?]

N. O [New Orleans?] 16 Sept. 91

My dear daughter,
I received your letter
of the 12th, I am so happy that you have
decided not to distress yourself before you
depart; you are so tired that you must
need rest, because without that you
could fall ill on your return to
N.O. [New Orleans?] with Dr Smyth has already
presumed that the behaviour of Mrs [Warmath?] [?]
would be ; for he said when he was in Biloxi,
that he was sure that you would not write
so often to Mrs [Warmath?] ; that you
would do so before that [?], she very nearly
did not know how to live; everyone reprimanded her
! [?] Thank God that you can live apart
from her, and without servants which she
[?]. Alice and [Arthe?] went to Laurence [Laneur's?]
wedding yesterday in the Cathedral, they say she
made a beautiful bride, she is going to stay
in Alexandria, with her husband who
works there. Valsy spent the morning
with me yesterday; she made for
Alice some embroidered napkins and some
curtains with the initials thereon [?] they
were as big as my hand; it is a wonderful piece
of work ; she asked me to kiss for her, her dear Nato,
and to tell her [?], [?]
Albert sent a box of sweets, from N.Y. [New York?] to
each of the children, I tasted them, but I did not find
them to be better than French sweets.
The town is filling up ; everyone is returning
to his home. Thank God that the
period of exile has already passed. Goodbye
dear daughter ; I wrote to Arthe, in
response to her letter, which gave me such pleasure. Kiss
my loved one [well?] for me. Your loving mother, with
loving kisses.
O. [Olivier?] Bouligny

P.S. I did not receive any news
from Biloxi yesterday; I think that everything
is well, I saw Helen yesterday, who
inquired about you with best wishes,
she said that it was cold enough at
la Passe to require the lighting of a fire;
I am delaying myself from seeing Alicia at N.O.
[New Orleans?]