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Title: Robert Smith, Philadelphia to James Smith, Co. Antrim, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Robert W/7
SenderSmith, Robert W
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationcustomhouse officer
Sender ReligionPresbyterian Check Jonathan And Jon. W, Robert And Robert W Presbyterian
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientSmith, James Sr
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1828/25: Presented by James Steele, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9503130
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TranscriptTo: Mr James Smith
Moycraig County Antrim
Mosside PO [Post Office?]

4C AU [AUGUST?] [1844?]

Philada [Philadelphia?] August 14th 1844

Dear Parents brother & sisters with friendly
fealings [feelings?] I write to you all once more to inform
you of my good health thanks be to God it is still good
also of the situation in whitch [which?] I am placed I
now hold a respectable situation in this City as a
customhouse officer there is 12 of us in the same
branch of Custom house dutey [duty?] I have charge of
a set of scales although I have onley [only?] been there
one month we are what is called weighmasters
we take carge of [cargo of?] [charge of?] all the foreign
Ships that arives [arrives?] at this port and weighs all the
goods subject to dutey [duty?] it is a very hard situation
beang [being?] so mutch [much?] exposed to the burning sun
amongst the crouded [crowded?] warves [waves?] there is nothing
but a strong constitution and a daring spirit
can stand sutch [such?] bodily exersise [exercise?] but I am
still about as the Negro says I have weighed with one
company of men in one day 1000 casks of sugar
my salery [salary?] is 365 Dollars per annum my appointment
was given to me by the president of the united
states and I have the honour of being appointed through
my own merit we have in the Custom house 200
officers and there is onley [only?] 3 Irish men in that office
and I am one of those I owe it to the stand that I
have taken in the political field I am a Democrat
out and out and takes the platform for the cause
against Monarchy and aristocracy I am for free & republickan
[republican?] Government
I have the promise of a reanstatement [reinstatement?] to 3
Dollars per day owing to taking part for the president while in
the western country the [there?] was a man in the town of
mountjaxon [Mount Jackson?] who attempted to vilify the
presidents Mr Tilers [Tyler's?] caracter [character?] but with
my drove whip I made him sing that glorious news so often used
among the natives (enough) and then the pardon of a
Irish man was at hand, the news was at the Capital
before I came home and this is the cause of me beaing [being?]
thus respected the president Mr Tiler [Tyler?] is a particular
friend of mine. I am still living with my unkle Wm S
[Uncle William Smith?] and attends to the prinsipal [principal?]
part of this buisness [business?] after Custom house owers
[hours?] I hold both situations as my unkle [uncle?] does not
wish to be without me that will enable me to clear at the rate
of one hundred pounds British sterling per annum,
success to the stars and stripes against monarchy
Dear friends as I am pretty mutch [much?] on a national
question I will give you a short account of our late
disturbances, although this sheet would not hold
half what I could say on the matter, but I will be
breff [brief?] our Citey [City?] has been nothing but the
seen [scene?] of bloodshed [bloodshed?], the origination of
this awful seen [scene?] was respecting a party of native
american Citizens forming themselves into a body to deprive
all foreigners of there [their?] rights & privilages
[privileges guaranteed?] to them by the constitution
and the [they?] pitches their spite upon the Irish Roman
Cathlicks [Catholics?] and at one of thear meatings [their
meetings?] the Irish rose against them and there was a great
meny [many?] roman Catholicks [Catholics'?] Churches
and nunnerys [nunneries?] burned in this city and as meny
[many?] as fiftey [fifty?] killed in one riot there was 20
Cannons discharged in one night by the military and mob and the
military was called on from every part of the states
to the amount of 20000 and a great meny [many?] of them
was shot like dogs and balls was rattling round like
hailstone the [they?] even loaded their cannons with scraps
of iron and fired upon the military the seen [scene?] was horrible
and meny [many?] a widow and orphant [orphan?] left by the seen
[scene?] - we have the finest crop and the earliest ever saw in
america new potatoes was very plenty in may and flour
in June the Lord has blessed our land with abundance
of good things respecting brother Jonathin [Jonathan?] coming
to this country he might be like like [sic] the rest Wm
[William?] Campbe [stained] [Campbell?] Brother is home again respecting
my going home [stained] if the administration is changed again
next spring I will be out of office that is if we cannot elect
our president and if I receave [receive?] an encouraging letter
from my girl before that time I will pay Ireland a visit I wish
her to write immediately to encourage me in well doing
but I have to [too?] high a spirit to be fooled
I received the letter as answer to the on [one?] I sent with
Mr John McKean Hugh Scott is well I received a letter for him
from his father I took a boat and went up to see Jothan [Jonathon?]
Smith and Wm [William?] campbell & the [they?] are well I can
thake [take?] the united States boat where I please and I am
often on the river if I do not return home in spring I will
send for Jonathan if he acts as a man if I go home I will I
will [sic] bring him out with me
Couzen [Cousin?] John White and family is well and all his
conections [connections?] Joseph & Wm [William?] Crawford is
well Thomas Lindsey is well John McCannon is well & Wm
[William?] Ramsey all my friends is well as far as I know both
my Unkle's [Uncle's?] and family [family?], is well remember
me to Mrs and Mr J Scott and tel [tell?] them that the ar
[they are?] very grateful in sending me letters

Remember me to all friends an [and?] neighbours
John McFadden and brother & sister is well
when You write Direct as befor [before?] or to the united
States weigh masters office for me and delay not
Give my love to old grandfather Brother & sisters in
the most loving manner excuse scrall [scrawl?] as I write
at dinner ower [hour?] I remain your Son Robert Smith