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Title: L Smyth, Co Tyrone to J A Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Eliza Catherine/34
SenderSmyth, Eliza Catherine
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginCastledamph, Co, Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth
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Transcript[Front of envelope]

Mr J A Smyth
Essex Co

FE 15

[Back of envelope]
FE 15

FE 27 05
Feby 14th, 1905

Dear Brother
After a very long delay I will
try and write you some today Mary has got
to do so much running she has hardly any
time during the day to write its now
eleven oclock: and so she has started to
Lisnacraigh [Lisnacreaght?] and going down to Plumbridge
to pay the Dr [Doctor?] so I expect it will be
might [night?] ere[?] she come [comes?] here. Yest
[yesterday?] she was at Stewarts came
home at 2 oclock to attend a singing
class came home again and at [6 30?] Tom
John Wm [William?] and her went to a
meeting in John Mc Farland's a young girl
preacher Miss Palmer and doing good work
lots of young men are leading a better
life and John Chas [Charles?] has changed all for
the better. Well I suppose Mary told you
about my illness I have got to be around
again but not better I could hardly
describe the pain that is constant
[constantly?] troubling me. the Dr
thought I would get alright
without an operation but it does'nt seem
that way yet it will soon be a year
since it started first I though [thought?]
I had overreached my arm and stressed
myself it was not so sore before as it is
now. I got the cold and I suppose that was
the reason I was so ill.
We had a letter from you some time last
week and I may say we all think you are
doing well at speaking and in getting the
money, you have quite a good penny now
that $10 should bring you home and you wont
miss it I suppose you are saving now that
you have not Mary I have told her she should
thought shame to spend so much money as
what she done I had a letter from Annie
she said Bell told her you had done well
at speaking in Woodslee. she also mentioned
your raise in salary and that you had got
to be so fat Case [Cassie?] had not been well I
suppose she is improving again
Mary was writing to Bell the day of mothers auction
so she said to let you know we had got the
farm at £380 what say you to that.
Jamey Gilkie was against Tom bidding. We
have to borrow the money but I suppose he
will make it pay grazing is nearly all it
is fit for.
Matthew and Ellen is
for Australia and Sara J is going to
live with Tilda Anne nothing but changes
around here.
We had quite a lot of deaths
around this place during the winter I
think you did not understand who that Jas
A Smyth (sic) he is a son of John Smyth of
Litterbralt [Letterbrat?] the youngest one.
The Duncans has got Willie John's
money we hear he had £3 per week. I can
hardly think it is possible he is gone.
We had Uncle Chas [Charles?] and Aunt over Sunday
week also Bella Davie and Madge and John
Gilkison gave in he was down for the day
Madge can say a few words pup and she
calls Annie Anty [Auntie?] I was down for a week
brought her up with me we had some fun
with her and a little dog that Mary has
got, she has a great liking for Father.
Davie has not been very well his
constitution is run
down he was with the Dr two weeks ago
at both side [sides?] of the neck the glands
became enlarged about the size of an
egg one side was worse than the other
he is taking cod liver oil and a tonic
for the stomach and plenty of eggs and
good meat so he will soon improve again
Mary forgot to tell you to send on the
papers again we certainly get them every
week and enjoy reading them we saw your
name for the raise two was for you and
two against its still the way saw an
account of a burning Mary said she knew
the place. alright
We had Liza Houston here today so Mary
read your last letter to her she pray [prays?]
that you will come out the best Smyth
of the name Tom Wm [William?] and John
were glad to hear how well you spoke
but the [they?] laughed first time you
mentioned going into parliament I was
saying it was the only laugh we had in
all your letter.
We are going to build new byres (so
give your views) at least they are
talking about it as we are for having
more cows and calves about her [here?]
if we had the money we would need another
wing to the house as we have not room
enough they are talking about putting
back the shade and such lots of changes
as we could make now that we have got
Matthews land we could make lots of
improvements if time and money could be
got as easy as to talk of it. any way [anyway?]
we are going to put up a scullery and
open a back door and have the water come in
if we get the byres up we will have
the one under the barn for potatoes and
turnips cutter etc. and if times
prosperous well. I was saying we could
have a boiler and do all the boiling
out there. another thing I see we would need a
road from the upper gate in
by the barn but perhaps you may be here
long before anything is touched.
Father is rooting all the trees
where the old road used to be at the
head of the garden he has a very sore foot
at present broken chilblain or bunion
Mother is just as well as ever. William
is done ploughing at Stewarts today they
will have to plough some of Matthews but
not very much
John is working at Andy
Ballantines this last while Andy is making
the dwelling house larger I believe by
(Mrs Davis) his sister advice she came up
yest [yesterday?] again
I suppose every one [everyone?] thinks you are loosing [losing?]
your time teaching school Andy Ballantine
says the same. but I suppose you will make
a jump yet Liza Houston said you may be
president yet - hear hear Mary and I
laughed at such fun.
If you get much higher
I suppose we made [may?] bid you fare well [farewell?] in this
world as its not likely you would own any
of us so we may pray you to be kept where you
are for fear of such happenings
Willie John Hay was in the other night so Mary and he
danced not for the style it was done
but for old times sake.
Oh I nearly forgot to tell you Mary Scott
(Mrs McInerney) is no more, And last
Thursday in Gortin she came up from Derry
about two weeks ago as she was in consumption
but her father would'nt allow her in so she
stayed with Willie George the brother but her
time was short she was outside talking to
some one [someone?] about an hour before she died she
leaves a baby 8 months old she had that
thing around her neck that the Catholic [Catholics?]
wear I cant name it right Willie George's wife
wanted to burn it but some other woman was
there and would'nt allow it
so when her husband arrived it was the first
thing he asked if it was still on
The funeral was on Saturday hearse to Newtown [Newtownstewart?] and by rail
to Derry about 100 Policemen and District
Inspector met him at the station so I suppose
the priest said mass for her I am sure her
Father was sorry to see her remains being
removed so far from her Mother. Rev
Willoughby[?] went to see her in Gortin Master
James and Bob Campbell were here just the
night that she did [died?] but at that time we did
not know so the talk came round about her
Master James asked if we knew where she was
before she came to Gortin well we never heard
I forgot where he said but anyway he said it
was not for her good deeds she was sent there
Bob Campbell said it was a pity of the poor
devil that got her no one [no-one?] asked them what the [they?]
meant but every one [everyone?] had their own notions.
Do you remember the night she was here before
you left her and Saidie [Sadie?] Saide [Sadie?] has gone to
America last Sept I wonder did Mary tell you
about Mary Nicholas being dead she was
married to a McNamee from Newtownstewart
but were living in Omagh she had typhoid
fever did'nt last very long. I suppose that
is the first of John Nicholas family gone
the funeral came to Plumbridge James Jack
had another young son born last Friday but
it was dead John C made the coffin I am
sure it was the first ever he made or ever
I saw
Jas [James?] Campbell was in the day of Matthew [Matthew's?]
auction he pretends he is uneasy to hear
how you are doing but if he cares as little
for you as he does for Mary its not of
much account he calls her all sorts of names
she is so big Madge was here so he said
she was very wee for her age so Mary told
him that surely she pleased him being so
small. I think Matthew's corn stack and hay
pikes fooled all that got them James got a
stack they took it away yest [yesterday?]
two small load [loads?] for £1 17s 6d I am sure
Matthew will get hot ears from Jame [James?] when he
saw his bargin [bargain?] Matthew had everything
built for sale. he has one cow & horse
now that (sic) all he has got I will close now
hoping to not be so long in writing again


Transcribed by Greg Floyd