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Title: R.W. Smith, Philadelphia to J. Smith, Co. Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmith, Robert W/16
SenderSmith, Robert W
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationcustomhouse officer
Sender ReligionPresbyterian Check Jonathan And Jon. W, Robert And Robert W Presbyterian
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationMoycraig, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientSmith, James Sr
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD1828/26: Presented by James Steele, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9505014
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptTo: Mr James Smith
Moycraig County Antrim
in care of the Mosside [Moss-side?]
Post Master

Recd [Received?] 20 January 1845

Philadela [Philadelphia?] December 24th 1844

Dear parents I have just found time and opertunity
[opportunity?] to answer your letter of october 16th, for
receipt of the same I feel ever grateful and returns my
thanks to God for preserving you all in good health to be
able to write to me under the enjoyments of Good health also
the prayers of your son who now addesses [addresses?] you by
letter for his blessings received whitch [which?] enabled me
to recieve [receive?] yours under the same blessing from the
same bountiful giver. I also acknowledge the receipt of your
letters by Miss Jane Burnside and of My sister Mary Janes
present for whitch [which?] I return my sincer [sincere?]
thanks and will reciplocate [reciprocate?]
the compliment at another oppertunity [opportunity?] but
Sister Dear you must consider that I am greatly failed in
person when you [------?] that the Shirt would fit me either
in the rists [wrists?] or neck as I never was as sout
[stout?] in my life, I Just weigh 180 pounds, vigorous and
healthy and a hard working man. I Still hold my situation in
the Custom house though it is very laborious but I am to be
reinstated in a short time to a higher salery [salary?],
we have succeded [succeeded?] in electing James K Polk (of
Tennasee [Tennessee?]) for president & George M. Dallis [Dallas?] of
Philada [Philadelphia?] for vice President with whom I am
particularly [particularly?] acquainted also Francis R Strunk
for Governer [Governor?] of this state all thorrough bred
[thoroughbred?] Democrats a cause whitch [which?] I have
laboured to support and of whitch [which?] I am a true member
I need not sa mutch [say much?] to you on polaticks [politics?]
as you do not understand eny [any?] thing on the matter but
one thing I will say that we have acheaved [achieved?] a most
glorious victory and Democracy is bound to raighn [reign?]
for four years more we are to have a splendid Dinner on the
8th of January 1845 of whitch [which?] I am one of the vice
presidents we will have at least 500 persons present it is to
selibate [celebrate?] the glorious victory whitch [which?]
we have gained against monarchy and fedaralism [federalism?]
as young hickeries [Hickories?] we selebrate [celebrate] on
that day the victory of old hickery [Hickory?] that is General
Jackson the son of An Irishman who on that day gained the
battle of New Orleans whitch [which?] makes this a free and
republickcan [republican?] Government I have tired you I
suppose with polaticks [ploitics?] as you do not feel an
interest in the matter you may beleave [believe?] me when I
tell you that I have addessed [addressed?] a [an?] audience
of five thousand people on the cause of freedom and democracy
and was highly applauded although a young Irish
man and I will get a handsome situation for my trouble for
O what hart [hard?] exciting times we had electionearing
[electioneering?] but I am affraid [afraid?] I will have
to resign on account of My unkles [uncle's?] delicate health
he has been but poorley [poorly?] for some time and all the
responcibility [responsibility?] rests on my sholders
[shoulders?] and he says that if he dies he wants me to take
charge of all he has and also of his children but I trust that
I will not have to take that responcibility [responsibility?]
on me Hugh Scott is now living with us and he in in [sic]
attending to the buisness [business?], the buisness
[business?] whitch [which?] he was at in the summer alway
[always?] falls away in the winter and he is going to stop
with us during the winter and resume his situation in the
spring incase he dont get married but he is half Smith for
he loves the ladies, he gave me all that you sent with him
to me. respecting my brother Jonathan coming to this country,
I would be pleased to see him here if he would do well but
there but there is doubts arising in my mind on that
subject for if he would stand in my shoes one day he would
be ready to return home in the eavening [evening?] and be
glad to see the sails hoisted let him go to school for a little
while and then I will send for him bit [but?] if he comes her
[here?] he must do as I tell him of he must come let him or
write to me immediately and let me know if Mary Jane wishes
to come along as I have money enough to send for them
but perhaps I will go home in sumer [summer?] for them and bring
so[torn] young lady alongst with me if I can find eny [any?]
one favourable to the propositions whitch [which?] I must shortly
make to some of the dear little Creatuers [Creatures?] for I
cannot live mutch [much?] longer alone, I bless their tender
little hearts &C Hugh Scott received a letter a few days ago
from home Mrs Neill John White and families are well
Robert White and partner is well James Burnside
is got a strong as an Ox in the plough I had a letter
from Jane Burnside since she went to Charleston
and her and her sister is well I had a letter from
Jonathan Smith and he is well and received a
letter from his father a short time ince [since?] Wm
[William?] Campbell is well Thomas Lidsey [Lindsay?] is well
Wm [William?] Ramsey is well Joseph is well
let Thomas McFadden know that John Came
in to Philada [Philadelphia?] to see me and he toock [took?]
out his sisters and brother and all the family with him
and the [they?] are all well I received a letter from Ireland
for him and forwarded to him, he has done well and I am his
banker Peggy Todd stops with us let me know if he named his
son after me if I have forgotten to mention eny [any?] of
my friends their friends must forgive me
exuse [excuse?] my scrall [scrawl?] as we ar [are?] just
in at dinner and the Packet is just moaving of [moving off?]
the river is clear and we are very throng [sic] at buisness [business?]
we have 15 ships in por [port?] now under our Charge Give my
love to aged Grandfather and to all her to all my sisters and
brothers and al [all?] friends and to Misses Scott tell
her to send me a leter and for gods sake give my blessing to
the dear affectionate Son with respect
Robt [Robert?] W Smith