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Title: Arthe [Hay?], Dunamanagh, to Mrs A.W. Smyth, New Orleans
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth Hay, Arthemise/20
SenderSmyth Hay, Arthemise
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginDunnamanagh, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationNew Orleans, Lousiana, USA
RecipientBouligny Smyth, Nathalie
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained By Brendan O'Reilly, Main Street. Dromara
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Word Count593
TranscriptMrs A.W. Smyth
1729 Coliseum Place
New Orleans La

Jan 23d 1912

My darling [Mamma?]
Your [3?] letters 8.9.10. Jan were received yesterday. Also the Pr of [Atty?] [Paper of Attorney?] The old man at once went upstairs to take a bath preparatory to going to Derry - It was a very cold day & it took him several hours to finsh his toilet so that he had to be fortified with a bottle of stout after he got through - he was the most half frozen & watery eyed object for the rest of the day - However he seems
alright today & is quite ready to go to Derry tomorrow or do anything which is asked of him. We had a slight fall of snow & a good frost last night - but this day is very bright & not cold - David did not go home for the day as he expected - He and Papa are for Derry tomorrow to sign
the Pr or Atty [Paper of Attorney?]I am so glad you are feeling better & that Dr. Pratt has given you some medicine. I am so glad Mr Wall is friendly to you. I think he is the best of the lot & if he only wins the
[Basin?] suit he will be an angel in disguise - I am not at all anxious to see D. succeed Cornelson - I don't think he would live long in that dreadful climate. The pay is very little when you consider the price of living & the terrible strain of the climate besides they say the congregation of the 1st ch [church?] are a trying lot & they certainly work their ministers to a death. However it is not for me to say [care?] about America anyhow - My ideas of happiness is to have a fine Dublin ch [church?] & spend my summers in Ardcame and be able to travel in Europe whenever it suits me - I am glad things will be settled up in Feb [February?] - This one day rich & next day poor is hard on the adjusting
powers & prevents settling down for any good object to make life worth living. I would rather be poor & know if I cut my garments to suit my cloth than have castles in Spain any day. I am very happy as I have all I want - If we get money it will ne nice, if not we can manage fine - I am very well indeed. I don't go out walking every day as the old man told me I was
over doing the exercise & that I took enough exercise in the house without going out in bad weather - at all events I feel splendid & the old man is very nice to me. Sometimes we have wee fights but generally the waters are smooth. D. [David?] spilt all his tea on the clean tablecloth at breakfast cutting up & he says I treat him so badly that he is going to get a divorce. He is in great form today & is racking his brain to get some good sermon to squash Dr. G at the next Evangelical meeting - D. says to tell you I eat six times a day & its no wonder I get indigestion - He teases me dreadfully but somehow I can't stay mad at him for long - He sends you his love- I got a beautiful letter from Mrs [Law---?]
I will answer her soon- This is all at present

Your cherished little girl