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Title: O Bouligny, New Orleans, To Mrs A. W. Smyth, New York.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBouligny, Octavie/68
SenderBouligny, Octavie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientSmyth, Nato
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceBrendan O'Reilly, O'Reilly's Bar and Restaurant, Main St. Dromara.
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TranscriptN.O. [New Orleans?] 25 Sep 91

Ma fille cherie,
J'ai recu ton
postal du 20 et ta lettre du 21. Le
voila installee a N.Y. [New York?] J'espere que
tu ne souffris pas de la chaleur ;
quoique le thermometre marque 76 ; ce qui
est beaucoup, pour le nord. Les jumelles
sont arrives, hier ; Alicia a bien
supporte la route ; enfin les voila arrives
au port ; je voudrais bien en dire,
autant de toi ! Albert est arrive ce
matin ; Arthe et moi nous etions sur
la [galerie?] en haut, il est venu nous
dire bonjour, et apres avoir echange
quelque mots ; il est reparti ; il
parait en bonne sante. J'espere, que
les articles a N.Y. feront justice
a ma chere petite fille, et que nous
aurons un bon postal d'elle. On annonce
le marriage de Celeste [Stauffer,?] avec
un Monsieur [Agas,?] c'est un homme
d'une cinquaintaine d'annees ; on le
dit [riene?] Albert Maginnis epouse la
Le [conse?] fille de Mde Debuys; l'aimee
Le mari a un americain dont
j'ai oublie le nom, voila les nouvelles,
pour aujourd'hui ! J'attends avec
impatience une lettre de toi, qui me
parle de ton retour, je n'ai pas encore
trouve de domestique. Je regarderai, sur
la gazette, Dimanche ; peut-etre, qu'il
y aura un avertissement, que j'aurra
te convenir. Au revoir, ma cherie,
embrasse ma petite fille pour moi.
Je t'embrasse de tout coeur, ta mere,
O. [Olivier?] Bouligny

N.O. [New Orleans?] 25th Sept 91

My Dear Daughter,
I received your postcard from the 20th and the letter from the
21st. There it was sitting at New York; I hope that
you did not suffer too much from the heat; what
with the thermometer registering 76 degrees ; that is
warm for the North. The twins came yesterday ; Alicia
... until finally there they arrived
in port. I would like to talk to you about it
so much ! Albert came this
morning, Arthe and I were
[upstairs in the gallery?] ; he came over to
say hello, and after having exchanged
a few words ; he left ; he
seemed to be in good health. I hope that
the articles at N.Y will bring about justice
for my dear little daughter, and that we
will get a nice letter from you. I can declare
the marriage of Celeste [Stauffer,?] to
a Mister [Agas?] ; he is a man in his fifties, ...
...Albert Maginnis is marrying the
eldest daughter of Madame [Debuys;?]
...whose name I have forgotten, that's the news
for today ! I wait impatiently for a letter from you, informing me of your return. I still have not
found a domestic servant ; I will look ; in
the news-sheet on Sunday ; perhaps there
will be an advertisement which will be
suitable. Goodbye, dearest ;
embrace my little daughter for me.
I kiss you with all my heart, your Mother,
O. [Olivier?] Bouligny