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Title: Mary Smyth, Ontario to Eliza Smyth, Castledamph
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileSmyth, Mary/2
SenderSmyth, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationstudent
Sender ReligionProtestant (Presbyterian)
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationCastledamph, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientSmyth, Eliza C.
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
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Word Count1476
TranscriptEnvelope addressed to
Miss E C Smyth
Co Tyrone

JA [1?]

Stamp on back
JAN 14

JAN 15
14- 0

[JA?] [?]

South Woodslee
January 13th 02
Monday nigh [night?]

Dear Liza
Rec. [received?] your letter
Saturday glad to hear
that you are all getting
along so well as we
are all the same
Well I didn t ask Belle
about them [those?] photos for I
would not want to let her know
that you did not deliver them
yet Well they as for [McIlwains?]
& be sure & either send or go
with them as quick as you can
for it is a shame that they have
not got them yet.
Well I have not got a letter
from Bella yet & I have sent
her one Has she got that much
to do or what that she can't
write now more than before
she was married Well Liza
how does she do with him atall [at all?]
I can't imagine what she would
be like atall [at all?] I suppose she
will be getting saucy now.
Has she much work to do I
wonder how she likes married
life. She is done with the boys
now, Well I dreamt last night
that she was at home again I
thought that her & Tommy did not
agree & that he had the farm in
his hands & sent her & Davie
about their bussiness [business?]. I hope
it isin t [isn t?] true.
Is there no one coming in now
but Bob Mc it is dull enough,
What about Russell did you
pay him out yet. What about
Jamey Mc the save as ever you
say I thought he might be a little
"down in the mouth" No word of
Barker drowning himself.
Does Andy Mc not come in now
atall [at all?] nor A.J.C. What about
Andy Ballantine does he not
come atall [at all?] either, & George
& Andy McKelvey. I suppose
its nothing like last winter atall [at all?]
Do you remember the night Andy
Mc Kelvey was lying at the fire
Tilda was up that night also James
& Bob.
No more sewing I suppose.
Does Master James visit as usual
Well I went back to the
Public School today Aunt went with
me. to see about going to school
I have to go to Public School first
before I go to High School. I expect
to start Wednesday I have to go
to Essex tomorrow to see about
Books I think I will like it
If I had have went (sic) on at
school look where I would have
been now.
Well I will welcome that money
when it comes. I have got 30 cents
Jim keeps me pretty well going
but I don't like to ask for any
I don't spend much only for music
lessons & now I will have some to
pay for books.
I don't know whether to go in
for teaching or not it would be so
long before I'd be through I would
spend a year here & then I would
be able to pass the exam there
for Dublin so that would be
three years & if I would
go to Business College I
would be through in a year so
that would be shorter time
but then they [the?] hours is (sic) much
longer but you have the same
pay Sarah is getting 8 Dollars
a week & she is so busy now
that she has stuck for higher pay
her hours are from nine to six
the school hours are much
shorter only that it takes so long.
So I don't know what I ll do yet
Well we have some snow here
yet Sunday was a very stormy day
Snow & wind. Well I forgot to tell
you that the days here are much
longer than there. It isn't dark
here till about 5.30 evg [evening?] so it
(sic) darker much earlier with you.
Cass & Aunt & I was (sic) at a meeting
of the Missionary Society Wednesday
We went in the buggy. I was going
for a lesson but the teacher was not
there so I went onto [on to?] the meeting.
We tied the horse outside as that is all the way
they are used here So when we got out
& was (sic) coming the horse was cold I
suppose & we could not hold him in
& when we came the length of
the railroad there was a train
shunting about so he got frightened
at it: I was driving. he wanted
to go on but it was not safe
so I held him in So then
he backed up & nearly put
us into the [slough?] only for
two boys who caught him
Aunt was like the rest of
old women screaming as usual
she was afraid he would
tumble us. I was laughing part
of the time between the horse &
here I was scared. As for Cass
I was telling she was doing
the praying for herself & the
rest of us but we got
home safe enough all the time
& we took him back to the
school today again. He is
one of those horses that when he
takes a notion to go you might
as well let him he has got to [too?]
little to do, Ill make a fine
jockey yet I can hold him very
well. Will now this is a long
story over nothing.
I go to Sunday School now in the
Methodist Church, it is always
3 o clock [o clock?] in the evg.
[evening?] Jim was not down Sunday
atall [at all?].
Well [so?] wonderful How times
Changes (sic) when we where all there
they wouldn't have a dance but now
they can have them, who started
I got that Hkf [handkerchief?] allright [alright?]
Have you got the feathers from
J Hay, yet?
Rec [received?] a letter & Xmas Card
from Tilda last week
If it is not too much trouble
seal your letters as those
Post offices is (sic) not safe being
blamed for opening some of
the letters but I did'nt [didn t?]
remark any of mine yet but
for fear.
Well has Bella taken many
things with her or what? did yous [you?]
pay the £50 down to him. She
will be claiming a lot to
be hers now. What kind is
the house inside Much furniture
as [has?] she to do all the milking
If I had been her I would not
[learnt?] him the fashions.
So Bella says. She will
think it strange getting up
in the morning.
Well don't you get married
as long as possible as that
would upset all I would
be worse still.
I have not thought any
long (sic) yet but you may say
I am at home here I can
do what I like & go where I
like through all the house free
to all of it I would just
be content if I could get home
once in a while. Does John C.
think long atall [at all?] is his pay
raised any. got a letter from
M. McKeown & she says that Aunt
says that Bella was the best looking
one was there the night of the wedding
where was the rest of you all.
If I had been there I would not have
them say that an old married woman
looked better than "I."
Did Bella not help as usual
with all on Xmas day becaus [because?] when
Cass comes down here she always
helps & Sunday when she comes from
Church she helps to get dinner.
The youngsters has got the cold
now. I have not been up this
good while. I never make as
free there as I do here but
I can make freer at Annie s
I don't know how it comes
the both men are very good but
still they are a [step?] out
Annie has not got into her new
house yet. My! she will have
everything grand at it. She is one
that's not content till all is nice
they will have electric lights
& gas stoves so no [trouble?] only
turn it on & water going into
the kitchen Bathroom & Closet
& all inside. It will be just
fine not many like it over there
Well I don't think I ever told you
that Lesley as [has?] a bad way of
speaking something like Jamy Gilki [Gilkison?]
but not so bad They were going to
get something done with him but they
think he is getting better These ones
here are not content because the [they?] don't
take him somewhere in time Glenn
has the fault W. [Willie?] John has.
I think I have finished all tonight
it is near bedtime Aunt fell in the
frost & cut her elbow a good
deep cut.
No more
Good Bye [Goodbye?]

MS [Mary Smyth?]

Written across top:
I will send some papers soon.
Did you read those [Anncards?] that I sent before the wedding.

Transcribed by Gordon Drummond