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Title: Ellen Breeze, 144 Donegall Pass, Belfast, to "My dear Mamma".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBreeze, Ellen/32
SenderBreeze, Ellen
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationseamstress
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, N.Ireland
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 1381/3: Copied by Permission of Mr Mc Giffert, Killinchy, Co Down. #TYPE LET Mc Giffert Papers: Collection of Letters of the Breeze Family, Mostly fromCalifornia 1875 - 1889: Ellen of Belfast to her mother from 144 Donegall Pass,17 March 1879.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8906022
Partial Date
Doc. TypeLET
Log01:08:1989 LT created31:08:1990 CD input31:08:1990
Word Count316
Transcript144 Donegall Pass
17 March 1879

My dear Mamma
I think it very
strange I had not a
letter from home before
this. Martha has written
a fortnight ago and
has never got an answer
I am getting along at business very well I was
at the [mantles?] I like
it better nor the
millinery now. It was
an awful rough day
down town, I saw a
policeman fall from
his horse which was
caused by a stone. I had
about half an hours talk
from M[r?] Stevenson
to-day, he was asking
for you all he was in
Anderson & McAuleys
he is very nice. I wish
you would give me
6s/6 for to buy me what
braid would do my jacket
the [they?] are very nice, this
summer the head mantle maker
said she would do it for me if I
would get the braid, I
would like it for going
home at Easter, she
is very kind to me
the others are jealous
of me I think it was very
good of her mamma you
might send it to me.
Aunt had tow [two?] or three
lines from Uncle last
week, he said he would
write to us all in a week
he is very well If my father
had one let us know. We
are all getting along
very well. Bessie could
have her Jacket done
when I go home. I got
my boots mended last
week the [they?] were [pound?]4 Aunt
sends her love to you
all. When Martha goes
home I will send you
a small mat It is a
wonder my father is not in
for Martha before this. Wh[at?]
is Mary & Bessie about, and
all the others the [they?] are
too numerous to mention, I will be home
in a month
Your affect [affectionate?] daughter
Tell Mary to write
you would think [I?] was dead for all [asking?]
I can not get a Letter