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Title: L. C. Smyth, Co Tyrone to J. A. Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Eliza Catherine/100
SenderSmyth, Eliza Catherine
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginCastledamph, Co, Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
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Transcript[Front of envelope]

Mr James A Smyth
Essex Co.

[No Stamp]

[Handwritten above the address]
Ans Dec 27 98

[Back of envelope]

DE 8

DE 19

[Page 1]

December 8th 1898
Dear Brother
In answer to your letter
which we received on Monday 6th we are
glad to know you are still alive I think
you done [sic] right to put that letter which
you expressed your opinion into the waste
basket. William and Tommy has got what will
do them for now and for ever. I hope you
will soon banish it out of your head always
(Forgive and Forget all the trouble yous [sic]
met) Alex will get a hearing on his case
tomorrow some say he will have to pay the
full bail £10 perhaps it will settle him
also. I hear he has got some of the fortune
money from Sarah I may tell she has not went
[sic] over to Eden yet the Doctor was with
her a week after they were married some say
one thing

[Page 2]
some another We heard
that she took cramps and we heard that it
was the toothache but can't say what as their
[there?] are few has seen her since but the
rumor is bad enough if true. Barney [McGillion?]
farm was up for Auction on Tuesday week
Mickey Bradly [Bradley?] (Butcher) was highest
£321 Robert McFarland was against him but Mickey
was proclaimed the owner Robert Barnes's and
John Eden was for it in means it is for one of
Mickey's sons who is out in Canada somewhere
he will think it strange when he comes and
looks at the farm with not a house or
habitation you say you are thankful when
you look at the dark side of the picture that
you are not he're [here?] man dear always look
for the bright side I think I would always be
looking for that side anyway true you hear some

[Page 3]
tales which is not very plesant [pleasant?] but I
think it will end yet Their [There?] will be a
soiree in Castledamph School in about three week
[sic] if Rev Monteith gives in he was asked about
it yesterday but said he would consider it perhaps
he may say no so that will end a good nights fun
the floor and new windows is what is needed Their
[There?] will be another over in Drumleigh School
on the 22nd Dec I think Willie Gilkison and Tommy
is for going and likely John Chas [Charles?] as
he is in Gortin it wont be a long Jaunt William
is driving a traveller today for Willie Orr Tommy
is on the road acting the Scavenger Father is at
the new ditch they are making from the road up
Mary is cutting some turnips Bella is at a new
(Dozen) and Willie John is at school Mother is
rattling some pots and [pans?]

[Page 4]
I have gave you a full account of what we are
all doing to day [today?] We have three nice
wee rabbits two Black one's yellow one [sic]
Willie J [John?] helps to feed them six young
pigs 6 weeks old five calves six cows two horses
that is our stock for the winter. Both Willie
Houston's has got two young daughters some time
ago When Thomas Willie was asked what kind
the baby was he said it was not a riser
[Drucks?] anyway he was mad because it
was not a little boy There has been some snow
here a week ago John C [Charles?] had to get
stooping [stopping?] at home to [hunt?] he took
James Houston [sic] dogs with him But only got
one for the loss of his day it is raining every
day since such wet weather you would not get
in a day's walking John thought he would be

[Page 5]
alright when he would get away from home, but
he was like Barney he found a change he dose'nt
[does not?] think much long now Stop in every
night after he finishes up his day's work
[practicing?] some song also the fiddle You
never mention if you keep your fiddle in tune
I am afraid she gets more idle time now than
when she was in Ireland I think Andrew
Ballantine has stooped [stopped?] his courtship
with Alice I dont hear of him crossing the water
so often now I think he wanted to hear the folk
talk dosent [does not?] come to Gilkeys [Gilky?]
as often as he used to Matthew still

[Page 6]
continues their [there?] is not so many
arguments when Andy B [Ballentine?] and you are
absent for I think you and Andy were they [the?]
main spokes [spokesmen?] Tommy and William is out
every night (at the same old game) Dancing will
soon commence if the Soiree comes off I think Dan
will be the Musician at least the [they?] said he
would take no part if it would be like before.
One cold day Willie J [John?] said [stained]
did'nt know how Daniel knose [nose?] was for he
could not keep his clean he was thinking there
would be a good drop at Daniels Mother says she
will write some day so bad as this is you may
prepare for the hen's claws

[Page 7]
I think by the time you reach you will hardly
know Mary or John C [Charles?] or Willie John
Mary has grown to be a great big girl hardly
able to get in under the door as for me I think
I am standing the times well loosing [losing?]
nothing whatever I have gained I often think
I see you make us hold that mouth organ for
you then how you would scold us when ever it
would move. I suppose you have fun enough over
their [there?] I see you had a good night at
that swell party with the Darkey long before
you would see a Darkey in a swell or swamped
party here

[Page 8]
Bella is sending some News Paper's today James
Houston Brought over the Wittness [Witness?]
on Tuesday night Mary made out those six stone
fruits which you will see but I am afraid money
will not be got so easy Christmas is Drawing near
once more, I suppose you will get some holiday
at such a time now I think this would be a
very good time for you to visit your own auld
[old?] Irish home next year as there
is always some fun in the winter Remember the
bright side of the Picture Wishing you a merry
Xmas I remain the same as ever

Liza Catherine Smyth.

Transcribed by Greg Floyd