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Title: Richard Breathwaite, Canada, to Parents, Lisburn, Co Antrim
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBreathwaite, Richard/43
SenderBreathwaite, Richard
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCannington, Ontario, Canada
DestinationLisburn, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceT 1362/1: Copied by Permission of W. Breathwaite, Esq., Tullynacross, Lambeg, Lisburn, Co Antrim. #TYPE EMG Richard Breathwaite, Cannington, Ontario, Canada to his Parents Lisburn, Co Antrim, 1849.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8906001
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Doc. TypeEMG
Log31:07:1989 LT created 14:05:1991 OT input 20:05:19
Word Count1144
TranscriptCanington [Cannington?] October 1st 1849

Dear Father and Mother
I now take this opportunity of writing these few Lines to you
to Let you know that we are all in Good Health at present thank
God for it Hoping to find you all in the same I wrote to you and
Joseph Morrison in April Last and Has received no answer yet
and whether mine or yours has gone astray, i Know not perhaps you
Have not Directed yours right and Has went to some other place there was
one sent to Edward Will[I?]s and there Has Been time for an Answer from
Him too But you must write when you Get this and I will Be Expecting
an answer in 6 weeks from the Date of this and there will be time Enough
to write in that as you will Get this in about 18 days after Date the market is Expected to Be low this season in this Country as they are Low in England at present the place where we are Living now is ten miles from where we Left and it is in the township of Brock and it is Exactly 36 miles
from James Harrisons it is a Lively place there is [T?]rent mill and saw mill and Distilery [distillery?] and 4 merchants shops and two schoolhouses at the place and the English Church is one mile and a Half from it I Gave
25 for 1/2 an Acre and there Has Been 24 [Lots?] Laid out this summer
44 1/4 acres Each in this and there is from 20 to 30 asked for them But the land is Forever in this Country and there is mostly 2 or 3 years to pay for it and some of it 10 years such as Government Land or Canada Company Land or Clergy reserve Land this part of the Country is filling up fast the first settler Came into this township in 1820 when it was all wild woods and not one tree I hoped But what was Cut Down By the Beavers and it is the richest township there is to Be found so far Back from Navigation this part of it is 36 miles from market But they will Go one Day and Come Back the Next Some will Go and Come in the same Day in the winter as there is one
Delay in selling their Land when the [they?] Go to market But take it off
their sleigh or Waggon there was Great Fun in montreal in april Last on
account of some Bills that was Brought into parliament and passed more
[p?] the Bill of Indemnity for to pay the rebels losse[s?] at the time of
the rebellion in the year 1837 and 8 [1838?] at the time the Governor Gave
the royal assent to the Bill the mob Entered the House and tumbled the
speaker out of the Chair and Drove them all out while one part pelted
the Governor all the way Home with rotten Eggs the other part set the
House on fire and Burned it to the Ground and all that was in it only the
Queens Likeness when the Fire Brigade was Called out the mob would not
Let them work their Engines to put out the fire and Before they [the?]
military Could Be Got the [parlement?] parliament Houses was so far Gone
that they Could not Be saved the Library was Burned and mostly all the Bills furniture and Every thing that was in house I wish you would Get some one to send me a paper once a month or so and i would send one in return as I Get one myself now I Could send any Kind of a paper you liked Best
as there 6 or 7 Different Kinds Comes to this place once and twice a week
this is the Greatest Cuntry [country?] in the wourld [world?] for
newspapers and Irish papers is most thought off here you might Get
Henry mussen to send one and I would send one to Him once a month or
oftener if He wished to send one there no Less than 8 Different papers
published in toronto and mostly all villages in the Country turns out
one of some Kind or other Either Religious or political If you send
and Direct via Hallifax [Halifax?] and then there is no postage as they
will not Come through the states But we are Going to Have the postage
Lowered in this Country it is very High at present the postage on a Letter
to montreal is Higher than from Here to Ireland But it is to Be at the rate
of 3d per Letter all over the Country and at the of 7 cents additional Going through the states you must send us word How James Gilliland and Margaret Neil Gets on and all the news in the Country and How tommy lans family is Getting on and tell us the reason why mary Jane never wrote as she promised to Do and send us word if there is any word From James yet I Do not think He will stop Long in new Orleans as it is not a Healthy County the Cholera had been very Bad in this Country But It is Confined to the Seaport towns mostly But it is Nearly gone away now as the Winter is Comeing [Coming?] on and the frost will Drive all [?] [?] [?] we had a very Dry summer in this Country and some of the [?] [?] [?] the spring wheat and oats was Light in some parts [of?] the County But the potatoes is a Good Crop But there is not so many used in this country the markets rates as follows at present Good wheat is from 3s"4d to 3s"9d per Bushel oats about 1s/ per Bushel and Barlly [barley?] 2/- rye About 2s/- [pear?] 2s/- pork 17s"6d and Beef the same
potatoes 1s/- per Bushel and tea from 1s"6d to 5 shillings per pound
sugar from 3d to 6 per pound and tobacco from 10d to 1s"3d per pound
whiskey is from 1s/- to 2s"0d per Gallon salt is from 7 shillings to 8
per Barrel of 280 pounds and there is a Great Deal of it used in this
country as there they [the?] people Has to Give it to cattle
[from?] county and sheep will not Do With out it here the [they?] must
get it twice a week I Have not much more to say at present But Do not
Neglect to write as soon as you Get this Letter and Let us Know about
the 12 of July and of the Queen Being Belfast and all the news in
the Country So we now Conclude By sending our Love to you all and
remains yours to Death

Richard Breathwait
Direct to Cannington post Office
Canada West