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Title: J A Smyth, Ontario to "Dear Parents Brothers and Sisters"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, James Alexander/74
SenderSmyth, James Alexander
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarm labourer
Sender ReligionProtestant (Methodist)
OriginEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipwrites to his family
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
Doc. No.0410070
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Doc. TypeEMG
Word Count951
Transcript[No Envelope]

[Page 1]

South Woodslee
June 28th 1892

Dear "Parents Brothers and Sisters"
I now take
the pleasure of writing
to you again We are
all well as this leaves
us I received your letter
on Monday 20th I posted
one to you the same
night as I took one
letter out I put the
other in I thought I
would write to you now
to let you know the kind
of a Twelfth we will
have here all of this

[Page 2]
County will hold the
celebration in the Town
of Essex Centre. They were
going to go to Sarnia but
they have changed it
I had a notion of going
to Sarnia but I think
I wont [wont?] go now it would
be a long ways (sic) and it
would cost 2 or 3 dollars
to get there and 15 cents
will take one to Essex
I expect the [there?] will be a
Sermon preached in this
Church the [there?] were (sic) one
preached last year and
all the Orangemen went to
Church and the Band
played too the [they?] played
all sacred music but
one peice [piece?] and that was

[Page 3]
The Boyne Water it
was on Sunday the 12th; the
Orangmen [Orangemen?] all keep on step
the same as the Band Boys
I am glad to hear that
the Band has started
again I hope they will
all agree on the 12 [12th?] and
have a good time and
none of Band or Orange
men [Orangemen?] get drunk Did you
get a new drum or any
thing this 12 [12th]. tell Alex
McClelland if I was in his
place I would not beat on
that old thing any more
Give me all the news
of the Twelfth where you
went to and who was
all in the Band and

[Page 4]
I think you must have
very hot weather there
when you are hardly able to
work; There is no hot
weather here this Summer
yet it rains more or less
nearly every day. The corn is
about 3 or 4 inches high
I am ploughing this last
2 or 3 days it is a field
that we are Sammer [Summer?]
following we will put wheat in it
again the fall I will
have about fifty Acres to
plough this Fall so I will
have lots of practice but I
can plough from an Acres (sic) to
an Acre and a half in a day
It is nice work when the

[Page 5]
Ground is not too hard
it is just nice for ploughing
now I was ploughing two
days with one of the young
horses he done very good
I will plough with him
to morrow [tomorrow?] again all
being well about two
days will finish it now
We will start the
Machine at the [Hay?]
again Friday I dont [dont?] know
whether I will work the
Machines this year or
not yet We have fifteen
Acres of hay to cut
it wont keep us very long
if the weather be good
The first good picture
of these Machines I see I

[Page 6]
will send it to you
Wheat has turned out
very good after all it
will be ripe in less than
two weeks I think
Willie John Duncan and
Sarh Anne Duncan came
home from College on
Saturday night so
there is a fine house
full of Irish people
here To night [tonight?] Sarah
is working at Short Hand
[Teller?] and Bill and
Willie is reading and
Cassie is playing on
the Organ she is playing
the Battle of Waterloo now
Uncle is at the village
so were [we are?] all engaged
at some work and when

[Page 7]
I am not writing I am
teasing them and keeping
them from work I take
a turn at the Organ sometimes
I can play the Campbells is
Comming [Coming?] a kind of a way
I could learn it if I liked
I am getting scarce of news
so I must try and fill it
up with something Uncle has
come in now he had a letter [from?]
Willie and Willie says that
Johy [Joey?] Elkin is sick I hope
he gets over it all well
There was a sad accident
happened at Woodslee on Sunday
night June 19 a boy was seeing
his girl on the evening [and?]
comming [coming?] home was struck by
an Express train and killed.
he had a horses (sic) and buggy with
him the horse was knocked about 70 feet
from where he was struck
The boy was knocked about 60 (sic) and

[Page 8]
the buggy was smashed in splinters
the boys neck was broken one leg broke
[broken?] in three places his arm broke and
body and face badly cut the
horse was turned clean inside
out you would not know it was
a horse the train was running
at the [rate?] of 65 miles an hour
it is not known whether he was
trying to pass the [crossing?] or not
or how he was struck as it was late on
the night I was well acquainted with
him myself Bella wanted to know
how my shirts fitted the [they?] fit good
but I dont think they made them
themselves The latest new (sic) I have
to tell you is that Annie has
got a young son that shifts
Uncle up to Grand Father [Grandfather?] I dont
think of anything more at prest [present?]
I send my best respects to all Orange
men and Band Boys and wish you
all a merry Twelfth of July if this
letter reaches in time

James Alex Smyth

South Woodslee

(Written across top of page 4) I received a paper from somebody this morning I think it is Willie Gilkinson (sic) writing

(Written across top of page 5) I sent a letter to Mary Duncan and one to uncle John when you write tell me did they get them I would like to have a letter from some [of?] Erin folks