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Title: R. Smith, Philadelphia to J. Smith, Co. Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Robert W/6(2)
SenderSmith, Robert W
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationruns a distillery business
Sender ReligionPresbyterian Check Jonathan And Jon. W, Robert And Robert W Presbyterian
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientSmith, James Sr
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD1828/27: Presented by James Steele, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9505013
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Philada [Philadelphia?] May 1st 1845

Dear Parents imploaring [imploring?] once more your
blessing on me and the young lady whitch [which?]
I have Selected to be my earthly comforter
I now write those few lines to inform you
of my union with Miss Rachel Neill formerly
of Drunkendult Ireland we were united in
bands of Matrimony on the 11th February 1845
by the Revd Wm [Reverend William?] Loughridge pastor
of the fourth Presbeterian [Presbyterian?] Church in Philada
[Philadelphia?] of whitch [which?] we ar [are?] both members
since my marriag [marriage?] I feel all the comforts of earthly
happiness by the kindness of my wife
and the prosperity I have had in buisness [business?]
since my comencement [commencment?] on the first of March
I rented a store and Delling [Dwelling?] at the corner of
Broad and bedford and has comensed [commenced?] a
rectifying Distillery and Liquors store, and at that buisness
[business?] I appear to get alonng [along?] very well the store
I have rented for 150 Dollars per annum
Our dwelling house is so large that John White
lives with us in the same house, the house
is conected [connected?] with the store, I have also got
a splendid hoarse [horse?] and dray for Jonathon
to Drive when he arives [arrives?] here he is as good
a hoarse [horse?] as ever traveled [travelled?] Mossed Streets
at eny [any?] rate use him who pleases
Mrs Smith would have wrot [wrote?] to you at this time
but she feels delicate in writing to you until
she receives a lletter [letter?] from you whitch [which?] I hope
will be as soon as possible after receipt of this
my mother need not fee [feel?] alarmed at my
marriage as I intend to se [see?] you all in Ireland
accompined [accompanied?] with my wife to spend the
remainder of my days in Ireland in the
coare [course?] of a few years, in meny [many?] respects I
rjoice [rejoice?] in my marrige [marriage?] I married with
the full intention of leading a more releageous [religious?]
life then [than?] I formerly have done and thanks
be to God I have found a partner who
coinsides [coincides?] with me in all the paths of virtue,
the old lady Mrs Neill lives with me and seem
to be quite happy She is a useful member in
a family my unkle [uncle?] Robert lives with
me I put him in my situation in the
customhous [custom house?] I still hold it but he dos [does?]
the work and I draw the money I would send
for my brother Jonathan at this time but as
I sent for him in a letter that I wrote to
James Scott for to bring him along with him
I expect to see him before this reaches your length
if he dos [does?] not come with James Scott let him
write to me by the first steamer and I will
send for him by return of the same
Dear father I received your letter conected [connected?] in
part with Brother Jonathens [Jonathan's?] respecting my
Grandfathers death I need not say that it astonished me as
I was always expecting such news I need not say that I
greaved [grieved?] at
the news as I feel satisfied that he has gone to a better
home than earth could afford him as his life latterly
has been very little happiness (to him) I hope he has gone to
everlasting happiness. it is impossible for me
to state to my friends in Ireland all the news respecting
their friends in this country as this sheet would not
hold it and morover [moreover?] I have to attend to my own
buisness [business?]. I will say to Jonathen [Jonathan?] Smiths
friends that I have got him into a good situation
in the same buisness [business?] whitch [which?] I now follow in
this City. Cousen [Cousin?] James white arived [arrived?] safe in
this City and tops [stops?] with his brother Robert a few
doars [doors?] from my residence the [they?] ar [are?] in good
health als [also?] John White and family ar [are?] well
I send by the bearer of this letter Mr Robert
Ligget One top Coat to my Father whitch [which?] I had
when last in Ireland, I have never wor [wore?] it in this
Country and it is not fashionable it may do my
venerable old father some service, wer [were?] it eaven [even?]
seperated [separated?] from him by the mightey [mighty?] Ocean
I also send to my dear mother a little parsel [parcel?] of my
wifes hare [hair?] and also a little of my own to remember
her of us, until I send our portraits to her as
a [an?] emblem of an affectionate son Robert Smith
Hugh Scott is well

Direct to Bedford
& Broad Sts [Streets?]
Philada [Philadelphia?]
Robt [Robert?] Smith