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Title: Liza Smyth, Co Tyrone to James A Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Eliza Catherine/44
SenderSmyth, Eliza Catherine
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginCastledamph, Co, Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth,
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Transcript[Front of Envelope]

Mr James A Smyth

SP 9

[Written on Envelope]
[Si the one?]
Hattie Burdocks
Grace Hall

[Back of Envelope]
SE 9

SP 19

[Page 1]
Sept 8th 1904
Dear Brother
I suppose by this time
you have taken up school again while we
have Mary here in all [sic] splendour
I suppose she told you about John and
I meeting her in Derry. We had been
down from 10 o'clock we went to the
Allan Line office so we were informed
that Mary had arrived the night before
at 15 to 10. oclock we came back to the
station and saw her trunks there John
stayed there while I went over to
where Annie McKelvey was and her
and I walked the city we enquired
of a few hotels but they said the
Lodgers were all out we came back
to the station as we were thinking
she would be going up in the
11. oclock train I am sure Annie

[Page 2]

& I were not sitting 10 minute [sic] when
Annie looked and saw a girl she asked me
if I knew her well I said thats Mary
(she was standing at the Book stall
looking at some books. with a young
gentleman from Belfast) I went
down & touched her on the arm she
was surprised she drew back before
she spoke. she did'nt expect us. I
suppose. well I tell you this I was
as much surprised as her I only
knew the back of her head. quit [quite?]
a change all for the better she
has a better figure and her voice
has changed I was just thinking
what a change in three years I could
hardly beleive [believe?] it was her
was talking to us atall [at all?]
John C [Charles?] came up so it was
easier for him to know her. when he
saw her

[Page 3]

One of the Scotts (A McKelvey [sic] cousin)
was for New York as the train came
in as we were standing we went
round the city and Annie went to
see her cousin off. then we went
on the street car to the Asylum to
see Mr Jamey Gordon the street
car had two horses in so Mary
wanted to see what it was like
it was dinner hour with Jamey
and we had to wait a while we
were expecting to take the 2.oclock
train but when Jamey talked a while
he said we would be to [too?] late
and invited us out to his residence
for tea we were thinking of going
to see Archie Duncan. but we
did'nt have time Jamey asked
for you [sic] second word he is still
the same he said Mary had improved
we left Derry at 15 to four I think

[Page 4]

when we got to Strabane I told Mary
to look if she could see Bella
Campbell on the platform and there
she was coming to NewtownStewart
she saw John and he called to her
that Mary was further up so she
was looking for us. Well we had
quite a whiles [while?] talking
to Newtown [Newtownstewart?]
Bella's folk has [sic] disowned her
since she started with the dippers
so everyone has trouble of their
own we got started from Newtown
[Newtownstewart?] Bella Mary and
I on one side of the car and John
and the trunks packed up on the other
quite a load John walked a good deal
& Mary drove the horse. we did'nt like to
have Bella walk as she was
only coming to Corrick [Corickmore?]

[Page 5]

it was near dark as we got to
Plum B. [Plumbridge?] only the
Houston [Huston?] girls saw
us that we knew we got home at
8.10 oclock Bella & Madge was
up from dinner time Andy McClelland
was in and McCrenor came in as
we had got the first hurry over.
Davie came next so that was all
the [they?] all stayed to 1 oclock
we wanted Davie to remain all night
but he said the next day was Sunday
and he would go home & get dressed
the next day & come back so Bella
went and we kept Madge but we
had not much time to sleep
Andy J came in going to church
also Bob McKernan Andy Campbell
and John Campbell . Andy J asked
Mary how was the Master well
she had to ask him who he meant
James he says. they all think

[Page 6]

the while away has made a
different girl of her.
Sunday evg [evening?] Willie John came
over. Jamey Gilkie [Gilky?]
and Tommy Houston [Huston?]. Tuesday she
wrote and went down to post a
letter to you and a couple of books
I gave her for uncle. Barbara McKernan
(now Mrs Jackson) and her
sister Kate were in Gilkies so Mary
stayed rather longer than she
had intended to and Jane Ballantine
Mary Reid was [sic] to see her and
next was Joe Gilkie and Catherine.
William Noble Jamey Ballantine
Mosey. and Bob Campbell she
could hardly recognise Jamey
Ballantine he has got [sic] so changed
We had a few dances a [and?] Mary
and John played on the violins
Home Home sweet Home and a

[Page 7]

few others they thought the pictures
of you and Mary were beautiful
she had a picture of the ship
We had Madge up all the time but
she was not like the child she used
to be atall [at all?] rather cross
afraid of Mary and John no one could
keep her like Father on Tuesday morning
the [they?] were going down to Davies
to cut corn as Tommy harnessed one of
the young horses and Mary and I
and Madge went down we kept
Tom behind and left him at [Stewarts?]
as he was going to spread flax in
C. McCullaghs Mary will likely
tell you what she thinks of Davies
place. Yes’t [Yesterday?] Wednesday our
men were so busy taking sheep and cows to
the fair we had to get Davie to

[Page 8]

drive us Bella did'nt go as Madge
is all covered with hives. so we
thought better not take her when
she was not in good humor
Aunt likes Mary [sic] appearance well
we had a walk out the length
of the new chaple [chapel?] had a shake
hands with a few young men. Bob Dunne
Sam Dunne. W J Beattie a lot of local
boys. Mr George Russell is working
at the New Creamery so we saw him
and went into to (sic) see the creamery
coming home. Mr Beattie said he would
come up from Plumb [Plumbridge?] this
evg [evening?] and G Russell is coming
Sunday every one is glad to see her home
again Robert McKelvey told me
yest’ [yesterday?] to hide as I was
like a (droleen) [droileen?]
beside her. Well she has
got all out of her trunk today

[Page 9]

and what shirts you sent is worth
£1 to these boys besides the collars
William wears one every day so they
are all useful John had on one of
your suits Sunday and he looked
smart as his own is rather large
for him. he only wore it at home
perhaps you would [sic] thought he
wore it to church if I had not looked
back at what I said I have saw
Mary's white dress and its lovely
She has got more to wear nor half
the women in this town no wonder
you have not much money when
you kept her and yourself going
in every way Aunt was asking
her if she thought the house small
when she come and if we had
made any changes since she [left?]

[Page 10]

Mary will tell you what Lizzie
is like they say she wrote to
you last and sent some of her
work done at school. Liza Houston
[Huston?] was over to see her Tuesday
but we were down at Lisnacraigh
[Lisnacreaght?] so her and Mary is
coming over some of these nights.
W J Beattie has just come in we got
an invitation to go down there John
& I some time ago. so we waited
and now Mary has got to go too.
There is going to be a Ball in Gortin
Hall on Sept 23 for the telegraph
Mary will likely be over and
perhap’s some others of us. I must
close now Mary has cleaned upstairs
today, and done a few more things
Mary was going to write but wont
now so good bye

Transcribed by Julie Simms / Alan Houston