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Title: Isabella Boyd, Cross, Ireland to "My dear sister", [?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBoyd, Isabella/50
SenderBoyd, Isabella
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCross, Ireland
Recipient Genderfemale
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TranscriptCross, Ireland, Dec. 21 1853.

My dear sister:

I received your kind letter and was very sorry to hear
of my brother Samuel's death, but as we are all getting aged
we cannot expect to be long in this world. I was glad to hear
that you were enjoying good health. We are all well at present,
thank God for his mercies. I have very good health, and can
yet walk to St. Johnstown and back, in the same day. I
am going to tell you a little of our affairs, and how we
are getting on. James has got married twelve months ago to
a Miss Rankin, of Dromore, near Raphoe. We are living very
comfortable, and are better off than ever you expect to hear.
We have plenty, and I am happy to be able to say that
the last of my days are the best. A privilege for which
I have a reason to render thanks to the Great Giver of all
good gifts. I have gotten up to Ballyholy in the course of
a month. They were all well the last time we heard from them.
George Pinkerton and Esther are doing well. They have a
fine family of three sons and two daughters. They have
opened a grocery and cloth shop in St. Johnstown, and are
doing very well in it. I have great reason to be thankful,
for I have reared a well doing family, both for themselves
and me. James is very much of the turn of my brother
Samuel, and I think it was not a bad one. I reared three,
and I never yet saw one of them coming in with a glass of
liquor on them. I would have been a deal more happy if
Isabella had lived. But them that the Lord has
allotted to come to me I feel very well satisfied with.
She is very good and kind to me.
If you were to come to the Church land now you would
not know it, is so much changed, and so well improved. We
used to have very poor land, but now we have excellent
crops, thanks be to Providence who gives us more than we
Robert McAdoo got his thigh bone broken, in summer,
but he is now getting better, and able to walk about a
little. I was speaking to some of his family last Sabbath,
and they told me that Mary McAdoo died about
three months ago. The old friends are scarce there, but
the young ones are plenty. I hope that you are happy, and
comfortable, and that you will not want friends.
The Rev'd John Canning is in his father's place, and
is very much liked and respected. His mother is living in
the County Derry with one of her sons, and sister with
another, and Thomas is away a missionary.
Give my compliments to Moses Latta and his wife, and
tell him that I remember him very well. I send my love to
all my friends there. You were a long time writing to me.
I hope you will write when you receive this, as I will be
expecting to hear from you.
No more at present, but remain your affectionate
sister to death,

Isabella Boyd is probably the grand daughter of 4 Mungo
(2) Latta, and the daughter of Mary, who married Mr. Boyd.