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Title: James A Smyth, Essex to “Dear Sister”,[Castledamph?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, James Alexander/24(2)A
SenderSmyth, James Alexander
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstudent
Sender ReligionProtestant (Methodist)
OriginEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientSmyth, Bella M.
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, Castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge
Doc. No.604093
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
Word Count584
Transcript[No envelope]

[Page 1]

Essex March 29th, 99

Dear Sister
I received your letter of
of [sic] 27th this week, and I am always
pleased to know that everybody is [sic]
in good health, I also, got a
letter and picture from Tommy
Hayes this week, it is a pretty
fair picture of him, he is in
uniform, You say you have
nice spring weather there, It
is different from here, as I
may say we have nothing but
mud. The softest field in the
neighbourhood there, is harder
and better to walk on, than the best road
here at present.

[Page 2]
You have no idea what a bad road
is like. I went down to my Uncles [Uncle’s?]
last saturday and going from
the station to the house was
like going through a swamp.
I nearly lost my shoes several
times. they stick in the mud
and hold you there. This
is the condition of the roads
spring and fall.
You talk about parties, I
think I have said something
about this subject before,
anyhow there is not much
resemblance between one with
you and one here, unless they
are changed since I was

[Page 3]
there, of course, eight years
should make a change on
any country, However I don't
attend them all, There was
one on Friday night; a swell
one, but I did not get a bid
but it was a full dress and I
would not have gone on that
account. From this out [sic]
I must study four times as
hard as I have being [been?] doing
for fear I might fail next
July, so I won't attend no [any?]
more amusements
Patricks Day [sic] passed over
quietly here, it was our
Lyceum entertainment and

[Page 4] 4
as I was down for a violin solo
I played "Patricks day" as one
of the pieces. There were other
Irish pieces on the programme,
I suppose there was quite a time
in the Emerald isle during
the day and no doubt some
sore heads next day.
I see by your letter that
the people around there have not
quit making poetry yet - no
doubt it is a splendid piece
of composition and above
criticism from a literacy
point of view, I also notice
by your letter that John Gilkison
[Gilkinson?] has got a bycicle.
[bicycle?]. He should

[Page 5]
have plenty of amusement with
it, I often wish I could
afford to get one it would
give me exercise riding it.
Bycicles [Bicycles?] are very plentiful
here, nearly every boy and
girl has got one, I don't
know how the price ranges
there, but you can get a
pretty good one here for $50,
Yes, I will be something
like Archibald unless I take
more exercise I am broadening
out gradually but not getting
any higher I wish I weighed
about 50 lbs less, I would
feel much better. When you
hear of me coming [coming?] make new

[Page 6]
I think the boys could
find some better employment
than playing cards. They are
all right for an evenings
amussement [amusement?] but to
be always at them is not much
good. You would hardly ever see
men sitting down to play alone here
Usually at parties they are
played by both men & women
& boys and girls (except Methodists)
but the games are different
you would not know how to
play unless you learned
again. Your Brother
James A Smyth

[Written upside down at top of
first page]

I send you the illustrated
Saturday globe. You will get
plenty of reading & also
amuse yourself with the pictures.
JAS [James Alexander Smyth?]