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Title: Alexander Brennan, Belfast to his sister Jane, Pennsylvania.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBrennan, Alexander/36
SenderBrennan, Alexander
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, N.Ireland
DestinationPennsylvania, USA
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 2140/1: Copied by Permission of Miss E. Winsor, 3345. E. 2nd Street, Zucroa, Arizona, USA.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9404151
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TranscriptBelfast April 1st 1852

Dear Sister
I received yours and Williams
kind letter of the 18th february and Sarahs
of the 16th dated at pitsburgh [Pittsburgh?] by both of
which I am happy to learn you and
all the Family are in good health and
doing well it was a happy day you
went to that Country for here you would
have been going from bad to worse indeed
from the Change in price in Farm produce Farmers
is going to the bad every year and I must
queston [question?] if you would have got half the
amount you did for the Tennant [Tenant?] right of your
Farm you will see by the Newspaper which
I [?] sent you directed to Mount Jackson
post office [Lawnone?] County that the Tennant [Tenant?]
League is holding Meetings all over the County down
one is Saintfield in which I see your late
Clergey [Clergy?] man as well as many others has made
speeches in [favour?] of it and which I think
they will [now?] get at least all that the [they?] want
all this should make you thankful that
you are out of this country and so well off
in the country of your adoption that I was
always so anxious you should go many
years before you [could muster courage?] to leave this
as to myself I have little to say being here with
[Doctor?] Stewart No 51 [York?] St Eliza has 2 a
Boy and girl aged 3 1/2 the Boy called for me
the little girl is called Eliza and is 2 1/2 years
he is still proffesur [professor?] of Medicine in the Queens
college Robert Patterson [her?] son [by?] William is
nearly 17 years old and is going to a Merchants
Office at November not having a wish
to go on with his learning at the College to
become a learned proffesion [profession?] he is a quit [quite?] good
Boy and as yet being steady to his business
and has 5 years to serve. Mr Armstrongs
health is no better or likly [likely?] ever to be Lititia [Letitia?]
is quite well and seems content with her lott [lot?]
which was of her own [choosing?] her only son
now 14 years old is in the Belfast Bank at
a salery [salary?] of £20 a year which will nearly
pay for his [meat?] and clothing he is a very
sharp Boy and is much liked by the directors
and those Clerks who is above him the [they?] live
stil [still?] in Holywood their Rent is £18 pr [per?] year
it is 3 stories and she hopes to get lodgings
let in seamen which will pay or help to
pay the Rent I have not seen Lititia [Letitia?] Newben
since shortly after the Death of my Dear and
much lamented wife [by?] myself and all her friends
and acquintance [acquaintance?] James Newben and Mary I
have seen once or twice but they are seldom in
Town but in good health and is very [worldly?]
in looking after the affairs of this [world?] the last
time James was in town it was to get a [nine?]
lease and to try and purchase it out for ever [forever?] [free?]
of Rent but he did not call to say if he got it [Doris?]
I shall send your letter to Lititia [Letitia?] and she may
answer it if they can afford to pay 1/ of postage
Mary seems a very good little girll [girl?] and very
different Wm [William?] I know very little about but seems
to follow his Fathers footsteps in being careful
Poor Lititia [Letitia?] Agnew is in a very desoilate [desolate?]
way since her GrandMother died about 9 Month ago
She stil [still?] lives in the House and has a lodger that
has been long with them but pays very little she
is threatned [threatened?] to be turned out and it put in [Chancey?]
the money left by her Uncle Alexander Agnew is
Lost her Grandfather [Connell?] put it in their business
and it is all lost to her she was left by her grandFather
£50 but it is feard [feared?] she will not get any
of it as they failed and will pay very little if anything
what will become of her I cannot say as none
of her Uncles can do anything for her and I
have to help Lititia [Letitia?] Armstrong all I can afford
the [greenfield?] Family went all to America [?]
is in Camden New Jersy [Jersey?] nearly oppist [opposite?]
Philadelphia and wrote for his Father Mother and [Jean?]
they [went?] to him and the old man died [3 month?]
[after arrived?] his Mother and [Ir-s?] [lives?] with him
and [James?] is in a Home in Philadelphia John and
[Tommy?] is at Sea I know nothing of the Island Magee
folks Susan Hull is Dead a few Months ago
I shall send your letters to the Newbens as
I have nothing to Do but walk about not having
my buissnes [business?] to attend to and my health is thank
god very good considing [considering?] my age now [Entering?] my 79th
year I attend the geneal [general?] Hospital [?] [and?] [our?] [Bak-y?]
and other Meetings which help to pass the time
and sometimes go to Holywood but don't like it last
summer was at [this home a?] Month with the Dathes Family
you will remember me most kindly to Sarah
who was always a favorite with me and indeed
with her Aunt but say I will not reply to her letter
at present as Lititia [Letitia?] Agnew is coresponding [corresponding?] with her and I [need?] not trouble her with mine and I know
you will as I wish you to show her this and
to say I cannot find out in Dublin the [friend?]
of Mrs Leash she wrote me about to Marget [Margaret?]
and Sushana [Susanna?] also their Husbands give them all my
Kindest wishes for their Health and [prosperity?]
in passing through this [wearisome?] and troubled
world to the [P-a?] family [unduly?] Mrs Colman
(if living) they all have my best wishes for
their prosperity which [from?] all [accounts?]
they [richly deserve?] both by their good conduct
when they had to begin the [world?] when very young
and their kind attention to their Father and Sister
in bringing her to them and no Doubt was the
principal cause of her getting so good a Husband
as it appears Mr Coleman has made
wishing you my dear Sister your good Husband
and all your worthy Daughters and their
Husband with all other Enquiring Friends
I Remain Dear Jane your [affectionate?]
Brother Alexander Brennan
at your request I send you by James Horner
as this goes by to New York and Direct'd [directed?] to Mount
Jackson post office a Belfast Almanac which
I hope you will receive [safe?] along with this
and could occasionly [occassionally?] send you a News paper [Newspaper?]
if this goes [safe?] to you.