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Title: J. J. Bowen, Pennsylvania to George Graham, Co. Londonderry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBowen, John S/22
SenderBowen, John S.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationsolicitor
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPennsylvania, USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientGraham, George
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 3666/D/12: Deposited by Mr G. Mawhinney.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9102097
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptDear Sir, West Chester, Pennsylvania September 6th 1848

Mrs Annes Greenleaf, of this county (Chester
county), the daughter of Mrs Martha Stewart,
formerly Martha Charles, now living with her
daughter Annes, but formerly of the parish of Ballynascreen
in the county Londonderry in Ireland
[?] me to address you with a view to solicit
your kindly services in procuring proof of
her relationship to Andrew Ferguson; formerly
of the same vicinity. It appears that
a person named Andrew Ferguson recently
died in this county after having resided
here a number of years unknown to Mrs
Stewart or her friends. He was a man of considerable
age (about 70 to 75 years it is said)
from Ireland and it is believed from the
neighborhood of Cookstown, which is in an
adjoining county to Derry. Having left
some little property (amounting perhaps to
around £500 to £800) which in default of heirs
will escheat to the state. Circumstances, not
amounting the best proof, however, show very
strongly that he was a cousin of Mrs Martha
Charles. We desire therefore to prove -
1st that George Ferguson and Janette his
wife (formly Janette McCullough) residing
in the county of Londonderry in Ireland
had two children, born in wedlock, namely
Robert Ferguson and Martha Ferguson.
2nd that Robert Ferguson residing in the
same district was married to Isabella McCullough and
by her had issue two children namely, Thomas and
Andrew. That Thomas died unmarried and
without issue. That Andrew Ferguson, his brother,
resided in the neigborhood for some time and
then sailed to America stating the time
at which he sailed, his age, if he was unmarried
and all other circumstances of any importance
known about him, especially describing his person
and showing to what port in the United States
of America he sailed and whether he has
been heard from since, where he was, whether
he ever wrote that he was married &tc, &tc
3rd that Martha Ferguson the daughter of George
Ferguson & Janette McCullough, married Joseph Charles
and had by him in lawful wedlock four children
namely, Robert, Jane, John, and Martha.
4th that Robert Charles was married to - Hayburn,
and had - children, and died, naming

the time and place of his death or such [?]
matter as will show that he is not now living.
5th that Jane Charles died unmarried
showing time and place of her death if known.
6th that John Charles was married and had
children and died at such time & place as
can be shown
7th that Martha Charles resided in the same
vicinty and being unmarried sailed for America
showing when she sailed and her age at the time she sailed,
what port the ship was bound for, giving any
description of her person that is known, and
stating whether she has since been heard
from - where she was in this country - and
particularly if you can find any one now
in Ireland who knew her when there and has
seen her here.
8th add any additional testimony showing
the relationship of Martha Charles (now Martha
Stewart) to Andrew Ferguson, and any facts
showing that the Martha Stewart now in
Sailsbury [Salisbury?] township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
and Andrew Ferguson deceased, late of
Bradford township in the same county are
the same persons known formerly to have been
residents of your vicinity and related in the
manner described.
Among the means of proving these facts
you will at once see that living persons so
far as their knowledge goes are the best witnesses
The parish or church records and
registers will give probably the whole family
relationship - copies of these certified will
be important proof. The family bibles of
various members of the old family may be
found, containing the record of births marriages
and deaths, sworn copies of these will be useful.
The Ferguson family were of the Presbyterian
church, the Charles family probably Episcopalian
or Church of England. Perhaps some
members of the Charles family (or others connected)
may have the old Ferguson family bible or other
evidence of pedigree.
I suppose that at this distance and with the
limited information I have received that
much of direct importance has been omitted.
This you will readily supply from your intimate
acquaintance with the customs and
probably the old families of the country.

It is earnestly desired that you will give
all necessary attention to this matter and
send such proof and information generally
that you can procure as soon as possible.
The aged mother Mrs Martha Stewart and
her daughter Annes and her husband
are very excellent and deserving people, much
esteemed by those who know them and this
intestate property small as it is for it cannot
reach £1000 and the expenses will reduce
it - will be of great importance to them
in their present circumstances.
Should more certain testimony be required
or more regular certificates of proof we
will prepare the forms accompanied by
full directions and send them to you
in the meanwhile it is hoped that the
evidence you can send at once will be
sufficent to prevent a contest .
You will either communicate directly
with Mr Jacob Greenleaf, Black Horse
Post Office, Sailsbury [Salisbury?], Chester County, Penn
sylvannia [Pennsylvania?] or to yours very respectfully
John S. Bowen
West Cheter [West Chester?]
Geo [George?] Graham Esqr. Chester County
care of John Stevenson Esqr. Pennsylvania
Fort William [Fortwilliam?] America
near Tobermore
Parish of Ballynascreen

P.S. A letter from the daughter will accompany
this giving you additional information.
Will you please give your address as distinctly
as possible.