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Title: Eliza [Smyth?], Castledamph to “Dear Bro”
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Eliza Catherine/32
SenderSmyth, Eliza Catherine
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginCastledamph, Co, Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge
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Dec 13:1918

Dear Bro

Im sure you will be expecting a letter from home before this [well?] we were waiting every day to hear of you coming home when the war was ended I think we had three from. you since I last wrote sorry to hear of Leslie’s death no we had never heard of it I was thinking we would have both here when the war would end. How little we do know some times & Leslie in his grave 3 months .I'm surre [sure?] his Mother & Father & all will miss him and especially now as Christmas draws near. Some how one goes back & thinks over what is past & gone & in doing so I always think we miss enjoying the present Well we got your letter you

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wrote the day war was ended it came very quick you & John is all the one's can say the [they?] seen much Derry was something similar to what you wrote John had been home Sat & left Monday for the two train so when he got to Derry he wrote back & gave us a idea [sic] of what Derry was like. The first we had was the Church bell ringing Mr Sheldon went up all the way it was a very good thing as everybody knew what it meant as it was expected from Sat. nothing but bonfire & shots till 10 oclock one on the moat. I think it was Uncle Jame's [sic] boys & McKelveys went all the way up
but it was much easier than going to France. I was saying God did get some heart [hearty?] thanksgiving for once from everyone. Willie McKelvey had been home for 10 days left that morning at 6o'clock I

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would had a funeral card ere this
I'm sure you will see in Tyrone Constitution all the deaths as I
said before around Plumbridge is safe yet up by Cranagh whole families are affected and over by greencastle it is like a plague. Mother has a cold yest [yesterday?]& today one gets so feared [sic] that its better care in time One of our boys was not well so we kept him in bed and attended him as well as [possible?] but lest anything should happen we had the Dr see him he said what ever it was he had got the worst over temperature normal so Mick was glad to hear the news. Suppose you will wonder I never have mentioned the big election which is taking place tomorrow Cranagh is the
polling place from Castledamph up married women over 30 years old will vote tomorrow going to be

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a big day voting for two men one in jail & the other in bed suffering from flue [flu?] Sinn Feinn. is the whole go now I have a book I got from
one of our boys may be I'll send it to you. [the?] [title?] is Sinn Feinn or Parlimenterism [parliamentarism?] no wonder all the young people are Sinn Feiners when the [they?] hear & read such books I told him I was glad I know between right& wrong A priest posing as being God representative & then going in for such work how blind the Devil has the people. you wrote one of your letter [sic] on Halloweve [Halloween?] night Well its as
quiet now as another night around here of course we keep up the
eating part a bit yet I don’t believe the generation that is growing
up now has as much fun as we had at least we think so perhaps they [they?] think different

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sure he was thankfull [thankful?] when he heard the news likely he was the length of Belfast. Well your letter's got this length before the flu but sorry to say it is closing round us on every side we have all escaped so far unless Davies one's none are down yet Bella was laid up last Sunday
but the Dr said it was a common cold however she is in bed yet & yest [yesterday?] Davie had to take bed he has a sore throat & both side
[sides?] have pains I was down this evg [evening?] he looks very poorly
likely they will have the Dr [sic] opinion tomorrow if he isn't better.
One of the Beattie s. of Crosh had been in failing health all summer
So she got the flu & passed away last Sat age 20 year [sic] a fine looking girl she had been in Belfast the last four years 2 other were in bed when
she died I have not heard since but the [they?] must be improving or we

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There is a dance in Jamey Dennis(road side) tonight they are they [the?] only [one's?] [?] gives anything like this now & I remember we used to have
a house for every month Just as I think of it there was a social or dance in Orange Hall at Plum[Plumbridge?] & [?] Mary went down with Mrs Joe Duncan, Minnie Duncan & miss Mc,Cormack .the first dance she had for 12 year [sic] & only Andy John Campbell & Bob McKernan that used to be here
it has lost the joy or she has as I believe she would nt [not?] want to go to another nothing she says like what used to be here well Uncle Jamey & one has bought John Duncan’s farm [Eden?] they have been near loosing £50 some how they bought it in a Plumfair & gave John the

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£50 [then?] he was offered more or at least this was his story & they
could neither get the money or land for quite & [sic] while Houston has a mortgage on it I think about £300 I hear they are givng £550 land is valuable now. Albert Hamilton has sold his farm all going to live in Belfast so I think its hard to settle if ever [every?] one make a [move?]
from the old home. Some say his health isn’t [isn’t?] good & reports was going about his mind not being to [too?] strong. I mentioned in my last
letter about rumour of Tom getting married well it wont [won’t?] be for some time as she has gone to the Royal Victoria

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Hospital Belfast to nursing but I said if you have any though [thought?] of spending a while here come as soon as you can now when the war is over if you have cash enough to bring you over. Mother is failing perhaps a year may make changes & you would regret not coming although I am going to
give you a warning if you get here dont [don’t] expect her to agree with you in everything Its [It’s?] nearly impossible to put up with her sometimes she would not allow a girl to be kept this winter she goes to milk every night & the other Sunday night she fell in the byre & only I
was there don’t [don’t?] think [---?] she would got up she thinks.

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nobody has anything to do like what she used to have &c [etc?] & then the
kind of Aunt Tilda I am ever so much like her in my ways. the Scripture says to leave off contention before its [it’s?] meddled with good advice . I am giving you a hint as I know how hard it is to listen some times I
am doing more work than anyone around here. but as you say health & contentment are the main issues. We have still that card up in the
kitchen The beauty of the house is order. The blessing of the house is contentment. The glory of the house is hospitality & the Crown of the house is Godliness.

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Sat morning 10:30
The white flour has arrived we have got so used to the dark that we will be thinking it strange next thing will be an increase of sugar we have been getting 1/2 lb per head per week for quite & [a?] while & it took good watching to make one week reach the next. Amy [Amy?] is at home since 20 Nov the Model School closed owing to the flu but the Academy still kept open. Did you see Berties' name in the Const. also Maudie Duncan's -hoto [photo?] she is doing extra well. McCrenor [McCreanor?] is in, failing in appearance but the tongue goes as good as ever. Rufus is still able to go around and worry & rat as good as ever he could, he is 14 yrs quite a good age for a dog. John C. [Charles?] was home for a week with boils on his neck left last Wed. he has escaped the flu & quite a number who were in the [yard?] has died.


Transcribed by Gordon Drummond