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Title: Liza Smyth, Castledamph to Mary Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Eliza Catherine/54
SenderSmyth, Eliza Catherine
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginCastledamph, Co, Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, Mary
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
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TranscriptFront of envelope

Miss Mary Smyth
South Woodslee
Essex Co

[10 0?]
DE 12

[10 15?]
DE [13?]

15 Dec

Back of envelope

DE 12

DE 15

DE 2[?]

Wed Dec 11th 01

Dear Mary
Rec. [Received?] your letter today so I
will answer tonight I will start
with the wedding morn [morning?]. Some how
[Somehow?] Bella Sara & I slept to seven ocl
[oclock?] when the old clock struck seven
we made a rush didn't think
it could be so far on they never
called to us that morning or we
would have come out a little early
Well we hurried as well as possible
got all done about 9 Wm [William?] was
calling for me to make ready
as he had to drive down & up
I didn't go to I could not help
as I wanted to see how every
thing was going here Jane [Orr?]
Andy McC Miss Cole Miss [Ashfield?]
Tilda & Jamey were in before I left
Wm [William?] drove pretty sharp down the
far side When I got there all
others were before me I was last
Give you the name of his party
& how we sat at the table I was
at the head to my right Sarah Dunbar
Davie Tommy J R Smyth D Dunbar
To my left Mrs Dunbar Maggie
Mrs John Houston & Son next John
Mary Ann & Wee James made the
breakfast When it was over we
got ready for we were a little
behind [time?] I got Davie by the
arm out to the cars & off we went
driving with all their might
such shooting going through the
Plum [Plumbridge?] the Day was a
little wet during the earlie [early?]
part but cleared up when [Davie?] got
the cermony [ceremony?] over
I was so much put about I could
not say who was in when we
went in but there was a timlele [timely?]
crowd about Mr Stein prayed
& then called them up they stood
it well I only had to stand there
& look on James & Sandy had to
write their names When it was
over Mr Stein shook hands &
gave a smile whishing [wishing?] them
happiness Willie [red?] Houston Tom Barker
John McGurk was up in the wee seat so
they had a view of all We came
out all over Minnie Duncan & Campbell
threw some rice Now we started
for the Drive down to Killymon [Killyman?]
Bridge & round by Gortin I will
tell you how the [they?] were seated on the
cars 1st car Bride & Groom Tilda
& Wee James (C Harvey driver) 2nd car
Sandy & I Tom & Sara Dunbar Wm [William?] driver
3rd car J R Smyth & wife & Mr & Mrs
John Houston & Son Jim Orr driver
4th car Andy Mc, Lizzie McKernan
Sara Duncan & Bob McKernan driver
Jamey Orr 5 car Tommy H & Maggie
Dunbar Mr & Mrs Dunbar driver F
McGourk 6 car John C Lizzie McC
George & Miss Ashfield driver W G [Scott?]
7 trap Willie D Bella M K Moses
B 8 car Willie Ballantine Jamey
Robert J Hay Jane Ballantine Driver
from Barness 9 cars (sic) John G Miss Cole
Jamey G & Maggie McKeown Driver
Joe McKelvey 10 car Miss Dunn &
Uncle Charlie Constable Willie &
Maggie Jane Hay Driver R Scott
Now you can count the folk
you will see we had a large
gathering folk at home were Aunt
Beck Aunt Liza Uncle J Mr Mrs McCullagh
Liza Houston & Mary Lizzie
Hay Willie J Father & Mother
Well Mary we enjoyed a nice drive
the day broke out Lovely Going up
Railing bray all men were off
I was looking back & it reminded
me of the Picnic you would think
the half of them would never get
room I was wishing you could
see them I hear there was 41 shots
fired in Plum B [Plumbridge?] Ladysmith
seemed taken Sandy said it
was like the Boer War. You can
imagine the drive better than I can
describe it Wm [William?] Reid went to the
Meeting House & saw them married
first in his life in the Pres [Presbyterian?]
[by soula?] its nothing beside the Church he &
Andy McKelvey Tom McFarland was at Wm [William?]
Orr when we came back they came on up Wm [William?]
& Uncle G had some fun you could hear Wm [William?]
miles Uncle passed Miss Dunn for
his wife Wm [William?] said she had got fat
& Uncle replied it was with the good
breakfast she had got I hear Wm [William?] said at
P.B. [Plumbridge?] that Davie would have a wain
[wee one?] before Paddy had & it would be a female
man child for he knew I believe they had sport with
Wm [William?] Now I must go on with the Wedding We
got home about 15 to four such a bustle & hurry untill
[until?] dinner was over I closed your letter about 20
min after we came in & sent W J [Willie John?] to post
it We cleared the tables out lifted the oilcloth then
dancing commenced Songs were Sung by Jas [James?] Houston
Wm [William?] Uncle Chas [Charles?] Maggie Lizzie S. and
M. Dunbar also the Bride gave a help
Some recitations by Jas [James?] Houston
& old Davy D Well we had a splendid night I beleive
[believe?] every one [everyone?]
was well pleased especially Miss
Cole & Miss [A?] Tilda told me today
she gave you an accont [account?] of who
every one [everyone?] was with so I need not
go into it I just run from one place
to another I spent a little while
with Tommy he was asking me when
would I go to stay a few days in
Lenigh [Lenagh?] some fun with him yet
Wee James & Sandy also Uncl [Uncle?] Chas
[Charles?] done their part well I never
thought [there?] was so much fun in Wee James
Uncle Chas [Charles?] was real (sic) we had some
games Making Mason created some
Laughter Miss Cole Lizzie M C Andy
Mc & John C were the ones (sic) stood up
I tell you Uncle James (heavenly
wains) what more do you want
me to do) he put them in kinks
such a while Andy Mc could do
nothing but laugh all the time
It was all very good but the
morning was approaching I
knew it would be a trial & I will
miss her badly I realize the want
of some one [someone?] these last
two night (sic) it seem (sic) hard
enough in such a short time Their [There?]
was some tears fell about 5.30 that is the time
the start was made Mary Anne took me to bid
good bye [goodbye?] to them I went the length
of the gate it was dark so one hardly knew the other
5 cars left together Willie D & Wm [William?] went
with theirs Tilda came back also Constable Willie &
Andy Mc was in Jane Orr old Moses Jamey & Mosey all
stayed to 8 ocl [o'clock?] trying to cheer up as well
as possible When they left Sara went to bed
John C Tom Willie J & Wm [William?] & William
went when they came back so we were left alone I sat
up all day Father & Mother went in the evg [evening?]
a little while Mary, Bella & Davie was up last night
Tuesday Andy Mc & Bob M K happened to [be?] in so we
had a chat over the big day & night now they are all
in bed but me & I have a great deal more to tell you
only time & paper wont allow If I could chat one hour
at the fire I would tell you heaps of news
but I must do as well as possible now
Good nigh [Goodnight?]


Written across top:

the men are thresing [threshing?] now
we will remember the year the machine
went up

Thursday morning

Before I go down to Lisnacreight
[Lisnacreaght?] I will finish this letter
I am going down to day [today?] for the first
time I would like to answer some of your letter
if my letter dont [don t?] be (sic) to [too?]
heavy that was a funny letter betwixt[?] laughing
& crying we got it read I missed half of it Tilda
was up with it so it was not so bad
Mrs Nelson say (sic) you would
make a good milliner thats [that s]
if you would care for it she
told me it was well paid
You need not be afraid of me
being married before you come
back for I expect we will be
together again without any
bother of looking about a
husband like Bella Well do
you know when I turned from
Bella & Davie on Tuesday night
I could have went any where [anywhere?]
before I came in to see me
all alone, at bedtime I think
it terrible no one to speak to
like what we used to do
But still we must keep up
I am sure we will have a
good laugh when I go down
to day [today?] betwixt[?] your
letter & Wm [William?] Reids [Reid s?]
saying I dont [don t?] know if I will
have much time for sewing we had a Doz
[dozen?] half made so I will have to finish
it No one comming [coming?] in yet I dont
[don t?] think J McK will come more. Sunday is
the showing one They are comming [coming?]
up here that day also Xmas do you
remember last Xmas day we little
knew what changes was in store for us


[Message written inside envelope]
We have snow & frost here
but not so cold as you

Transcribed by Alan Houston