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Title: Own [Owen?] Boyle, [Augusta?], Maine, to "Dear Mother"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBoyle, Own/49
SenderBoyle, Own
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationrailway worker
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Maine, USA
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceBritish Parliamentary Papers, X1, (122), p 132
ArchiveThe Main Library, The Queen's University of Belfast
Doc. No.9804823
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Word Count563
TranscriptAppendix to Minutes of Evidence Before Select Committee

Appendix X

Agusta [Augusta?] December the 13th 47 [1847?]

Dear Mother I Rite [write?] these fue [few?] Lines to you
hopeing [hoping?] To find you in good health As this Leaves
Me at preasent [present?] I thank god for it Dear mother we
were Foure [four?] weeks at say [sea?] and we got afone [a
fine?] passage God favoured Me i [I?] never was one Day sick
i [I?] thank god For it the very Night that I landed i [I?]
got sick and kept the Bed for two weekes [weeks?] and after
that i [I?] fell in to good imployment [employment?] At four
shilling per Day British Money Dear Mother my sister Elon
[Ellen?] was Imployed [employed?] the Day after we Laned
[landed?] in St. Jonhs [John's] New Brunwick [Brunswick?]
Dear Mother the day we landed my Sister Marget [Margret?]
left St. Jonhs [John's?] New Brunswick and went to Boston
wich [which?] i [I?] was very sorry that i [I?] did not Get to
see her my sister Elon [Ellen?] went after her To Boston and I
got no Acount [account?] from them since I parted her i [I?]
am working At preasent [present?] in the State of Maine on Real
Road [railroad?] the fate [rate?] of wages all this Summer
was four shilling [sic] per Day Brittish [British?] The
wages Dureing [during?] the winter is [sic] three shillings
per Day we have a great Dale [deal?] of Broken time here
frost and snow and wet weather. Dear Mother i [I?] am
getting along well here and getting good health i [I?] thank
God for it i [I?] have Bought a new Sueat [suit?] of Chloes
[clothes?] wich [which?] cost me a good [sic] of Monney
[money?] Clothing is ver [very?] dear hear [here?] flower
[flour?] hear [here?] œ1.10s. per Barrel and one hundred
and 96 lb to their [sic] Barrel Beefe [beef?] is œ2.4s.
shillings [sic] per Barrel Butter is 1s. shilling [sic] per
pound this is a good contry [country?] for strong Boded
[bodied?] men and very good pleace [place?] for girls good
smart girls have 6s. shilling [sic] per week and their Board
i [I?] am sorry that patrick boyle [Patrick Boyle?] And Elon
[Ellen?] Boyle Did not come out here along with Me here Let
Me Now [know?] how my uncle patrick [Patrick?] Boyle is and
fameley [family?] and James Boyle and famely [family?] Let
me Now [know?] how Martin Boyle and famely [family?] is Let
me know how Domnick [Dominic?] Boyle is Let me know thomas
Nechloson [Thomas Nicholson?] is [sic] and All inquiring
frends [friends?] in Gennelal [general?] i [I?] send my
Best Respects to Revd William geffcott [Geffcott?] And
fammely [family?] so I have No more to say But I Remain
youre [your?] Afecnate [affectionate?] Son own [Owen?]
Boyle Let me know how william Nechloson [William Nicholson?]
and famely [family?] is Mark Currid and his Brother James
is working Along with me and the [they?] are in good health
and Doeing [doing?] well Let Bryan [Brian?] Mig Lone
[McGlone?] know if he comes out at may [May?] Let him Rite
[write?] to hus [us?] Let James hennery [Henry?] know if
he is there Let him Rite [write?] to me as quick as possible
and i [I?] will send him some help As as [sic] he Rite
[writes?] to me James Curred [sic]. Direct your Letter
to Agusta [Augusta?] State of Maine One [Owen?] Boyle.