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Title: J J Smyth, Castledamph to James A Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, John James/76
SenderSmyth, John James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCastledamph, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
DestinationEssex Co., Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
Doc. No.410048
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TranscriptFront of envelope

Mr James Alex.r Smyth
Southwoodslee Box 4
Essex County

OC 26

Back of envelope

OC 26

NO 6

NO 6

Received Nov 11th 1893
Ans Nov 12 1893
James A Smyth

Castledamph Oct 26 93

Dear James
Once more I
take the pleasure of writting [writing?]
to you to let you know
that we are all in good halth [health?]
We received your letter of the 10th
on Monday 23 - But we did
not get the one you sent
to Bella. dated the 4 till. the
nixt [next?] day after the other one
tuesday 24 - So we had the
two togather [together?] it Delayed in
Newtown [Newtownstewart?] or the Plumb [Plumbridge?]
as as (sic) Newtown [Newtownstewart?] stamp was
on it the 18th - and (sic) did not
come up to the 24 we were
very uneasy and thought long
we were glad to hear and
know that yous [you?] got home
all wright [right?] we think it
was worth all it cost
we are shure [sure?] it was a
grand sight to see every
thing [everything?] and from evey [every?] place
it is nice to see so many
people together and know [no?]
drunkness [drunkenness?] nor quarling [quarrelling?]
or fighting I am shure [sure?]
yous [you?] will long remember
what yous [you?] saw when yous [you?]
did not get lost or ingered [injured?]
in know [no?] way you were all
wright [right?] and got home
safe I supose [suppose?] them preach [preachers?]
is (sic) better than any in this
contery [country?]
We finished the Digging
of the potatoes on monday
the 23 Oct. I think we
never was (sic) Done as early
we have a good crop we
have 8 good pits - I have
only got away 4 load (sic) of
the flax and had to restack
it - the weather has
been very weet [wet?] and this
week is worse than any
that has come yet. it [it's?]
very cold looking lik [like?] snow
I dont [don t?] know what time
I may get the rest of the
flax away - and the money
Due first (sic) november
I think you asked would
we eat all the fodder -
I hardly know as yet -
our stock is 5 cows 3 big
hifers [heifers?] 2 calves and two
horses - if the flax dose [does?]
well I may Buy some and
if not I may sell some of
the stocks but we would
rather not as the manure
is verry [very?] useful in spring
the young meear [mare?] is 15- hands
and a half hight [height?] - if we had
a cair [car?] for hir [her?] she will.
give you a good Drive
what ever [whatever?] time you come

Dear James
None of ore [over?] the
Burn [Burn's?] ones comes on our
land now - and if I can
at some time I will Butt
him and Knox out of the lodge
the girls is (sic) [tense?] - But we
do not regard them - Alick [Alex?]
is out everyday [every day?] with his
gun and ferret - the
houses and land will
soon come to naught as
Joseph is never up - now
the 50 pounds that I
am bale [bailed?] for I am traying
[trying?] to get out of it as soon as
I can - get out of it
I think we never told
you that Joseph took the
act and paid William
James [James ] debt with 2s.6d
in the pound - we have
not Brought Down any
of the old sheep. yet tomy [Tommy?]
says thy [they?] will take up the
ram every Day and keep them
up as long as the [they?] can - I
think he is for up with him
to morrow [tomorrow?] the lambs is
(sic) Dowing [doing?]
well we are letting them eat
all the turnips (sic) tops - they are
still for writting [writing?] but never
gets (sic) at it tomy [Tommy?] is with
Willie Ballantine digging
to Day [today?] he was with James
yestardy [yesterday?] he had to go to
J. Campbell a day - your
mother Bella and William
was (sic) in Gortin yesturdy [yesterday?]
D McKernan (sic) ones invited
Bella and [Lisa?] Down
they are away Down this
evening William is going
down at night
Your Uncle William Hay [Hay s?]
ones wills not come till
some time in January
the [they?] are nothing particular
all your friends is (sic) well
you see the seeings (sic) of
life now
I hope Mr & Mrs Allison
and baby is (sic) well give them
respects - I think I will
write a letter to your uncle
some time shortly W Gilky
got your letter he will
send you Stewarts [Stewart s?] address
I think Ballantine and Ried [Reid?]
will have some law -
Old Jamy [Jamey?] McNamee is Dead
you can hardly read this
letter as I had Kow [no?] ink
But it will be better
Then [than?] none give our love to
all our friends
So Good By [Goodbye?] for the present
from your father

John J Smyth

Transcribed by Alan Houston