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Title: B Boyd, Charleston to John Boyd, Strabane.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBoyd, B/43
SenderBoyd, B
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCharleston, S. Carolina, USA
DestinationStrabane, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientBoyd, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1873/1: Copied by Permission of Miss S. Boyd, Lifford, Co. Donegal, Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8809159
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Mr John Boyd
Care of Mr [Sammy Gaston?]
Mercht [Merchant?]

Charleston Nov 18th 1808

Dear Brother

A note was inclosed [enclosed?] in a letter to Wm [William?] son
Robert Requesting me to Inform you what I know of your son John, I
now will relate to you in Truth all that I know concerning
him; in Aug 1806 he in part Loaded a large Ship bound for
[the?] Havanna and just as she was ready to sail a storm
came on which drove her [across?] the River to [Jasner?]
Island opposite to Charleston where she was so much Damag'd
[damaged?] that he could not proceed on his Voyage; he then
purchased a fine brig as Ever Sailed from Charleston and put
on Board of her all the Goods that was in the Damaged Ship
and purchased as much more as filled the Brig (so that Brig
and Cargo was all his own) and Employ'd [employed?] a
Captain to Navigate her also a Sufficient Number of Sailors,
and on the 29th Day of the Same Month Aug went on board
himself (contrary of my wishes the Season being Stormy) and
proceeded for the Havanna; Since which time I have never
heard of him, not of this Brig nor Crew, so that if he was
lost both Brig and all the Crew was lost also, as I wrote to
you before I had some faint hope that he had Changed his
Course and Gone to Africa for slaves; But seeing that he nor
the Brig nor any of the Crew is never yet heard of I am
afraid the whole of them Was lost. Brother this will be a
Melancholy [Relation?] to you but you and I must [submit?]
to providential events, one thing ought to Comfort you and I
that if he is gone there is hope in his Death, Therefore do
not grieve as those that have no hope; a fairer character in
a young man never left Charleston nor one more beloved by
the Most [Reputable?] Merchant of Charleston With Respect
to William [Austons?] tale it is a positive falsehood for
Neither him nor [Holmes?] failed; After John sailed for the
Havanna Their Correspondent in Balimore [Baltimore?] sent a
ship of Six Hundred ton to Mr Holmes to load and send to
Africa for Slaves which he did and this Ship Returned in the
Course of twelve Months with four hundred and fifty slaves
as Andrew Holmes [& co?] own property and the Sale of these
Slaves here would have amounted to one Hundred and Thirty
five Thousand Dollars which would have a profit to A. Holmes
& Co of Sixty Thousand Dollars; But A [Andrew?] Holmes died before the
ship arrived and she with her Cargo of slaves was Carried by
the Captain and Supercargo to Savanna executors have gone to
Savanna to Receive the Nett amount of the Sale of those
slaves but what they have [?] I know not this [Business?] is
not yet Settled as soon as it is settled Either myself or
Robert will inform you - as to John being in Wm [William?] [Auston's?]
Debt I believe it was the reverse -

Now my brother I have to give you another Melancholy
Relation Respecting my own little family, on the 28th Day of
Augt [August?] last my only Daughter Mary (wife of Wm [William?] Scott)
died in Child-bed of a premature birth, which has much
Distressed myself and her tender Mother for she was as Good
a Child as ever was born to parents, the Child (a boy) is
alive and Seems to thrive with its nurse [so?] brother let
not you and I grieve at what was God's will is concerning us
or ours, you and I will soon follow our children that have
Gone before us let us prepare for the Solemn Event which is
our [boundless?] Duty as well as our best Interest My
oldest Son John lives Still in the country is Doing well and
lives comfortably and has now two fine children, Robert
lives with me he is now writing to his father the State of
the present times [Disables?] him from making much for