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Title: [Artie Smyth?], Co. Tyrone To. Mrs A.W. Smyth, New Orleans
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth Hay, Arthemise/15
SenderSmyth Hay, Arthemise
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginDunnamanagh, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationNew Orleans, Lousiana, USA
RecipientBouligny Smyth, Nathalie
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained By Brendan O'Reilly, O'Reilly's Bar &Restaurant, Main St, Dromara
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Word Count908
TranscriptAddressed to
Mrs A.W. Smyth
C/O Mrs J.S. Wood
1225 Milan St
New Orleans La

My darling Mamma
I hope everything is going well with
you I expect you are in N.O. [New Orleans?] by now.
I hope the land is booming. I was just thinking
about that plan of mortgage which was to give us
œ250 a year. If you agree to that you had better
have the transaction passed through the hands of
some honest lawyer other than those interested
as they might slip out of your hand & some fine day
stop paying the interest of œ250 & you would find
they had gobbled up the land & capital. Yesterday
was the worst weather I remember in a long time -
it rained and stormed as if the world would come
to an end. I staid [stayed?] quietly in bed & got
up at 12.30. We had dinner at 2 - Annie cooked it
all beautifully, she stuffed the goose with bread
mixed with the blood & put nuts & all sorts of good
things in it, & I can tell you it was a dinner every
body licked their chops over. Mr Henderson seems a
very nice man - very clever, and D [David?], says he
preached a fine sermon. He had to leave on the 3 o'c
train so we did'nt have much time - However he says he
will come to see us again in the Summer. Mr Park
who preaches on Monday, is said to be a very fine
preacher. The weather has improved very much today
- but it is cold & looks as if it might snow - I
expect it will fortunately have settled by tomorrow
as the sun is coming out now - Ginger returned - he
did not like his Dunamanagh [Dunnamanagh?] boarding
house - I did'nt think for a moment that he would
stay there. I must tell you a good joke on David -
Mrs Easton wrote me a note to the church yesterday
asking us over to tea next Thursday - but David
thought it was for him, & opened it - When he came
home he through [threw?] it on the table for me to
read & says "hang her ignorance but shes [she's?]
getting sweet - thinks because I am a married man
she can send her love & sign herself very affec
[affectionately?] she never did that before." I
nearly had a fit laughing at him. He was so
surprised when I showed him it was addressed to
me. I don't know if I will accept the invitation
or not. I will consult with Papa first - I feel
fine & the new trap does not shake at all - so
I don't think I would feel any the worse for it
but I will do what ever the old man says - I
think all danger is passed; but I am just as
careful as ever - I think even if I wanted to do
anything imprudent it would be hard for me - as
David watches me like a hawk. I keep forgetting
to send old Fay's letter to you I will forward it
today if I remember when the post comes. We have
our dear little William James Harron back again
& he sits & bleathers [blethers?] away to the
girls as usual but it gives one time to write an
answer to letters. I see by the "Witness"
yesterday that Marcus Dill has been appointed
cheif [chief?] Moderater [moderator?] of the
Church of Scotland. The first time that an
Irishman has held the honour - He is minister
of Alloway - not Burn's alloway the paper says.
- I think David & I had better call on him when we are in Scotland - He might be glad to know his
relations. They brought in the cattle last night
for the first time & they were pretty wild - the
men were afraid of them; but David managed them &
chained them himself. I don't know how this place
ever got on without David he seems to be so necessary
for everything. Mr Joe Colhoun got down to his
breakfast at 7.30 this a.m. D. [David?] says
that if he wants to stay here he will have to
mend his ways - The Rabble [Raffle?] is Wed week &
Straban [Strabane?] Fair the Monday before. I
don't know what changes there will be. I don't
think Sarah is getting married. D. says there
is no such luck." She seems to be trying to
[improve?]; but needs watching & she keeps
Terrible fires going; She soon will have to
burn sinders [cinders?] & turf. Annie
is trying to do her best - she takes good care
of her little self but she is a good wee soul
& is very kind to me in every way. The old man
looks very white but is so cranky & ever -
especially where cleanliness is confirmed - he
won't eat fish or anything except those eggs -
Yesterday he enjoyed the stuffing of the goose -
his digestion seems to be very poor & he is
easily made sick. Old Mr. Smith is still
lingering & getting weaker. Ashmure Bond died
last week & also the Bishop of Derry's 2nd wife.
I seem to have written a vey long letter today.
David has gone to the manse & told me to send
you his love when he was leaving
Your loving little girl