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Title: R. W. Smith [Smyth?], Philadelphia, to W. Smyth [Smith?], Moycraig, Co. Antrim.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Robert W/6
SenderSmith, Robert W
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationruns a distillery business
Sender ReligionPresbyterian Check Jonathan And Jon. W, Robert And Robert W Presbyterian
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientSmith, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1828/21: Presented by J. Steele, Mosside, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9503251
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PAID 20 [cents?] 8 [cents?]
6J MY [MAY?] 42 [1842?]

To: Mr. Wm. [William?] Smith Moycraig
in Care of Mr. D McKey
Postmaster Mosside [Moss-side?] County
Antrim Parish of Derrykeighan
[25?] Packet R [Robert?] W S [Smith?]

Philada [Philadelphia?] May 1st 1842

to Mr. Wm. [William?] Smith.
Dear Brother it is with thankfulness
to you for your letter that I now come
to answer it I am sorry to say that is the
first time I ever had it in my power to write to
my eldest and highley [highly?] esteemed brother in answer
to a letter from you I am well pleased with your
letter and hope that it is onely [only?] a comencement
[commencement?] of our correspondance [correspondence?]
while I remain in this country I shall always be very Glad
in receiving eny [any?] communications by letter from
eny [any?] of you but never
wish to see eny [any?] of you personaly [personally?] in this country
least you whould [would?] act like my brother James
and leave a stean [stain?] on the faamily [family?] for sheepishness
that never will wash out not even on the family
but on all of the name it is the salute I get on the street
to this day the words are those, well and your Brother
did not stay long in this country eny [any?] word from
him yet I think he was no friend to you and still I have
never received a single line from him to satisfy me
respecting several things that he was to write to me
aabout [about?] if he does not write to me and give me
some satisfaction should I sail the Ocean round from
the sun rises to where it sets I will be eaven [even?]
with him and by this means I think that you will surely
see me in Ireland as I think he will never trust himself
on a bushel of water again it was the best thing he could
do to go home for he is not fit for for [sic] eny [any?]
thing but the spaid [spade?] or the plough he is a
[----?] bog trotter I wish him long life a good wife
and soon. Dear William I would have answered your
letter before this time but as you promised to write
to me with the McHenerey [McHenery?] respecting the farm of land
that you mentioned I was anctious [anxious?] to
hear about it for I think it the best thing that
you could do to get more land but to write to me
before you part with your own as I do not want to let
it into the hand of a stranger I can pay you for it
any eny [any?] time I received a letter from S McHenery
[McHenerey?] for James Barnsed an [and?] one for Mrs Scott
but there was none for me which I thought very strange of
he said he thought he had one for me but could not
find it I did not see the beare [bearer?] of your letters as
he went to his brother James I received it from a young man from
Bushmills by the name of Hatlin he told me that Archey Mckey [McKay?]
was saying on the passag [passage?] that he would be home
next winter dealing in horses yet. I must now let you
know something respecting the times we have had almost
no winter this season and the pleasent's [pleasantest?]
spring I ever saw in America and the earliest the Rye
is shot some time we intecepate [anticipate?] a bountiful
harvest vitling [victualling?] of every kind is very reasonable
but buisness [business?] is come to that crisis that no
person in the Liqour buisness [Liquor business?] can
make a fortune now there is six of our banks in this
City failed my Unke Wm. [Uncle William?] has lost 200
pounds Sterling by them and a great deal more in danger
the remainder of the Banks is paying specie times never
was as bad hear [here?] as at present

My aunt is now going to be called away from this troublesome
world we intecipate [anticipate?], and as she was always
troubling harself [herself?] and all around hur [her?]
I hope that all hur [her?] trouble will shortley [shortly?]
be over an [and?] that she may find a peaceful resting
place in Heaven is the worst wish I have for hur [her?]
she has been ailing since early in fall last but for
the last 6 weeks she has been confined to hur bead
[her bed?] and given up by too skilful Docters [two
skilful Doctors?] hur [her?] complaint is turned to
Consumption if she should be celled of [called off?]
before I write to you again I will send you a news letter
with a black mark on it if I should not be in morning
[mourning?] at heart I received a letter from the McHenereys
[McHenery?] for Joseph Crawford he is in this citey [city?] now and
is well he says that he never will go eny [any?] place
until he asks me as I advised him against going to Pitsburg
[Pittsburgh?] and he found what I told him to be true
as I was comin [coming?] from fairmount the other day
from trying to raise a little money those hard time I
[torn] coming on horse back at a pretty smart rat [rate?]
when [stained] Wm. [William?] McKinney I was saluted by
your old friend H Boyl [Boyle?] I was second nown [known?]
person that he saw beaing [being?] just arived [arrived?]
from Abany [Albany?] he was asking after me at the time
I came up he wishes me to state this in my letter and to
remember him to you all James can tell you the place I
refer to James Scott is well Mrs Scott is rather Delicate
since hearing of her Brothers death She was rather delicate
in health at the time we received the news about her
Brother beaing [being?] just after attempting to make
the population a little stronger in this country but she
was not like the Storey [story?] of my Granfathers [sic]
to [too?] long of marying [marrying?] but I agree with the
nimix [Nimicks'?] remark the child was born to [too?] soon
I mention this fact least the young ladies should hold a
intaphey [antipathy?] at young men from this country and
then my Dear Brother James never get a wife what a pitey
[pity?]. Cosin [Cousin?] John White and fameley [family?]
is well Mrs Neall and family is well yu [you?] may let
J McFadden know that I had a letter from John a few days
ago he is in potsvale [Pottsville?] I wrote to him all the
news I think it strange that there never has been a letter
for him for a long time I would gratefully receive one for
him and forward it James Burnsed and sisters is well Alexr.
Nimics [Alexander Nimicks?] came to see me when I was
writing this letter he is Well Wm. [William?] C Lile is
well Wm. [William?] Ramsey's well Wm. [William?] Campbell
is well and living with Hugh Sterling from Greenshields the
first place that I got him and again I got him the present
situation that he holds he has 120 Dollars per Annum Jonathan
Smith is well an [and?] living neighbour to Wm. [William?]
Campbell in Bucks Co PA [Bucks County Pennsylvania?] Gorge
[George?] Hart is well and earning money pretty fast if I
have forgotten eny [any?] of my acquaintances I must be
excused, Thomast Linsey [Thomas Lindsay?] is well David
hammelton [Hamilton?] the life of Robert McCurdey [McCurdy?] Leace
[Lease?] is a [as?] well as ever I saw him James thompson
and family is well
These few lines leaves me in as good health as ever I Could
wish for that is to say well and doing pretty well respecting
earning money and taking care of itt [it?] I hope the [they?]
will find you all in the same remember me to all friend and
acquaintances I need not say to the young ladies in particular
as you are not a candidate for eny [any?] office onder [under?]
their government when you write let me know every little
occurence [occurrence?] that takes place such such as the
coasting voyages that some of my old friends had last summer
with a Colrane [Coleraine?] pilot starting from there to port
stewart [Portstewart?] and from thence to Portrush and then to
Dunluce to port Ballentrey [Ballintrae?] Bushmill [Bushmills?] and
returning to Colraine [Coleraine?] what a sea voyag [voyage?]
along the topath [tow path?] that is the Canal lines I shall
not mention the Colour of the passangers [passengers?] heir
least making it to [too?] plain I must stop of for want of
room I remain your Brother with respect