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Title: John J. Smyth, Castledamph to James A. Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, John James/15
SenderSmyth, John James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCastledamph, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, Castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth
Doc. No.605044
Partial Date
Doc. TypeLTE
Word Count1327
Transcript[Front of Envelope]

Mr. James Alexander Smyth
Southwoodslee Box
Essex County 23
[Postage Stamp]


[written in pencil]
July 22 1892

[Back of Envelope]
JY 13

JY 21

[Letter 1]

[Page 1]

July 13th 1892

Dear James
once more I
take The liberty of letting
yous [sic] all. know that we
are all in Good helth [health?] at
present. hoping you are all
in good helth [health?] after
the 12th Juy [July?].
the [there?] are hot times of it
now in Ireland and every place
with the General Election.
The people is [sic] all up to a man
every one holding up his side
I believe [believe?] since the siege
of Derry never was the people
so Determined to stand to there [their?]
colours we had a great
meeting at Plumbridge on Thursday
the 7th one Band went Down
in full style taking with it
every man woman and children [sic]
we met the pl [Plumbridge?] Band at [w.arr]
and after going through the
town went to meet Fredrick [Frederick]

[Page 2]
we met him at Derborough [Dergbrough?]
hill. the pl [Plumbridge?] band went behind
him and ours in front of him
I rode on the Din in front
all day I sent you two papers
in wich [which?] yous [sic] will see some of the
speeches the day for the pole [poll?]
for North Tyrone is Friday 15th I hope
he will win the day the other
paper Tilda Gilkson [Gilkinson] directed it.
our own pole [poll?] day is over
Mid Tyrone I was a personation agent.
I was in gortin [Gortin?] at 8 in the morning
and stoped [stopped?] to 8 at night Such
a day I never saw I went from
Booth to Booth. almost every other
man on both sides was [swain?]
But I am sorry to say we lost.
But we have gained the Maiden
City and a great lot of
other good places I tray [try?]
and send yous [sic] a paper every week
Well our band has meet [met?]
once a week The [they] are all [cl---?]
young meen [men?] now we met on
yesterday morning at 8 oclock a.m

[Page 3]
left here at half past 9 oclock
met the p [Plumbridge] lol [loyal orange
lodge?] at [m ou?] house?]
on we went we met Strawhill
at Carick [Carrick?] on we went we
met all [new?] district at that
romish [Roman Catholic] Church Glennock a
grand sight to see up through
N Stewart [Newtownstewart] out to [grange?] to the
District Master house Mr. [More?]
he was for Death for some time
past and requested all the lodges
to come before him so that he
might cast his eye on them perhaps
the last although very weake [weak?]
he was got to the platform
where he was putte [put?] into the chair
and was able to introduce the
spakers [speakers?] some of them leatly [lately?]
geting [getting?] into the order the [ink blot] Mr.
[Morton?] Presbyterian Minister
and R. W. Christy formerly
of Gortin and others the [then?]
opened the meeting with singing
the National Anthem god [God?]
Save our Queen.

[Page 4]
the speeches was [were?] excellent [excellent?]
all Been [being?] over we left the
field in the Best of good order
every lodge Starting for home
we come up the [Moyle?] side an
immense crowd fowled [followed?] the
p [Plumbridge?] lodge left us up on top of [Sanness?]
Men woman and children meet [met?] us
I must say that William had the
Barn ready for dancing.
the young ladies Belonging to
the lodge was [were?] all in readiness
for the evening amusement
we reached home at 7 o clock
and after getting something to
refresh themselves dancing and
singing was kept up to 1 o clock
D Henery [Henry?] playing on your fiddle
if you could see them dancing
not a sorefoot being amgest [amongst?]
them every one highly pleased
with the Days [day’s] proceedings.
Your letter reached us on the 11th July
W. Barker and [A?] Duncan was [sic] here just
putting up the flag on the Bush it was
read to them all on the 12 morning. Some
droping [dropping?] tears while it was a reading.

[page 5]

No. 2 Dear James
I see by your letter
that yous [sic] are all there I suppose
yous [sic] have some fun talking about
home and the people of it I also
see that Mrs. C Allison has a young
son I hope they are all well
it .puts your uncle and aunt
into that old list wich [which?] is
called Grandfather and Gmother [Grandmother?]
a step in advance of me
I was speaking to two of tillies [Tillie’s?]
sisters on the 12th they are all well I
also was speaking to [anny?] May and sister
I told them that yous [sic] were all at
what I called home
Dear James Saturday is
the Day we have to go to omagh [Omagh?]
to the Assizes to finish up I
think that long tailed trial
of McConnells. I cannot tell
whither [whether?] [Fitzmaurice?] will attend
or not I will give you all the
news as soon as I can

[Page 6]
one thing that trial has done
it has caused some of Eden
people to be at arm [arm’s?] length so
long as I can remember it
whos [whose?] names I will not now
give But they were [Gladstoniary?]
in [hartt?] many a year. I have
something to ask yous [sic] and
something to write to yous [sic]
but will not now.
The members of the Band
are as follows
N1 James McKelvey 13. Robt. [Robert] McKelvey
2 George Young Glengaw 14. Robt. [Robert] McKernan
3 David Houston 15. John Gordon
4 William Smyth 16. James Barker
5 Andrew McClelland 17. W. Barker
6 John McKnight Drummers
7 James Hay Big Alex Duncan
8 W. Gilkinson we [wee?] [sic] Joseph Young
9 James Gordon John Houston
10 James McKnight Alex McKelvey
11 Andrew Ballantyne Absent
12 Jh [John] Smyth Sandy Houston
[upside down] Alex McClelland
simbals [cymbals?] Joseph Duncan
Willie Andrew Campbell

[Page 7]
Dear James
we got the papers you sent
we see that you had a splendid
Day and hope yous had a good
one on the twelfth [Twelfth?] the weather
is not very good the [there?] are very few
turft [turf?] rickeled [rickled?] yet the people is [are?]
cutting the upland [today?] [bog?] we have the
half of the field under the new road
we will join it tomorrow our
turnips up in the whins looks well
flax and corn looks pretty well
potatoes [potato?] tops will be short
they will hardly close the Drills
We have got two of the sheep
in Spirrn [Sperrin?] pound only wants one now
Uncle John got your letter
he is going to write someday now
May Duncan [Duncan’s?] letter arrived also I do
not know when she will write Willie
Gilkson [Gilkinson] wrote to you long ago. Did
you get it Let Cassie know
that we will answer her letter
as soon as posibly [possible?] I hope she
will forgive for the delay.

[Page 8]
I also see that you have
some ploughing to do you
haven’t to be lifting the plough
over the stones like in Ireland
I hope you will take good
care of them horses that was
a serious accident keep off
the track of the train if not be
very careful tell them orange
meen [men?] the [there?] are more degrees in
Ireland than the orange and the royal
arch purple But we stop with two.
We fixed the big drum I think she
was as good yesterday as any I saw
we are going to get a new
flag we thought we would
have her for yesterday but we could
not the [there?] are [is?] no more talk now
about old Margets [Margaret’s?] money Archibald
hasent [hasn’t?] thought of giving it up yet
But we are going to get into the
law as soon as posibly [possible?] I think
you will be tired reading before you
finish this one we all join in sending
our love and best respects to yous [sic] all
and to Annie and husband and young one
Yours truly John J. [James?] Smyth