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Title: C.K. Breeze, San Francisco, to William Breeze, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBreeze, C. K/7
SenderBreeze, C.K.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationprovision businessman
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSan Francisco, California, USA
RecipientBreeze, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1381/1: Copied by Permission of Mr Mc Giffert, Killinchy, Co. Down. #TYPEEMG Mc Giffert Papers: Collection of Letters of the Breeze Family, Mostly from California 1875 - 1889: C.K. Breeze, San Francisco to William (His Brother) 5 March 1875.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8906007
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Doc. TypeEMG
Log31:07:1989 LT created 27:09:1989 IR input 06:11:19
Word Count531
TranscriptSan Francisco
5th March 1875
Dear William
Your long expected
letter to hand, and am glad to learn
by it that you are all well I think
it strange, you do not write more
frequently, certainly some member
of the family might do so, I would
also suggest when you do
write, that you would read over the
letters you receive so as to be able
to answer topics refered [referred?] to I am
not aware of you answering a
single question put to you, in
my last letter but one, and
which I know you received, as
to the inclinations of the Children
as to any particular calling
or as to their advancement in
learning. You pass them all over
in a lump, as if their present
or future, could be of no interest
to me, I have, repeatedly asked
for information, as to what acct [account?]
of education the Children has
received & how engaged, but no
reply. I do hope for their future
welfare that proper attention
is being paid them, You have only
to look back upon the past &
see the advantage of knowledge
over even money with ignorance,
I Enclose Draft for 101 pounds, the
amount of your annual legacy
left to you by our kind brother,
you will sign the enclosed receipt
& return it. I also, enclose
Draft for 50.00 pounds which is Sent
you not as a loan, but that
though you may require to
apply it for another purpose
in meantime, it shall be
expended in the improvement of the
Childn [Children?]. I would have sent you more
only that at present we require
all the capital possible in our
large provision business &c I will
however, before end of the year, send
you a little more for a similar
purpose, I have forwarded you
a Bust of Dear Thomas by Mr
H Lowry of the ship "Star of B[en?]gal"
who sailed from here for Liverpool,
yesterday. He should reach his
destination about middle of
June, from him, I have learned
a good deal of Killyleagh news
Louisa & children are all well, The
children are growing very fast, Willie & Mary Can
both read & write very well
for little ones - Willie will
write you soon, & Louisa
will forward their Photographs,
taken in a group, soon. She would
have done so by Mr Lowry
only that Mary was [unwell?]
for a few days & not looking
sufficiently [well?] to have [hers?] taken
Does Thomas know that his uncle
left him anything, if he does
not, it might be as well for
him to remain in ignorance of
it not being payable till after
your death, and as I trust
such an event is far distant
& if so he will be well off -
if not made know to him
I would not mention it.
You do not mention E[liza?] or
Jane or her f[amily?], I do
not hear so frequently [that?]
you should neglect refering [referring?]
to them when you do write -
You should have received the
case of Alfalfa & seed wheat
before this reaches you. I hope
the Alfalfa seed will [grow?]
if so, it will [give an memento?]